Mike Holmgren says he’s listen, if anyone wants to call


With seven head coaching jobs open, and two more in limbo pending the hiring of general managers, there are a lot of names flying around.

One big one wants to make sure he’s not forgotten about.

Just-sacked Browns president Mike Holmgren told ESPN’s Ed Werder “If anyone is interested, I’ll listen.”

It’s slightly more subtle than wearing a sandwich board and ringing a bell, but there you have it, Holmgren might enjoy working again.

Of course, Werder reported in November that Holmgren had interest in only one job, the Cowboys vacancy that never emerged.

The 64-year-old-old Holmgren hasn’t coachaed since leaving the Seattle sideline in 2008 to go be the football poobah in Cleveland. While that might have been a flop, he has a 161-111 record as a head coach, with 12 playoff appearances in 17 years, three NFC titles and a Super Bowl win.

At a time when coordinators with sketchy resumes are getting multiple interviews, maybe giving Holmgren a chance to listen makes sense.

22 responses to “Mike Holmgren says he’s listen, if anyone wants to call

  1. Probably be a pretty short phone call once Holmgren makes it known he wants to be in the Sean Payton salary neighborhood. I don’t know if the game has passed him by, but if I’m the one writing the checks I would hate to find out the hard way.

  2. Holmgren’s been done for years. The Cleveland disaster proved that. If I was an owner, I wouldn’t be hiring any of the retreads with big names out there because doing that seldom results in success.

  3. Wow, starting with the headline, “Mike Holmgren says he’s listen” and contining with spelling “coached”, “coachaed”, this article is so chock full of errors I am left wondering if Mr. Gantt is still a little drunk from last night.

  4. As a Seahawks fan, the guy was nothing but class when he was there. He is a good, good man who turned the franchise around. He led us to 4 straight divisional titles and a Super Bowl appearance. He has the ability to excite the fan base and create deep loyalty. Any owner who doesn’t give him a shot is an idiot.

  5. Top-notch X and O guy, but I’m not sure he’s the one you want making personnel decisions. It would be important to have a GM that he can work with. When he was demoted from GM duties in Seattle, and Ruskell was brought in, conflicts with Ruskell over personnel led to some disastrous infighting.

  6. As odd as it may sound , look for the possibility of HOlmy ending up in Cleveland again, as head coach. In his exit interview, ” big mike” said to the Cleveland media – “see you guys next fall”. Word is Haslam, spoke with the Walrus upon buying the team, where Holmgren felt he still owed the franchise to get to playoff status. He admitted that the Shurmer hire was a mistake, and that he should’ve taken the sidelines this past season. Banner and Haslam are both on baord to let Holmgren come back as head coach with the same system, coaching staff that has shown nice progress this year.

  7. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but so far, no team has openly met with him. Surely he understands that his reputation isn’t what it used to be.

    Bet he’d settle for OC. He’s a west coast boy, maybe the Chargers could use him.

  8. I laugh at all the Cleveland fans that say Holmgren is washed up. What, because he didn’t create a masterpiece from a pile of ruins? He’s had vast success at both Green Bay and Cleveland.

    Based upon Ron Wolf consulting in San Diego, and Steve Mariucci being considered as the new Head Coach in San Diego, I can see the chargers trying to reunite a bunch of the old group. Maybe Andy Reid joins up with them too?

  9. He would make an excellent HC…nothing more, do not give him control over personnel . At his age and looking at his resume, i’m not sure he will settle for just the HC

  10. Mike Holmgren is still an excellent Football man, and is still a Head Coach with 3 Super Bowl appearances on his resume.

    If a team is interested in allowing him to focus on his strengths, which is Head Coaching, that would be a good decision if the right criteria is met. And that is finding a situation where he has good alignment with whomever is in charge of Personnel decisions.

    Cleveland was not wise to put him in a position where is he was doing everything but what he is best at. Browns Fan should blame Lerner, not Holmgren.

  11. When you have to resort to getting your own name out there, you’re pretty much finished.

  12. Hire him Philly, first we had the student (Reid), now lets get the teacher. (Holmgren) The media will get their better post game interviews and the players will get the stupid slapped outta them because he’s a no nonsense coach.

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