Horton will get a second interview with the Cardinals


At a time when a “source” (possibly, agent Bob LaMonte) is expressing “95 percent” certainty to Adam Schefter that Andy Reid will be the next coach of the Cardinals and Arizona P.R. guru Mark Dalton is saying there’s a 99-percent chance that the 95-percent assessment is 100-percent inaccurate, someone not named Andy Reid will be getting a second interview for the job.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton will interview with Arizona brass for a second time on Wednesday, a day after his initial interview for the job.

The source advises that Horton also will interview with the Bills on Wednesday evening, and confirms that Horton interviewed with the Browns on Tuesday in Arizona.

On Monday, the Cardinals fired coach Ken Whisenhunt, G.M. Rod Graves, and the entire offensive coaching staff.  The defensive staff remains in place.

30 responses to “Horton will get a second interview with the Cardinals

  1. Why isn’t norv getting interviews? He was 15 games over .500 with the chargers???? And aj smith? Awfully quiet out there for the men who oversaw the winningest period in chargers football.

  2. Browns only interviewed him to satisfy the “Rooney Rule”. The real reason Browns are in Arizona are to interview Chip Kelly.

  3. I think they are taking this Rooney Rule a bit too far.

    Interview who you want to interview. Hire who you want to hire.
    Government does it. All other private industry does it.
    Why should the league be any different?

  4. Wouldn’t mind this at all. As long as they can get a decent OC on the payroll, I see no reason why this wouldn’t be ideal for the Cards.

  5. “Why isn’t norv getting interviews?”

    Because Norv has been a head coach three times and has, relative to his peers, failed at it three times. Norv is pretty unique in that he got three chances to be the top guy. It would not be a tragedy if he didn’t get a fourth chance – not many people have even as many chances as he has had.

    Also, why is it assumed that when a black guy is interviewed – more than once especially – that it is the “Rooney Rule” that is being applied? Can’t it be possible that it’s an individual they like who happens to be a minority?

  6. LaMonte has a history of making stuff up in an attempt (usually a poor one) to gain leverage for his client. Guilty as charged.

  7. Are we so used to sham Rooney Rule interviews that we just assume that they are all shams?

    a second interview is basically another term for “job offer”. Maybe the Cardinals can actually be taken for their word that they dont have a Reid interview lined up because they are going to go with their own guy.

    Horton would make a great HC. I live in Arizona and I spend every Sunday (unfortunately) watching Cardinal games with my family. The defense is not the problem there. Horton has his troops playing hard. They respect him. If he isn’t hired by Arizona he will be someone else’s head coach if not this season, then next.

  8. The Rooney rule might be a joke but at least minority’s have a shot now. Look at Mike Tomlin a good coach, and only got interviewed cause of the Rooney Rule

  9. Why are there so mant racist people on this site? Why do moderators let them post? Horton is one damn good defensive coach and thats why he is getting his second interview. His haircut I’m sure makes all the difference in how he performs at his job.

  10. Rooney rule is good though, even though the 4 interviews are obviously a result of that but it could get him hired.

  11. Until the Cardinals get a legit QB, does it really matter who the coach is?? Nobody could win with what they were throwing out there this year. Not even Vince.

  12. As soon as Horton gets hired….then you will see the remaining teams clamoring to interview Lovie Smith to satisfy the Rooney rule. This is becoming a Travashamockery.

  13. Rooney Rule sham interviews, you say?

    The Rooney Rule was implemented in 2003. Since 2003, there have been more minority NFL head coaches than there were in all the years prior to 2003.

    Perhaps if a team is required to give a minority candidate a look, sometimes a team is going to like what they see and make an offer.

  14. Whats does cornrows have to do with the way a man coaches? Horton will be a Head Coach one day because of his skill set not because of his race. Now the Rooney Rule has been made a mochary of many times, but lets not assume every black guy interviewed is just to satisfy the requirement. The fact is, the sooner more blacks are hired as offensive coordinators the sooner there will be more black head coaching. Rob Ryan has the hair of a retired rock star, I don’t think it does anything to overshadow his coaching credentials. Let’s just stick to x’s and o’s.

  15. All the guys who are making references to his cornrolls make me think you are racist. And yes you are racist, this comming from a white guy.

    Hortons a good coach and you don’t know sh*t about the NFL. The Browns interviewed him because he’s a Dick Lebeau guy and the new Browns ownership is trying to be like the Steelers.

  16. It looks like one of 2 things is happening: either the Cardinals leaked a false report that they plan to hire Reid in order to soften Horton on any salary demands he might have; or, the report of the Bidwells having planned all along to hire Reid, and the interview of Horton is a sham for the sake of the Rooney Rule, and since they were exposed by the report, they have to make their consideration of Horton appear real rather than a fraud.

  17. While I am a Steelers fan, I am also a long-time admirer of Horton. I just read a story that when Hoeton left the asst coach position in Pgh, he sold his Mercedes convertible to a cafeteria worker for $20 because “you like it, you are a good dude and will take care of it”. The quote is from memory, but certainly accurate on the whole.

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