Mike McCoy joins the hunt for Bills job

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Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s not getting much rest during his bye week.

Already a candidate for the Bears and Cardinals head coaching jobs, McCoy is that latest name to emerge on Buffalo’s list, as the Bills asked for permission to interview him, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Bills are also heading to Arizona anyway to interview former Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt and current Cards defensive coordinator Ray Horton, so maybe they can all get together at an airport bar and save cab fare.

The 40-year-old McCoy qualifies for the “bright, young offensive mind” label, having coached quarterbacks ranging in skill from Peyton Manning to Tim Tebow (with Jake Delhomme falling somewhere between in between) to the playoffs.

13 responses to “Mike McCoy joins the hunt for Bills job

  1. An exhaustive search is the way the Bills should go. Leave no stone unturned. Lets face it, Buffalo is probably the least attractive opening out there. If they interview a bunch of candidates they have a better shot of being someone’s fallback option if another guy gets the job that he wanted. He’ll convince himself that Buffalo isn’t so bad, and the Bills might just end up with someone decent if they let the better opening get filled first.

  2. McCoy has done great things with multiple QBs, not just in Denver. Look at how he developed Jake Delhomme. And Denver staff has admitted they have learned many things from Peyton too.

    I just hope they stay away from 49ers OC. That guy just has a title. That is all Harbaugh’s doing.

  3. Don’t agree at all with one of the previous comments saying that the Bills are the least attractive team out there to looking for a coach. I’d say they are one of the better options out there. AZ, KC, CLE…all seem like less appealing teams. I’d take having CJ Spiller and that D-line over any of those teams any day.

  4. For those saying he’s awesome because of Peyton, let’s not forget they got to the playoffs with Tim Tebow at the helm.

  5. phimuskapsi says: Jan 1, 2013 2:54 PM

    For those saying he’s awesome because of Peyton, let’s not forget they got to the playoffs with Tim Tebow at the helm.


    A stout Denver defense that made it so Tebow only had to muster up 10 points or so to win didn’t hurt either.

  6. cover200 says:
    Jan 1, 2013 1:53 PM
    Peyton Manning is his QB!! Might as well interview Charlie Wies.
    I’m a Pats fan and I am here to tell you that I loved Weis at OC and he had a huge role in helping TB be the QB he is today. When he started with TB as a starter, TB was a “game manager” all through 01. Don’t forget that Cassel’s best season was under Weis in KC, not under Josh McDaniels in 08 in NE (where he had superior receiving talent to KC).

  7. The Bills need Lovie Smith at Head Coach and Hue Jackson at OC. They will end up with Horton and Kelly.

  8. I hope McCoys ability to work with subpar QBs (NOT Manning, obviously.. the… Others..) isn’t a sign that they’re going to give Pick Slingin’ Fitz another year to ‘thread the needle’ to every wide open safety or sideline attendant.

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