Cardinals rumors can’t hurt Reid


If we believe the various reports and rumors, the Cardinals have all but decided to hire Andy Reid.  If we believe the Cardinals, they still have more homework to do before making a decision.

So what’s the truth?  In early January, that’s often as elusive as it is in late April, as the draft approaches.

In this case, there’s a chance that Reid’s agent, Bob LaMonte, is working overtime to create the impression that the Cardinals have gone overboard for Reid, in the hopes of conjuring a market where one may not exist — especially not at the financial level to which Reid is accustomed.

Over the weekend, we reported that Reid wants to coach the Chargers.  The Chargers have yet to show interest.  Also, there has been a feeling in some league circles that, when the music eventually stops, Reid may not have a seat.

What better way, then, to smoke out the Chargers or anyone else than by creating the impression that the Cardinals are poised to pluck Reid from the unemployment line?

At this point, it’s unclear whether the Cardinals are simply being coy or whether Reid, via LaMonte, is taking liberties with reality.  Regardless, it doesn’t hurt Reid to have other teams thinking that the Cardinals are in hot pursuit.

16 responses to “Cardinals rumors can’t hurt Reid

  1. Something is going on because another reputable outfit keeps running a crawl saying that Lovie likes the Arizona job too.

  2. Help him conjure a market?

    Yeah, I mean, who’d want a guy who’s had three losing seasons in 14 years as an NFL head coach? Why bother with that when guys who never coached five minutes in the league, like Chip Kelly, are guaranteed to be the next Vince Lombardi?

  3. The only thing that is going to hurt Reed is never getting a ring…. Maybe a sunburn also in the desert heat…. also maybe someone shaving his mustache on him one night while he is sleeping…

  4. Sal Palentonio of ESPN has stated that it would not be outlandish to believe that coach R. would not receive ANY offers to coach, given the past few years at the Iggles. Guess we will see how clued in Sal truly is. It seems to me that there will always be openings for coach Reid. At this point in his LIFE, much less career, it seems reasonable that a year off to gather himself would be a gift from above.

  5. Could be his agent spreading the “done deal” rumors. He’s the same guy who claimed Reid had a “coach for life” guarantee from Lurie.

  6. Cardinals need a decent running game to set up the rest of the offense. Not gonna get that from Reid. Whisenhunt was debilitated by his player injuries.

    If Reid could run the ball himself, he’d probably be worth a shot. Otherwise, forget it.

  7. The Eagles problems started when they signed Vick and gave up on McNabb. It’s sad but true. Downhill spiral ever since. #DreamTeamFail

  8. I completely agree with mlenenski. Andy Reid had one of the best backs, if not the best back in football and he had no running game to speak of.

    If you think that Reid can develop Kevin Kolb, why did he trade him away? Andy Reid is good coach, but after what happened to him this year, I don’t see how he wouldn’t take a year off. It clearly affected him and his job performance. Any organization should pass on him until some time has passed.

  9. the downfall begun when Reid flubbed the T.O. situation. most players backed TO and Reid backed mcnabb and wouldn’t get on him for his lack of conditioning. no fat coach ever wins a superbowl.

  10. This may be imparting a level of intelligence to the Cardinals that they rarely have achieved in their 80 or so years of existence.

  11. Andy, take the Fisher route-year off-reconnect and rejuvenate and get away from the on field dumpster fire we remember as the 2011-12 EAGLES. plus, your stock will go up the further away from jus season.

  12. this is another rumor put out there by Reid’s agent Bob LaMonte, basically he is lying so fatty can get another job real quick before anyone realizes what a dope he has turned into.

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