Cardinals aren’t ready to give up on Kevin Kolb


There were plenty of moves that contributed to the Cardinals’ decision to fire coach Ken Whisenhunt and General Manager Rod Graves on Monday, but one of the biggest was the trade for quarterback Kevin Kolb before the 2011 season.

The Cardinals dealt cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick to the Eagles to bring Kolb to the desert, then gave him a six-year contract worth $63.5 million. Kolb was expected to solidify the team’s quarterbacking situation, but he’s played just 15 games over the last two years and failed to give the Cardinals what they were looking for when they made the deal.

Cardinals president Michael Bidwill conceded that the team “probably” hasn’t gotten value from Kolb to this point, but also said that he “isn’t ready to give up” on the player while talking about his desire for members of the 2013 coaching staff to be skilled at developing quarterbacks.

“That’s one of the questions we will really focus on with the coaching staff candidates,” Bidwill said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website. “How do we see about Kevin and his performance and how we can turn him into the quarterback of the future here for the Cardinals and make that decision, if he is the right guy?”

Kolb is due to make $11 million next season, a sum that might have to come down in order for Kolb to remain in Arizona. That assumes, of course, that whoever is coaching the Cardinals wants Kolb to be his quarterback in the first place.

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  1. Give him more than Fitzgerald to throw to and an offensive line to protect him….he’ll respond as he did in Philly. Get an OC or Coach to call plays that give the QB a chance to be successful…….a no brainer for any team.

  2. That’s because this franchise has no one else! Is it just me or doesn’t it seem longer than only 4 years ago that Arizona lost that thriller in SB43 against the Steelers.

  3. Please hire Gary Kubiak to develope Kolb. Buy out his contract with Houston. He will develope your third tier QB into a second tier one, surround this QB with small lineman, take your team 75% of the way there and then curl up with a baby bottle when the chips are down. But man, he’s a QB guru!
    Or you could find a guy like Pagano, who knows defensive football and will hire an OC with brains to run his offense.
    Oh, what to do.

  4. Kolb is a nice player if you give him a line & some weapons. He’s not going to carry a team on his own, he’s not Peyton Manning. I can’t name a 2nd receiver or the tight end on that team.

  5. Karma. You fleece Arizona on a trade for a QB they so desperately need,getting a good cover corner and a high draft pick. 2 years later you’re fired,and have to come to Arizona with said QB as your starter. Andy Reid,C’Mon Down!!!!

  6. Actually the real issue is the Offensive line. If they can keep a QB healthy there is less to worry about at QBf. But the real question is will Mike Bidwill pay an O-lineman what he’s worth?

  7. Kolb can’t stay upright because of our offensive line. The first hit he takes next year and he’ll be down for 8 weeks and we’ll be back to the same old position we are in today taking out want ads for quarterbacks on Craigslist.

  8. Seems like a perfect fit for Andy Reid in Arizona…

    Former QB coach in Green Bay
    Drafted and groomed Kevin Kolb in Philly
    14 years of success as an NFL head coach

    Why interview anyone else?

  9. He will need to take a pay cut and have an incentive laden contract and we will see what he can do, this guy is tough just had some bad luck behind a terrible OL.

  10. Problems can fixed in Arizona by:

    1. Seriously fix the O-line.
    2. Get a real starting caliber rb.
    3. Put in a west coast offense which is more suited to Kolb’s talent.
    4. Get Micheal Floyd up to speed as a real compliment to Fitzgerald.
    5. Hire Andy Reid.

    All that can be done in one off-season and the cards would be a viable team again.

  11. pinion8ted says:
    Jan 1, 2013 10:56 AM
    When did Andy Reid become more than a one-Super-Bowl-in-14-years Head Coach?

    I truly don’t see the love for this average coach.
    An average coach does not consistently get your team to the playoffs.

  12. Amazing truly amazing, this sorry bum hasn’t played a full season, not a full half season, and they are still trying to develop him. Wasn’t he supposed to be developed when he got the starting position? It just amazed me that fans aren’t outraged with this. If this bum hasn’t been developed after being in the league at least 6yrs, chances are he will never be developed. Amazing the things white boys can do , and folks say its ok.

  13. Say anything you want about Whiz or the coaches. But in all seriousness, the Cardinals will change when the Bidwells give up ownership. They are the worst owners ever. It is amazing that any athlete wants to play for that family. Now s econd or third tier guys who want a lot of money, come on over to Arizona and the idiot owners will pay you great. People are beating their chests about poor old Rod Graves being fired, he should have been fired many years ago along with the fat, useless guy Bob Ferguson.

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