Adams didn’t forgive Reinfeldt for not delivering Manning


Titans owner Bud Adams hasn’t always been good at holding back his feelings.

But you can’t say he’s not capable of holding a grudge.

After firing senior executive vice president and COO Mike Reinfeldt yesterday, the reasons why remained up in the air (especially since he was still working when the news broke).

As it turns out, it was a nearly year-old slight that may have been the biggest factor in his losing his job.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, conversations with Adams and others gave him the distinct impression the single biggest reason Reinfeldt’s out of work was the failed pursuit of Peyton Manning last offseason.

Adams was clear about his desire to land the former University of Tennessee quarterback when he was a free agent, but felt Reinfeldt didn’t act quickly enough or at all when asked to make it happen. Wyatt said Adams has “held it against him ever since.”

Adams sent the message he wasn’t even sure if Reinfeldt passed along his wishes to general manager Ruston Webster or coach Mike Munchak, tacitly preferring to stick with Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck.

Manning turning in an MVP-caliber season while the Titans finished 6-10 didn’t help make Adams forget.

It’s easy to characterize Adams as a bit off-center, and sort of a lovable, old crank. But he’s still the boss, and ignoring the boss is never a good idea.

33 responses to “Adams didn’t forgive Reinfeldt for not delivering Manning

  1. even without maning, there’s no way this team should have been this bad.

    the coaching of this team was absolutely terrible. huge mistake not to fire munchak

  2. Bud assumes that Manning was just waiting for TN to come to him and went to Denver because Reinfeldt didn’t come for him?

    Problem with rich guys – they believe everyone likes them and that they’ll always get what they want.

    Peyton wasn’t going to TN regardless of what the Titans wanted.

  3. Bud Adams is a jerk and now there’s reason why he’s not a HOFer!!!

    When you do stupid things like this you create problems for your own organization!!!

    If never could land Manning why keep both of the current QBs together or Reinfeldt himself???

    Worst part of all Reinfeldt is a former Oiler and to have him informed about his firing while he’s watching TV is cowardly on Adams’ part!!!

    Titans fans, your team is going nowhere next year!!!

  4. If you are going to hire people to make the decisions you should remember that when you go to fire them when they actually choose to make the decisions.

    We all have bosses. I wouldn’t work for mine if he was telling me what to do and how to do it.

  5. Adam has to be in his nineties too, so there won’t be many more opportunities like the Titans had with former Volunteer and MVP candidate Peyton Manning on the table.

    I can totally see why Adams would be frosted over this (provided it was through the lack of ability and/or effort on Reinfeldt’s part).

  6. The question is dear Bud, will Peyton have selected the Titans if Reinfeldt gad gone all out, probably not.

  7. Sorry Bud, but your pitch of nostalgia of playing in te state you went to college in was probably the weakest of them all to a guy who is seeking out championships. If that was your best pitch, then you guys never really had a shot. Plus not having having a hall of fame QB that manning admires as your gm didn’t help.

  8. Really? Look at the picture! Do you play for this guy or John Elway? Do you want Denver’s defense or Chris Johnson as your best friend? Peyton coached by a former OL or that group of coaches in Denver. Denver’s receivers or Titan’s receivers?
    OMG, Tannebaum will be the perfect GM for Adams to hire! What a team!

  9. Headline and story seem to contradict each other (again). Seems Reinfeldt was fired for not following orders regarding Manning, not simply because they didn’t sign him.

  10. I believe the proper term is “eccentric.”

    If Adams was poor, he would just be “crazy.”

  11. That’s on you, Bud, and the unappealing Titans organization, not one guy.

  12. I am relatively certain, that Mr. Manning wanted to go where there was a chance of winning some football games.
    At this point in time, that is not Tennessee.
    There were other criteria as well, but winning was paramount.
    I would think that from the beginning, all the NFC teams would have been a non option, as I would be willing to bet that he wanted a chance to face Eli in the Super Bowl, and not the NFC Championship game.

  13. Hmmm do you choose him or Pat Bowlen? Adams is best remembered for flipping people off, Bowlen for “this one’s for John” I think there’s a definite difference there.

    Not to mention the HOF QB who is in charge of football operations and has the experience of winning two Super Bowls late in his career which Manning surely wants to emulate.

    Yeah not acting quick was the only reason he’s not a Titan….

  14. If Peyton went to Tennessee he would be in a wheelchair right now. He wanted Superbowls and a line that can block for him, neither is available in Tennessee

  15. Bud is a bitter old man and his time is running out on winning that Super Bowl in his lifetime.

    I think its great he wasn’t able to land Manning.

    As a Houston Oiler fan growing up, I’m loving this.

  16. fuglyflorio says:
    Jan 1, 2013 12:29 PM
    Nothing worse than some rich aristocrat passing judgement on the serfs.
    Nothing worse that a “serf” who’s never run anything passing judgment on the rich. See what I did there? I can make nonsensical and insulting generalizations too! It’s sad that you have 18 thumbs up from other people who must not “get” what it means to own and run businesses.

    If he happens to own and run the business he has every right to “pass judgment” on those who work for him. Whether he’s competent enough to do so is another topic.

  17. If you actually had a shot at Manning, wouldn’t he have called you?

    The only team sadder than the Titans were the Seahawks contingent that flew to Denver to try & meet with Manning.

  18. All these people saying that Peyton going to the best place to win are otu of their mind. At the time of his decision Denver looked like the worst place to go. The Titans were 9-7 last year compared to the Broncos at 8-8, plus the Titans beat the Broncos. If he wanted to go somewhere based solely on winning, the 49ers were still the best option by far. Think of THAT team with Peyton Manning. They might be 16-0 right now.

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