Jason Garrett: Tony Romo has a bright future leading the Cowboys


A three-interception game in a crucial Week 17 contest hasn’t cost Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo the confidence of his coach: Jason Garrett says that he remains a believer in Romo and looks forward to coaching him for years to come.

We have a great belief of Tony Romo as our quarterback,” Garrett said. “Tony has won a lot of big games for us, too, to get us to the point where we can play for the division in Week 17 in consecutive years. We all know that we want to take the next step, and Tony is going to be a big part of that going forward. You have to understand the whole body of work. You have to understand that winning is how we get evaluated. He’s done a lot of great things for this franchise. We’re excited about him being our quarterback.”

Just playing for the division in Week 17 in two consecutive years, however, is not good enough. The Cowboys need Romo to play well and lead them to a win, and he didn’t do that in either of the last two years’ Week 17 NFC East championship games.

Romo, who will turn 33 in April, is heading into the final season on his current contract in 2013, and you could make a good case that it’s time for the Cowboys to start planning for a future without Romo. But Garrett doesn’t seem to see it that way. Garrett believes that he and Romo will be together in Dallas in 2013 and beyond.

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  1. You can say things like that when you make it through Black Monday……..doesn’t mean doodoo……

  2. Great regular season QB….turns into Mark Sanchez in big time games. Everyone has bad games, but rarely are they ALL when it matters most.

  3. Sometimes I don’t know how these coaches say stuff like that with a straight face. Any fan, indifferent or not towards the Cowboys, knew that it was Tony choke time on Sunday despite the graphics they kept putting up about how stellar he was in December. Every year it’s the same thing. I guess they’re just waiting for that one magical year where everything just clicks.

  4. It doesn’t matter what Garret thinks, it matters what Jerry boy thinks. And I can bet he’s looking to add a Qb either through draft or FA.

    Romo is 33 and hasn’t won squat, the writing is on the wall. Both he and Garrett may be gone after next season.

  5. Very kind words for a second tier QB. Who cares if Romo throws for 500 yards in Week 5. He cannot deliver when it matters the most, proven again this yearl

  6. “Just playing for the division in Week 17 in two consecutive years, however, is not good enough. “…3rd time’s a charm? he turns 33, it could be his third try at the division championship…i dunno…i got nuthin…sigh…

  7. Dallas fans are funny… Go ahead and let Romo go! Who are you going to get instead?? Jd skelton, Kobb, jason Campbell?? You fans calling for Romo to go are delusional. He may not be “Elite”, but he’s the best your going to get.

  8. The Cowboys have no other option at QB, so what else is Garret gonna say? “as long as Romo doesn’t play under pressure he’s a probowler’?

  9. Yeah. Leading the Cowboys in 4th quarter picks. Leading the Cowboys to see the playoffs in a sports bar.

  10. One thing is for certain every year both will be on the all-hype no talk team.

    His attitude along in addition to way he became Head coach are part of the reasons why I’m confident as a Cowboys fan they will never accomplish anything all long as he is in charge, which may be a for a long time because Jerry Jones love coaches with no back bone.

    Every year Romo will find a way to get the hopes only too find a way to blow the big game.

  11. Something is wrong with The Cowboys… although I must admit I am a Dallas hater bigtime since XXVII and XXVIII… with that said, I just do not think JG is a good coach, mediocre at best… same for owner and TR is average to slightly above average and I have never really seen him come thru at those most important moments…. Dallas doesn’t have a chance in NFC East over next few years unless changes are made.

  12. Bright Future??? He is 33 next season…. He doesnt have that much “future” left…. I dont think its all that bright either.

  13. Wow…did Garrett tell Romo,”Good job, good effort” and share a juice box after the game?

  14. How long has he been around again? Time to at least have a backup plan. “Bright Future” better mean 1-3 years. No more.

  15. Romo actually IS a good quarterback in many ways. His biggest single problem is that when people are in his face, he tends to panic. And when he panics, he tends to throw the ball. Not necessarily to his teammates but to whoever happens to be located in the area where he throws the ball.

    There are a lot of teams that need a good QB and if the Cowboys want to get rid of Romo, he’ll land somewhere. And if he happens to land in a place where there is a very good line and a couple of good receivers (and the absence of an egomaniacal owner who is also the General Manager), he could end up having the last laugh.

    Looking at the whole picture of the dysfunction that is the Dallas Cowboys, it’s pretty obvious that the biggest problems of the franchise don’t start with Tony. They start with Jerry.

  16. As badly as I want to say the Cowboys need to move on from Tony Romo I can’t. There isn’t anyone better to replace him with. Weak draft class, weak free agents at the QB position. He gives the Cowboys (for now) the best chance to win. So until the Cowboys can find better looks like they will live and die by Romo.

  17. Hey jason kyle boller got brian billick fired because he wouldn’t change qb’s, now romo is going to get you fired…only difference is jerry jones won’t let you get rid of him…but YOU will get the blame/ax

  18. Jason Garrett is just trying to be positive. Romo kinda sucked at the end, but he didn’t lose that game by himself. Who knows, maybe a Jerry Jones blindside trade is in the works.

    It was still an interesting game. And Demarcus Ware was dead on his feet, huge mistake to play him at all. He probably cost them at least 7 points with his arm killing him with every step.

    A good head coach would have put the next man up. Garrett isn’t a complete head coach… he just wants to be a play caller, and shouldn’t be allowed to do anything else. He needs to go back to OC and leave the overall decision making to a better overall coach.

  19. “…You have to understand that winning is how we get evaluated…”

    No, YOU have to understand that winning is how you get evaluated.

  20. Garrett and Romo will both be there.
    Don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    Romo was playing with broken ribs throughout the second half. Dez is banged-up beyond playing for a while and we all know about the defense.

    It’s just as well the Cowboys lost because they would’ve had back-ups on 3/4 of their starting roster for the playoffs.

    I’ll take Romo over Flacco, Freeman, Ponder, Foles, Fitzpatrick, Palmer, Quinn, Rivers, Sanchez, Vick, Tannehill, any Az Cardinals QB and Tebow.

    Dan Marino is in the HoF. How many rings does he have? He does have 420 career TD’s and I’ll toke to that.

  21. I have to laugh at how “terrible” Romo is. Yes, he hasn’t won when it matters, but is that all his fault? This year, 7 of 11 QB stats he was top 6 in the league, and 9/11 he was top 10.

    The two areas where he struggled were getting sacked (36 friggen times) and INT’s (19, tied with Drew Brees, by the way). I can recall at least 4 of those picks bouncing off of receivers hands. And how many of those picks were thrown because he was about to get slaughtered, panics, and makes a bad throw?

    Dallas was the most penalized team in the league, with false start after false start putting them in terrible situations all season long.

    And all of this is Tony Romo’s fault?

  22. steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing says:Jan 1, 2013 7:51 PM

    6 rings.
    How’s that 7th one coming?

    Oh, right, you have to actually make the playoffs to get there.

  23. Tony Romo seems to be a hot topic on my timeline.
    He’s a top 10 QB in the league, and he has at least another 3 good years left. The Cowboys would be stupid to move on.
    Would Kyle Orton be a better option?
    Develop a rookie (rarely is there one rookie QB ready to lead their team to the playoffs, let alone 3)?
    Free Agent?
    Tony Romo, as the starter, gives that organization the best chance to win right now. They currently have a lot of pieces necessary to be successful so I don’t think they need to go into all out rebuild mode.

  24. Somebody tell Garrett that he’s wearing Timbuk 3’s shades, and that they’re so dark he can’t see anything…much less the future. Romo is not the answer. Unfortunately for Garrett, he’s hitched his wagon to Romo’s star and now has to hope that the old nag doesn’t break down again next year.

  25. all of you clowns are crazy..the only people that want romo gone are all the non-cowboys fans..im a huge dallas cowboys fan and couldnt be any more disappointed for the second straight year. right when i think theyre gonna pull it together and do some damage, they choke. but romo is absolutely not the problem. by saying hes the problem then that means you think theres someone to replace him with that will do better, but the problem with that is that theres is not someone better to replace him with. he is a cowboy great, he just hasnt gotten over that hump yet, and in due time he will. he is the future and leader of this team. i would bet he is as tired of this as everyone else is. all you cowboy haters need to stop, hes a starting franchise qb on any team not named pats, packers, saints, giants, broncos..dont worry romo, you got support from this cowboys fan!!

    how bout them cowboys!!

  26. I agree with Jason. But I think it’s high time he and Jerry start looking for the next QB. I don’t think it would hurt to draft one and put a little heat on Romo.

  27. As a Cowboy fan I’d like to be pro-Romo but man, did it have to end with a Richard Todd to A.J. DuHe like interception? Turning it over on downs would have been bad enough but that interception was embarrassing.

  28. All you have to do is compare Romo to his division rival.

    Romo – undrafted rookie 2003
    Manning – #1 overall pick 2004

    Romo – didn’t start until 2006, his 4th year
    Manning – started 2004, his 1st year

    Romo – 2 division titles, 2 wild cards since 2003
    Manning – 3 division titles, 2 wild cards since 2004

    Romo – 1-3 in playoffs as starting QB
    Manning – 8-3 in playoffs as starting QB

    Romo – no hardware
    Manning – 2 Super Bowl wins, 2 Super Bowl MVPs

    Romo may be a better statistical quarterback, but Manning has shown the ability to rise to the occasion far more often. Hitting Witten across the middle all day just pads your numbers, it doesn’t win championships.

  29. Not a Cowboy fan, but this Romo bashing is fueled almost entirely by butty anti-Cowboy fanaticism. If you based your opinion on talk shows, you’d think Romo is Mark Sanchez. Do yourself a favor and go take a look at his numbers. Top 5 in completion percentage. Top 10 in YPA and rating. There are 20 other teams who’s like to have him.

  30. With 5 defensive starters out for the year, Dallas went from 3-5 to 8-8. They got themselves in position to win the division Sunday night because of Tony Romo.

    That being said, you could tell it was over after the first INT: 3rd and 8. Yes Ogletree is an idiot for cutting off his route at 4 yards. But you don’t call out a WR like that. Handle that on the sideline. It was a “here we go again” moment, and for the rest of the night, Romo never got past that.

  31. Shows you how clueless Garrett is saying Romo had a “great year”. Stats are for losers. You can’t play any worse than Romo did on Sunday. Plus, in majority of games all his stats were padded when Dallas was down 2-3 TD’s. Romo never gave Dallas a 2-3 TD lead all year except for a couple games. Romo is at his worst when games are tied and can’t play under pressure

  32. “We have a great belief of Tony Romo as our quarterback,”

    Faith is believing what you know ain’t so. -Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)

    So goes the career of Tony Romo, Celebrity Quarterback (TM). What a fortunate guy, to play for a team that gets so much media attention for the amount they have accomplished in the last 17 years, for a coach who’s little more than a sock puppet for a delusional GM/owner. Any rational owner would have sacked this “head coach” and this mediocre QB long ago.

    Yeah, Tony has it all. Carefully maintained two-day growth, good hair, good golf swing, blondes with boobs, and the unwavering support of his bosses. Everything except clutch play and enough wins, but, when you’re Tony Romo, Celebrity Quarterback (TM), who really needs that?

  33. I’ve been drinking the last 3 days but I’m not yet drunk enough to not understand what a stupid comment this is……..

    Why is Garret still the coach, why is Romo still the QB……

    Charger fan here, I know something about bad situations, I couldn’t drink myself into thinking anything going on with the Cowboys is good right now….


  34. I think Tony Romo definitely knows how to play quarterback but unfortunately that doesn’t translate well onto the field. As such, I believe he’ll someday (soon, let’s hope for the Cowboys’ sake) have a bright future as a quarterbacks coach.

    As a quarterback howeer, his best days are behind him. While I think many of those days could be considered good days, when it really mattered – either in games leading up to a playoff berth or in the actual playoffs – and his team needed him to provide a great day – or even a good day – he never delivered.

    Tony Romo’s a good guy and a good quarterback. Unfortunately, in this league it usually takes a GREAT quarterback to deliver a championship (or two).

    It’s time for the Cowboys to start looking for their next GREAT quarterback.

  35. “Only throw the ball to the people with stars on their jerseys Tony” Now I am as good a coach as Jason Garrett!!!

  36. As the titular Dallas HC, Garrett has been a major disappointment to everyone but the real Dallas HC, Jerry Jones.

    However, in defending his and the Cowboys’ frequent embarrassing failures in post game pressers, he has actually become pretty good at regurgitating a series of meaningless platitudes, half truths and transparent lies. This has been invaluable experience for the career for which he is really qualified…press secretary for a presidential candidate.

  37. I cannot believe Jason Garrett is still the head coach in Dallas today. The loss to the Redskins was tough to swallow but I just knew the loss would seal Garrets fate in Dallas as the coach. Just like most Cowboy fans, we spend a lot of my hard earned money on game tickets and merchandise to help support this team. Until Garrett is gone and Dallas starts grooming our future QB, I’m not spending a red cent on this team and I wish all the other fans would join me!!

  38. I think Garrett has indecent pictures of Jerry Jones or something because this cowboy drama has become an annual event… How many years has it been ? 5 or 6

  39. How can Romo’s season be accurately evaluated with that crappy offensive line? I’m guessing the critics here haven’t noticed him running for his life.
    Romo’s biggest problem isn’t his work ethic or decision making… It’s the GM asking Romo to bail him out with Fran Tarkenton-esque performances. That GM is also asking the same of Demarco Murray and coordinator Calahan in the running game too.

  40. As far as I can see, the only quarterbacks near his age who still have bright future are Peyton and Tom. Romo has great stats, no doubt about it. But remember: Stats are for losers. He does not have the mental strength to get through important games and win them.

  41. Apparently, that delusional pixie dust Jerry’s blowing up everyone’s rear ends outside of Valley Ranch has seeped inside the building. Is there anyone there that can evaluate anything honestly?

  42. I just hope they’re bad enough next year to be in position to draft Teddy Bridgewater out of UofL in 2014. That kid’s looking been playing great

  43. I love all this romo sucks talk by pathetic loser cowboy haters. Lets see now Kyle orton running the offense behind one of the worst o lines. With no run game for basically half the year. With a deffense ravaged with injuries. We would have been 4-12 at best but romo who’s quote in quote better days are behind him lol. One of the most sacked qbs one of the most under pressure qbs passed for almost 5000 yards had completed 66% of his passes lol yeah people wake up Dallas played for a chance at the NFC east because of romo and that third pick wasn’t the end of the world. The roughing the passer on third down by hatcher was. I guess romo was at fault for that lol. He is truly horrible in the clutch only managed fourth quarter wins against the steelers and bengals. Something captain greatness Eli manning couldn’t do so keep that hate losers keep that hate cause when we are healthy again and put some love into our o line you’ll be on notice next season

  44. This is exactly why Dallas is looking at 18 straight years of futility. Its tragic what’s happened to this franchise.

  45. And for all of you b!tching about the offensive line, how do you explain the rest of Romo’s career? He played behind 3 pro-bowl offensive linemen earlier in his career and has nothing to show for it. They’ve had multiple years with top-10 overall defenses and nothing to show for it. Quit making BS excuses for this guy’s ability to choke.

    Keep talking every single year about how there’s nobody better out there and keep watching the playoffs from the couch. Seattle, SF, etc., etc. know there’s somebody better if you look hard enough.

  46. Romo is the only QB in NFL history who has never ever made a mistake. If the Cowboys lose it’s simply because the defense stinks, O-line stinks, no running game, penalties, bad play calling, WR’s ran wrong routes, Romo didn’t see the DB on Int he threw so it’s not his fault.

    Please people, Romo is 8-8 every year with zero on his playoff resume but remember he has never ever made a mistake just ask all Cowboy fans

  47. Ridiculous counter.
    Of course he’s made his share of mistakes.
    And turnovers are absolutely crucial.
    But the Romo hate borders on insanity, here.

    Rewind the tape on that last Int. That linebacker made a helluva play, on a designed playcall pass to the flat. And an accurate pass, at that.

    All the more reason to heap the criticism where it should go… On the GM whom when asked about the Oline in preseason, expounded on the wonders of a NY Giant- Eli Manning-like playoff roll, and how that could happen to anyone.
    Well there ya go. A GM using hope as a strategy, instead of something he can control… His job in bringing in maulers to the front line.

  48. Romo is garbage stop making excuses for this guy. His oline was better than Vick oline in Philly and Vick got all the blame. Romo just can’t get it done he is so weak minded, just another overhyped avg QB that hasn’t been to the playoff in the last three years and people give him more credit than he deserves. He is in the same boat with rivers, culter, Vick

  49. Romo blows get over it Cowboy fans. He is at his worst under pressure in big games. Going all the way back to 2007 season when he choked as a #1 seed at home against Giants putting up a “big” 3 points in the 2nd half and played awful. We heard the excuses for him then and 6 years later he still hasn’t done a thing- ZERO. He simply can’t get it done when it matters. But keep telling yourselves it’s not Romo Cowboy fans if it makes you feel better haha what a joke

  50. LMFAO. Seriously, you’re going to make excuses for his 3 picks? RGIII, a ROOKIE, no picks in his big play-in game, same for Christian Ponder. Andrew Luck takes a team with the 26th ranked defense to the playoffs in his rookie season, a team with far, far less talent than what’s in Dallas.

    Romo does what Romo always does yet people still make excuses for him. In reality it should have been 5 picks, the Skins dropped 2 of them, one of them right in Fletcher’s hands.

  51. RG3 got 200 yards, 3 tds on 33 carries.
    Dez Bryant plays with a broken finger.
    Miles Austin out for nearly entire game.
    Dez Bryant goes out in the 3rd quarter w back injury (wasnt getting open much on DeAngelo Hall anyway)
    Haslett was sending 7 and 8 man blitzes against a line with 2 guys that werent even on rosters preseason.
    There’s your game right there.

    Romo should have played better, but to say he sucks goes too far.

  52. Not a Cowboys fan by any stretch; but to lay all of that organization’s issues at the feet of one player is just not having any knowledge of football. To think you can simply plug another QB (especially one with no experience) behind center on that team and expecting difffernet results is maddening. The owner/ GM is the real issue —but past that– just get healthy and improve the line play. Try that instead of blaming TR.

  53. Why do people keep going back 1 game or even 1 season and try to explain to everyone how Romo isn’t the problem? His ENTIRE career has mirrored his performance in the last game, its the same thing every season no matter how much talent is on this team.

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