Pro Bowl quarterback becomes Houston’s weak link on offense

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Somehow, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub scored a contract extension early in the season.  Somehow, he landed in the Pro Bowl above Andrew Luck, who had much less around him on both sides of the ball.

Somehow, the Texans will have to try to win one or more playoff games with Schaub as their quarterback.

I write these words knowing full well that I’ll now be accused of “hating” the Texans, Matt Schaub, and/or his dog.  But even his dog would admit that there are more than a few better quarterbacks in the NFL.

As previously pointed out, Schaub has not shown up this year in high-profile games.  More recently, in eight quarters of action on which the No. 1 seed in the AFC was riding, Schaub threw a grand total of zero touchdown passes.  His passer rating against the Vikings in Week 16 was a measly 72.1, which actually looks good in comparison to the 66.3 generated against the Colts in Week 17.

After starting 11-1, the Texans have now lost three of four.  And now come the overachieving Bengals, who have won seven of eight games and who have a defense that will make it even harder for Schaub in his career debut as a postseason starter.

That’s right, Schaub has no playoff experience on which to draw as he prepares to face Cincinnati, whose second-year quarterback played in a playoff game last year on Schaub’s home field.

Though I’ll likely pick the Texans to win the game, it won’t happen because of Schaub, but in spite of him.  And if I pick the Texans to hold serve at home, there’s no way they’ll be the selection when they return to New England.

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40 responses to “Pro Bowl quarterback becomes Houston’s weak link on offense

  1. I think this article is a fair assessment.

    I partially blame the Texans Front Office for giving Schaub nobody across from Andre Johnson in 10 years. Literally nobody.

  2. Houston…..we HAVE A SCHAUBLEM.

    I’m a Texans fan and Schaub is beyond horrible. At the mere sight of a rush he collapses like a lawn chair into the fetal position. He under throws every deep ball this season(yes Andre occasionally adjusts and makes the play anyway).

    I would feel a lot better with TJ Yates at this point.

  3. I wasn’t paying close attention to Schaub’s extension when he signed it. I see that he had “$1 million in per game roster bonuses” starting in 2014.
    Does that mean $1 million per game. Or is it $75K-ish per game or whatever 1mil divided by 16 happens to be.
    I ask, because I’m pretty sure that a $26 million price tag gets Schaub cut after next year.

  4. Agreed. The Texans offense in general seems rather overhyped. Even Arian Foster’s production (in terms of ypa) is by far the lowest of any of this year’s top 10 RB’s.

  5. Fair article, but to continue another commenter’s thoughts: Houston has ONE receiving option, and needs at least three to be competitive in the Super Bowl tournament. The successful teams year-in and year-out have had multiple threats at receiver, from the Packers to the Giants to the Patriots, and aren’t reliant upon a single guy streaking through the secondary to win.

  6. Schaub is a guy you win with, not because of. I’d call him above average, but no more. He’s in a good situation in Hou.

  7. Oh God, enough with Andrew Luck already. It’s amazing how pedigree clouds the vision. He has a bright future, but right now he’s the 29th rated passer in the NFL. He completes just over half his passes and turns the ball over too much.

    RG III and Russell Wilson have had vastly superior rookie seasons.

  8. I think this article reflects the feelings of most Texans fans. Schaub is a good QB but that is it. He is not elite or even what I would consider tier 1.

  9. The fact that he’s in the pro bowl is a joke. The Texans’ offensive system is one of the best in the league and Schaub greatly benefits from it.

  10. Just one more reminder of how little the Pro Bowl means. Oh sure, it feels good for the player but getting selected often has no relationship to how they have actually performed, especially in key games.

  11. Schaub is a slightly above average QB with hardly anyone decent around him except Johnson and Foster. Give Schaub two or three more weapons and I think you will see a much stronger and potent Offense for Houston.

  12. Been saying this for years. He’s not the QB to win a Super Bowl for that franchise. Why they stayed completely out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes is beyond me.

  13. Statistically, over the last 5 years, only 4 NFL QBs have been rated in the top 10 in QB rating all 5 years:

    Tom Brady
    Aaron Rodgers
    Peyton Manning (ya, not including ’11)


    Matt Schaub.

    It’s the truth. Look it up. Schaub has consistently and quietly performed as a top-10 QB, more than Brees, Rivers, Eli or Big Ben.

  14. Snarky comment about the Pro-Bowl – the #1 defense in the NFL – #1 in total yards, #1 in pass defense, #2 in rush defense was the Pittsburgh Steelers… yet not A SINGLE PLAYER on their defense made the ProBowl.

    Ya, it’s a joke.

  15. What is with the love for Luck? Schaub had a much better season than he did. He threw as many picks as TDs and completed just over half his passes.

  16. Cut him today and he’d have multiple teams after him. Easily a top ten guy but maybe in a funk and bad timing at that. Even the best QB’s have a run of bad games…..

    Time will tell if he breaks out of it…..

  17. The Luck love is nonsensical. His defense allowed around 17 points a game in the Colts’ 11 victories. Which would be good for around 3rd or 4th in the league. I’d say his team carried him. Not the other way around.

  18. Back to back playoffs and the bengals are ” overachieving “? We will see when that D line is in Shaub’s grill all day.

  19. Texan fans, I’m a fan, but also a Realist. This team is not Super Bowl ready and probably will never go with the current Regime in place.

  20. ketelwon says:
    Jan 1, 2013 11:07 AM
    Houston…..we HAVE A SCHAUBLEM.
    100 pts awarded for outstanding wordplay!!!

  21. Schaub is strictly a second-tier QB. He’s in the Philip Rivers/Jay Cutler/ Alex Smith tier. He’s not anywhere near the Brady/Manning/Brees elite level. He’s definitely better that the bottom dwellers, AKA the “Sanchez”level.

    I’m looking for Cincy to beat the Texans. The Texans are too one-dimensional, and the Patriots exposed them for what they are, a team with a few playmakers and a subpar supporting cast.

  22. houston played it’s superbowl back in week 7 v. baltimore, they killed ’em, but look at their games since then and they are very average….might beat cincy on sat, i doubt they win v. denver this time around, they are both playing at a different level since that game…

  23. While Shaub isn’t a world beater – he’s not the guy that gave up 6 TD’s to Aaron Rodgers. Does anyone really think it’s reasonable to expect a QB to put up 7 just to win “close” at that point?

    That defense was pretty much a no-show against NE too.

  24. Hopefully he reads this, takes it to heart, and shows something this postseason. If you believe the whole ‘Peyton wanted to come to Houston’ thing, sticking with Schaub may have cost us our best chance at a SB in this shrinking window.

  25. He’s 12-4. Two losses were on the defense. Texans fans to step off the ledge. He had a bad 4 weeks, but in general he is very good at not turning it over. The big difference between Texans wins and losses is turnover battle. in the losses, we turn it over and our Defense doesn’t get any. If we win the turnover battle next week, then we win, and win each game after that. Go Texans!!

  26. Matt will have the opportunity to play in the playoffs for the first time in his career. Additionally, he will have his favorite target available and healthy. He deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt since he has played well before. There is a good chance that he will rise to the occasion and play well enough to get the job done. Until then, anything that people say about how he will perform is just plain speculation. Oh, and don’t forget that Arian Foster is also healthy and playing well. Furthermore, the defense has proven that they can play well with the players available on the roster so they may also step it up during the playoffs. Go Texans!

  27. Schaub has always been overrated. Why are people acting like this is news? If the Texans are trailing, they cannot sit on you with that stretch play run game, Foster is a virtual non-factor, and Schaub is no Rodgers, Brees, Brady or a Manning.

  28. When I read the headline I thought the Steelers had traded Roethlisberger to the Texans.

    At least can get a win when his defense holds the other team to 6 points. Roethlisberger CAN’T.

  29. Houston won’t win because of Schaub. They will win because of J.J. Watt. I’m a die hard Bengals fan but our O-line is abysmal right now and Dalton is making bad decisions because of that. Watt is going to make it a looong day for our O-line and Dalton. If they can keep Watt at bay (which I highly doubt), we will win that game. If they can’t, then like I said, it’s going to be a loong day resulting in another loss in Houston.

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