Giants are keeping Perry Fewell, extended him last year

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The Giants aren’t planning on making any staff changes, and they apparently won’t have to do any contracts either.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, the Giants extended defensive coordinator Perry Fewell’s contract last offseason after the Super Bowl, which will take him through the end of the 2013 season. That was believed to happen for the entire staff, but two sources confirmed Fewell’s part of the deal

Despite that financial security, there was reason to ask after the Giants slipped to 31st in total defense, a slip Fewell was careful to point out wasn’t on him.

When head coach Tom Coughlin was asked Monday if Fewell would remain his defensive coordinator, Coughlin said: “He is.” Asked about the possibility of other staff changes, he said: “Not that I would have any intention of.”

Of course, Fewell could end up back on some head coaching interview lists. He was the runner-up to Ron Rivera in 2011 for the Panthers job, one the Panthers (and former GM Marty Hurney) might have liked to have back.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with the staff, this whole implosion was again Coughlin’s fault for being stubborn.

    I hate to call the Giants out but here it goes:

    The Giants quit on Coughlin again. The team ran the ball with authority with Amad Bradshaw. When Bradshaw started missing practices it put Bradshaw in Coughlin’s dog house. Then other lessor backs like Wilson and Brown were snagging Bradshaw’s carries, this irritated Bradshaw and thus the snowball between the two began. They happened to win some games but when the weather got cold and they HAD to run the pride of Tom Coughlin struck again, decided to go with the other running backs when Bradshaw as been saying he’s been healthy ALL year despite ONLY practicing Fridays.

  2. the giants had a ton of injuries on the defensive side of the ball this year. despite being 31st in YARDS allowed, they were 12th in POINTS allowed.

  3. I heard Antonio Pierce talking about the issues with the NYG a couple days ago and he is not a fan of Fewell. He basically said Fewell tried to run the same stuff he always had and it wasn’t working with their personnel. He said yes, players have to make plays but the schemes weren’t helping them do that.

  4. Two years of a bottom-5 defense only gets you an extension if one of those years ends in a Superbowl victory.

  5. sorry Fewell, but the blame IS at your feet. Yes, some goes to the players, but the majority is at your feet. His schemes worked great at the beginning of the year but as the year wore on, the other teams got a clue whereas then it was time to change them or mix-em-up and Fewell was clueless.

  6. Having watched us destroy Green Bay, San Francisco, New Orleans, Tampa I would say the front four are to blame, Osi was a turnstile in a Subway Station, Kiwi should be on the line not a linebacker, Corey Webster was getting help from Jayron Hosley so actually no help at all there also 2 SuperBowls in 5 years equals 2 drafts with the last choice and then there’s Tuck, who may have benefitted from playing with Strahan and young Osi, now they’re gone and he sucks. Coaches don’t play, make less commercials and make fewer PR appearances learn the playbook and show up.

  7. As a Giants fan I do not care for Fewells bend but don’t break cover 2 like schemes. I’m ok with giving him a chance at redemption next season but dont love it.

  8. The guy is horrible. Please let some other team take him off our hands. Lovie would be a great coordinator with the carrot of becoming the head guy when Coughlin leaves(he is getting up there in age and I believe he will be done in about 2 years)

  9. Fewell is definitely NOT the worst DC I’ve ever seen. I’m more concerned/annoyed that Gilbride has, yet again, not been fired…

  10. Giants fans sicken me. Do you even know football? If anyone failed with actual Pro Bowl talent and fewer injuries, it’s Gilbride. Fewell’s scheme is fine. Execution and guys freelancing — the one thing that is Fewell’s fault, as he’s always said that he gives them leeway to adjust if they see something pre-snap, and he shouldn’t allow it — is what killed the Giants’ defense along with injuries. Even Antrel Rolle admitted that the guys took liberties on their own on the field, and that it wasn’t the system.

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