Reid to Cardinals moving quickly, differing reports on Heckert joining him

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We’ve already seen one report on Tuesday that the Cardinals are “very close” to hiring Andy Reid to be their next head coach and now comes one that says the Cardinals want to move as quickly as possible to get Reid in the fold.

Adam Schefter of ESPN spoke to a source who was “95 percent” certain that Reid would wind up as the team’s next head coach and to an assistant who said that Reid has been working to put together a staff to join him. It might not be more than a couple of days before Reid officially joins the team. Schefter reports that defensive coordinator Ray Horton will interview for the top job on Wednesday, a meeting that would satisfy the Rooney Rule and allow the team to move forward with Reid.

Tuesday also brought a report from Kenny Roda of ESPN 850 in Cleveland that former Browns General Manager Tom Heckert would join Reid in Arizona, a reunion that others have speculated about given their past relationship in Philadelphia. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that her sources say Heckert is “very unlikely” to wind up in Arizona and that he has interviews lined up elsewhere. Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic hasn’t heard anything on Heckert and reports that Horton will be interviewing Tuesday afternoon, which could speed the whole process up even more.

Things should sort themselves out soon enough as the Cardinals appear poised to be the first of the teams to replace the coach they fired on Monday.

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  1. 1. Andy Reid to Arizona.

    2. Mike Holmgren recently relocated to Arizona.

    3. Holmgren and Reid are close friends.

    Could there be a Homgren angle in this as well, perhaps a front office job???

  2. AZ fans… if there is any… You do understnad that it was Andy Reid’s decisions are the main reason why the eagles were horrible the last 3 yrs…. right? Also, do the eagles get another 2nd rnder for him? LOL

  3. Andy and the Cardinals are a perfect match. Andy is really good at working with quarterbacks and lineman, the Cardinals two biggest weaknesses. He is also poor with defensive decisions, but the Cardinals already have a really good defense.

  4. I am happy for arizona 🙂 one team off the list for jon gruden,chip kelly or lovie smith .. I really want the buffalo bills to get a good coach.. Andy is good but not a good fit for buffalo …. Go bills in 2013!!

  5. We all wish Reid well. Hes a good man. A nice man. Philly wishes him the best and thanks for the great memories. It sure was fun while it lasted.

  6. EAGLES – CARDINALS ,,Iam sensing a theme here! Working his way west to the Seahawks eventually !

  7. as a 49ers fan I’m loving this! it’s good for the NFC west and is gonna bring crazy competition. now get you a quarterback to help larry fitz and this divisions gonna be sick!

  8. Not having Prima Donnas like desean Jackson and Vick is gonna make Reid’s job of coaching much easier. In AZ he will have team players like Fitzgerald and Wilson who just want to win some games.

  9. Arizona is an offensive line away from being a playoff team and if Juan Castillo goes with him to coach the O-line they could be in the playoffs soon.

  10. Just because the Eagles were slipping these past few years doesn’t mean Andy Reid is a bad coach. Sometimes both parties just need to separate and move on, and that was no doubt the case there. It would be foolish to ignore Reid’s entire body of work and focus only on the last 2-3 seasons.

  11. Congrats to And Reid! The Eagles are an awfull organization. And they have the Superbowl rings to prove it. Andy took that team and did what no other coach could ever do. Mark my words the Eagles are going to be the next Jacksonville Jaguars. The Eagle fans will be sorry they ran this guy out of town! I wish Coach Reid the best of luck in Arizona.

  12. Holmgren didn’t recently relocate to AZ, he’s had a big house in the Biltmore district of central Phoenix for years. I seriously doubt there’s any sort of Holmgren angle working here at all. Will be interesting to see his staff assemble, and who gets the GM slot. Hopefully Horton stays.

  13. How could any team offer a job to any of the Cleveland rejects? Can’t they see how bad they already screwed up there? Expect the same results because that’s all they know.

    Good for Reid though. I thought he was going to lead the Chargers out of the doldrums.

  14. Now all the Cardinals need is for the Eagles to release Mike Vick so they can sign him there and then Reid and Vick can get fired again after the 2013 season. Lots of folks were talking that Vick would be an improvement in Arizona. hahaha. I bet Reid will make it a condition of his contract that Mike Vick never be allowed anywhere near him.

  15. This will be great for AZ if they keep Horton as the DC. Andy Reid is a solid coach, and AZ just needs to make better personnel decisions. So, the GM vacancy is what I will be waiting to hear about. Good move here by the Cardinals.

  16. If the Cardinals had any fans, they would get sick of Reid’s “I gotta do a better job” press conferences, consistent abandonment of the running game, and disgraceful clock managment in no time.

  17. thefiesty1 says:
    Jan 1, 2013 6:20 PM
    How could any team offer a job to any of the Cleveland rejects? Can’t they see how bad they already screwed up there? Expect the same results because that’s all they know.

    Good for Reid though. I thought he was going to lead the Chargers out of the doldrums.


    Yeah, I mean, who would want anyone that used to work for the Browns? Like Bill Belichick and Bill Cowher?

  18. Actually not a bad business move kolb played well under reid (well enough to get a big contract from AZ) they might start getting some return on there investment. I thing this moves makes sense.
    Install reids offense maybe kolb comes around and gets the QB position stableized then move forward.

  19. I was not a Cardinal’s fan before this and will definitely not now.

    I have never liked this guy. I don’t care how good a coach everyone thinks he is.

    New slogan: ABC (anybody but Cardinals)

  20. People thinking this is good news for Kolb are out of their mind. Reid will take a QB at that top 10 pick and run with it like he did in ’99 when no one thought McNabb would be a number two pick. Kolb didn’t “play well” as I’ve seen stated in so many places, he was mediocrely game managing before he got hurt again, which is also a huge problem if you’re actually trying to win something besides 8 or 9 games.

    Whoever the BQBA is in next April’s draft at that pick, Reid will take him and make him fit, it’s what he does. Kolb might be a placeholder at first, but no one is attaching their future to such a shaky player.

    The bigger question is who runs the defense for him if Horton gets an HC job, which is likely considering some of these underwhelming names on the various coaching lists I’ve seen so far. To my knowledge, he doesn’t have any connections to any Pittsburgh defensive disciples to make such a transition seemless.

    Good for the Cardinals though if they pull this off, at least they’re getting out of their old ways while teams like the Chargers, Jets, and Bills keep doing the same thing over and over again while wondering while it’s not working. What’s that definition of insanity?

  21. I’m happy for Reid if this happens. I appreciate all that he’s done for the Eagles but it was long overdue that he leave. I’m sure Cards fans will be pleased but be warned… Reid is not the genius he was made out to be when the Birds were regulars in the NFC championship. His time management skills are beyond atrocious (just watch the last 5 mins of that Super Bowl) and his obsession with passing prevented his teams from establishing any sort of rhythm. You can’t throw the ball 50 times with Vick behind a terrible Oline Andy! It could be argued that Reid was shielded from failure by the late great Jim Johnson. Because some of his decisions (in-game and personnel) have been mind boggling. Don’t get me wrong Andy is a quality coach but I think he started believing his own hype after the first six years. Over the past five or six seasons he has been the worst in the league at making in-game adjustments, because he stubbornly believes in his system too much. Anyway thanks Andy, hopefully you find success in Arizona (just not against the Birds in the playoffs).

  22. So if Reid gets hired and brings a bunch of ex-Philly personnel onboard, I guess we’ll have to look at relabeling the Cardinals from Pittsburgh west to Pennsylvania west.

  23. Let me be clear, I’m not intending to stick up for Matt Millen. But why aren’t the Cardinals subject to the same $200,000 fine that the Lions got? How is this situation any different than when the Lions went after Mariucci? An interview was offered to Denny Green, which he turned down. I always thought it was because the Lions were so blatant about wanting Mooch, but the Cards are doing the same thing here. They should also be fined for violating the Rooney Rule.

  24. Tom Heckert could very well be the first GM prospect off the board, with several opportunities at the same position with other NFL teams…

    …what does that say about the Browns firing Tom Heckert?

    The Browns “rookie” owner might know “truck stops”…but he doesn’t have a clue with it comes to NFL football.

    Heaven help the Browns…

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