Lurie hints at past personnel disagreements between Roseman, Reid


Now that the dust has settled on a dizzying day of terminations and quotes and rumors and reports, it’s time to search through the wreckage of quotes to look for hints at what may have happened in the past — and what could happen next.

In Philadelphia, comments from owner Jeffrey Lurie suggest that the termination of coach Andy Reid was preceded by a determination that G.M. Howie Roseman would or should have more authority over the construction of the roster.

Officially, Reid has had “final say” since the day he was hired, in 1999.  Unofficially, Roseman acquired more influence in 2012, based on Lurie’s explanation regarding the manner in which Roseman’s role in a 1-11 collapse over the final three fourths of the season will be assessed.

“I keep voluminous notes on talent evaluation on not just who we draft, but who is valued in each draft by each person that is in the organization that’s working here,” Lurie said.  “I came to the conclusion that the person that was providing by far the best talent evaluation in the building was Howie Roseman.  I decided to streamline the whole decision-making process for the 2012 draft and offseason and that’s the first draft and offseason I hold Howie completely accountable for.  The mistakes that were made in the 2011 draft have little or nothing to do with Howie’s evaluations and I think it was important for me to own up to the mistakes that were made and understand where they were coming from and it was awfully clear.”

In other words, Roseman was trying to get Reid to make other decisions in past years, and hindsight was proving Roseman to be right.  And so if Roseman is accountable only for the 2012 draft, it means that Reid, was wisely deferring to the guy whom hindsight was proving to be right.

It doesn’t mean that Roseman will now be in charge of the team.  “The way I’ve operated is the way I’m going to operate and that is the new head coach, whoever that is, will report directly to me and that’s the only structure that I insist upon,” Lurie said.  “As we go through the process, we have the flexibility to finalize personnel decisions and everything else that goes with the coach-G.M. relationship.  But my goal is to have the coach and the General Manager work hand-in-hand and work collaboratively and work in a very, very terrific way together.”

In other words, the next coach of the Eagles may not be running the show the way Reid was for 14 years.  Or, possibly, for the first 13 of them.

17 responses to “Lurie hints at past personnel disagreements between Roseman, Reid

  1. That might eliminate…Cowher, Gruden and like. Most likely the top coaches want full control of football operations. Imput from Howie is one thing. Having to go to war with his picks and still take responsibility is another. Id bet a lot, that eliminates Cowher and Gruden and probably many others. I personally am not sold on Howie in that particular role.

  2. Lurie is the best Eagles owner in my lifetime. I believe he is a very clear thinker. There are many less desireable options around the league, including owners who pick the talent. I think he is simply telling the truth.

  3. Interesting…agree they were probably Banner is the culprit. Remember much of the defensive players were left over from the Rhodes years.

  4. So how has that 2012 draft panned out so far?

    1 12 Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State
    2 46 Mychal Kendricks LB California
    2 59 Vinny Curry DE Marshall
    3 88 Nick Foles QB Arizona
    4 123 Brandon Boykin CB Georgia
    5 153 Dennis Kelly T Purdue
    6 194 Marvin McNutt WR Iowa
    6 200 Brandon Washington G Miami (Fla.)
    7 229 Bryce Brown RB Kansas State

    Not seeing a whole lot of stars in the making.

  5. Who did they draft in 2012? And I ask this not sarcastically as I don’t honestly know. Were Roseman’s picks (and by extension talent recognition) that good?

  6. I am a simple man, I work in manufacturing. One thing that I have learned over the years, is that it is ALWAYS better to work in a team environment, where everything is a collaborative effort. It is very important and neccesary, as no one man’s ideas are better than the thoughts of multiple experienced people brainstorming and looking at things from different levels and angles. There is no exception to this rule.

  7. Too early to tell if the 2012 draft was a good one. I remember when the Eagles traded back a few times and ended up with Kolb, Gaddis and I think Celek for the pick that became Anthony Spencer.
    I looked really good for the Eagles for the first year..after that not so much.

  8. It’s hard to put a finger on Rosie because of the way 2010-2012 drafts panned out. You really can’t hold 2011 draft any good because of the lockout. No FA, no workouts, nothing.

    The jury’s still out on Rosie. They wanted him gone when it was inevitable they were going to fire Reid. And whenever you see the cameras on Lurie, Roseman was sitting where his wife used to be.

    Can’t wait to see when the head coach and Rosie have a conflict on a player they disagree on.

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