Polian won’t be the next Chiefs G.M.


In recent weeks, former Bills, Panthers, and Colts G.M. Bill Polian has been linked in various rumors and speculation to the G.M. position in Kansas City, if/when it becomes open.

Of course, it’s not yet open.  It possibly will be, if owner Clark Hunt decides to move on from Scott Pioli.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, if Hunt hires a new G.M., it won’t be Polian.

Of course, the job may not be as beneficial to Polian as the rumors that he could get it.  Polian’s reputation as a high strung, fiery executive precedes him in NFL circles.  If a perception arises (whether he engineers it or otherwise) that Polian is in demand, notorious anecdotes of eruptions in the press box or elsewhere could be overlooked, especially by an owner like Shahid Khan, who is still relatively new to the industry.

That said, Polian’s name has yet to arise in connection with the opening in Jacksonville.  Apart from the lingering rumors linking him to Kansas City, Polian’s name has arisen only in connection with the Jets.  In a USA Today report carefully attributed to a unnamed person “briefed on the talks between Polian and the organization” (which, in all fairness, is a fancy synonym for “hearsay”) the Jets reached out to Polian — and Polian rejected their overtures.

Polian refused to confirm or deny the report, a response he may have used to not-so-subtly create the impression of confirmation.  “People call almost every day.  Coaches.  Players.  Executives,” Polian told USA Today.  “There’s lots of conversations.  I’m not going to characterize any conversations with anybody.”

And that comment not-so-subtly creates the impression that Polian is still in the game, a year after being fired by the Colts.  Which creates the impression that he’s in demand.  Which could be aimed at getting Khan to give Polian a call.

Until then, Polian has opted to remain coy.  Or perhaps subtle.  Or maybe not-so-subtle.

“As I’ve told everybody who has asked over the course of the season, that the answer is, ‘Could I do it?  Yeah.’  Would I?  That depends entirely on the family and other considerations,” Polian told USA Today.  “So right now, it doesn’t look like there is anything in the offing.  And I’m fine with that.  I’m very happy with what I’m doing now.”

Polian is actually very good on television in his position with ESPN, and at SiriusXM radio.  And he could be very good in a fourth stint at running an NFL team.  For now, though, it appears that his options will be limited, regardless of whether he actually had an option in New York.

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  1. If the rumors that Bill Polian is not coming to KC are trueof Chiefs Nation should breath a sigh of relief.

    Yes, his history is illustrious and decades ago he had an affiliation of some kind with the club; however, the baggage, if any, that he may carry from temper tantrums pales when one considers that his hiring would likely include a mandatory place for his son who, according to some sources, has little talent for the job.

  2. Polian would be a good catch for someone. Great track record. Evidently he can be high-handed and difficult, but if you’re the owner of a team like Jacksonville I’d think that those are things you’d be willing to overlook…

  3. I’d love it if he had gone to the NYJ. He probably didn’t want to have to deal with the PatriOTTs (as he calls them) that much. 😀

  4. Polian chose Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf—the right choice, obviously, but one that he had a 50/50 shot of getting right. Take away that *one* franchise-altering decision—and, again, a decision that many other GMs would have made; Peyton wasn’t exactly an obscure, unknown talent whom Polian found under a rock somewhere—and would we view Polian as much more than average GM who happens to be extraordinarily unpleasant to work with?

  5. The problem with Bill Polian, lest we forget, is he insisted on his son Chris succeeding him in Indianapolis. No doubt that is still going to be a negotiating point should he talk to any team. How right was Jim Irsay in looking at that scenario in Indianapolis? He chose Ryan Grigson over Chris Polian. Enough said.

  6. To chb74- He chose Edgerrin James over Ricky Williams, too. How’d that work out? One of them will be in Canton. And it aint Ricky.

  7. Cereal says:
    Jan 1, 2013 10:09 AM
    WHat about Charlie Casserly,,,nobody is interested ? Not surprised


    Yeah, since Vinny Cerrato did such a bang up job after Casserly left.

  8. jasonculhane says:
    Jan 1, 2013 10:15 AM
    Wow, hard to think he’d get a chance again. 31 other teams had better drafts then Polian did the last 7 years.

    You can’t teach old dogs new tricks


    Polian has a ring, chose Peyton Manning and changed the double digit loss culture into a winning organization.

    The guy is decent, just hard to work with.

    oh 29 other teams didnt win a Super Bowl either.

  9. electionconfidential says:
    Jan 1, 2013 10:18 AM
    Polian would be a good catch for someone. Great track record. Evidently he can be high-handed and difficult, but if you’re the owner of a team like Jacksonville I’d think that those are things you’d be willing to overlook…


    Sticking point with Jacksonville still might be the QB, but they might’ve found one with Chad Henne.

    They have lost so much, that they’d have to consider him…

  10. I believe that NaPolian target all along has been Jacksonville. I believe the entire KC rumor was started by Polian himself. He has a tendency to put out his own rumors, for his benefit. hopefully Khan reads this website and figures out that the Polians are not worth the risks.
    However, for me this past year has been a little boring that I could not comment on Bill and Chrisissy, so where ever they go I will be watching and documenting. someone has to keep them accountable.

  11. btw. Polian is overrated. Peyton was a 50/50. anyone there at that time will tell you he was so close to picking Leaf. luck (lol) would have it, he did not pick Leaf. It was not because he is a genuis. Lol

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