Report: Cardinals “very close” to hiring Andy Reid as head coach


A day after he was fired by the Eagles, Andy Reid may be close to getting another head-coaching job.

Tim Ring, the sports director at KTVK-TV in Arizona, is reporting that the Cardinals are very close to hiring Reid as their next head coach.

Other reports have also suggested that Reid is the favorite to land the Cardinals job. Jason La Canfora of CBS and Mike Jurecki of XTRA are among those who have reported that Reid is expected to land the job.

The Cardinals are believed to be interviewing their own defensive coordinator, Ray Horton, today. Horton is a minority, so that interview would satisfy the requirements of the Rooney Rule and leave the Cardinals free to make their hire. If they’re only interviewing Horton for that reason, then the Cardinals are violating the spirit of the Rooney Rule, but they wouldn’t be violating the letter of the rule and would therefore be in the clear with the league office.

If Reid gets the job in Arizona it would reunite him with quarterback Kevin Kolb, who has been a major disappointment since Reid traded him from Philadelphia to Arizona. Cardinals President Michael Bidwill has said he still believes Kolb can be an effective starter, and Bidwill may see Reid as the coach to make that happen.

80 responses to “Report: Cardinals “very close” to hiring Andy Reid as head coach

  1. Why???? What is the benefit for him to go there??? There isnt anything special going on down there!

  2. Reid would be a good hire. Makes me wonder who the GM might wind up being. I can’t imagine Michael Bidwill allowing Reid total control.

  3. The Rooney Rule is a joke. Considering teams almost always hire established coaches or coordinators from the best playoff teams, the only one, who fits that bill this year is Lovie Smith.
    These guys are just being used as pawns to meet a stupid requirement.

  4. Given the Kolb connection, this makes sense. On the other hand, if ANYONE needs a rest and requires a year ( at least ) in the S-L-O-W lane, coach R. is an overwhelming choice. I suppose The Cards taking one more shot with Kolb DOES trump Coach Reid’s needs…perhaps, that is.

  5. The last time Arizona hired an ex-Philly head coach, it didn’t work out so well. Not sure this is going to be much different.

  6. Kolb was 4-1 this year. He just couldn’t stay healthy.

    I say this Cardinals team is playoff bound with a healthy Kolb combined with the man who coached him into a 300 yard a game passer.

  7. If he does get hired he NEEDS to keep Horton as DC. Reid is not a defensive coach and has done a poor job hiring them the past few years. Also, Childress as OC.

  8. This will be just like Jeff Fisher going to the Rams. The Cardinals will go from doormats to legit overnight.

  9. He shakes Vick and his merry band of quitters ( AKA….Dream Team ) meaning if Bidwell could hire Bill Polian and sign Alex Smith they’ll contend in 2 years

  10. If they’re only interviewing Horton for that reason, then the Cardinals are violating the spirit of the Rooney Rule, but they wouldn’t be violating the letter of the rule and would therefore be in the clear with the league office.

    The “spirit” as you put it, isn’t to hire a minority Head Coach. It’s to interview one. To at least give them, or someone else watching, the opportunity to hire one. It may be a joke to some but at the very minimum it’s an excellent opportunity to bring someone new to their minds.

  11. twoconeys says:
    Jan 1, 2013 4:08 PM
    this is BS…. how many Black candidates were 1st considered

    From the third paragraph of the article above:

    The Cardinals are believed to be interviewing their own defensive coordinator, Ray Horton, today. Horton is a minority, so that interview would satisfy the requirements of the Rooney Rule and leave the Cardinals free to make their hire.

  12. I can see the interview now……Yes Mr Bidwell, Kevin has a bright future as a starter. I can turn his career around. I would have been beer off in Philly with Kevin instead of Vick, but Howie made me trade him. If he get the job, his first call better be to Ray Horton to keep him on staff. Finding a DC is not his strength.

  13. Horrible move, Andy needs a break. Look at his tenure in Philly, a notable dropoff in the last few seasons. Anyone capable of the Castillo DC hire is no longer ready for prime time. He will not deliver; sadly for the fans, AZ found a way to go backward. Fitz should agitate for a trade, they will not compete any time soon.

  14. At this point in time is the “Rooney Rule” even
    We see year after year the color of your
    skin has no bearing on your talent as a coach.
    Teams should be able to hire who they believe will give them the best chance to win, period.
    These sham interviews need to stop.

  15. Time to start opening up some Philly cheese steak restaurants around the cards practice facilities and stadium; big prophets when Andy is the house.

  16. who really cares about the Rooney rule…NFL owners want to win….they don’t care about color.

    Beside we have a black President…..get rid of all that minority bs…it’s just a crutch for the weak & lazy …..

  17. Your article demonstrates just how big of a joke the “Rooney rule” is. A candidate is interviewed and the first comment by the press is “if they are interviewing Horton” to live the letter of the law. Why the supposition? Especially when no one has been named the new coach yet?
    Any owner of a multi-million dollar operation is going to hire who he’she thinks is best for the job, and darn well should be able too!!!!

  18. Niners, Seahawks and Rams all look line they will be Top 10 teams for the next half decade. Great time to jump into the NFC West Andy.

  19. Should bring in Lovie to coach the D. Reid and Smith can be co-head coaches focus while still focusing on the side of the ball where they made their names.

    Lovie should also be looked at for Dallas. Have Norv run the O in Big D.

  20. I believe the league should develop a list of minority candidates that teams must pick from to satisfy the rule AND monitor the quality of the interviews being conducted.

    the spirit of the rule is to develop and expose the talented assistants to NFL FO’s. The rule could be improved to do the most that can be done. While you can’t dictate who teams hired you can dictate who gets noticed.

  21. death to the rooney rule.

    the owners own the teams, not a bunch of political agitators.

  22. “These sham interviews need to stop.”

    One of these “sham interviews” a few years back was Mike Tomlin being interviewed in Pittsburgh. Going in, most experts thought he didn’t have a chance and the only reason for the interview was to satisfy the Rooney Rule. Well, we all know what happened next…

  23. He should hire Dick Jauron as DC. He should have hired him instead of Castillo a few years ago (Jauron had been on the Eagles staff that year).

  24. Wouldn’t you at least want to talk to 2-3 others just to get some different views about your team and organization? Geez.

  25. Gonna be a well coached division but I do have to wonder if any of these guys can get it over the top? Carroll hasn’t had a chance yet and some Williams fumbles killed Harbaugh last year but Fish and Reid have had several shots at it and never seem to get there. Gonna be a very interesting division indeed

  26. If he keeps Horton and finds some o- linemen (specifically Ts) this team will make noise. That D has all the right pieces if anyone watched. NFC West is where u find top 10 defenses from top to bottom. Cards and Rams are going to be fighting hard, cant wait even as Hawk fan.

  27. slick3 says: Jan 1, 2013 4:09 PM

    He’ll appoint Marty MORONweg as OC and then welcome to fourteen more years of Loserville.


    Cardinal fans should be happy to get 14 years of “loserville”.

    In the 14 years Andy Reid has been coach the Cardinals have two playoff appearances. The Eagles had 9 appearances.

  28. billyjsunday69 says:
    Jan 1, 2013 4:36 PM
    No one said it, so i’ll be the first…And the new starting qb for the Ari Cardinals is M. Vick.

    You beat me to it.

  29. Buddy Ryan
    Dennis Green

    Seems like Arizona is the last place successful NFL head coaches go before they retire.

  30. The Cardinals need Juan Castillo as OL coach as much or more than they need Andy Reid as the HC. If Reid can’t bring Castillo then tell Andy bye bye.

  31. Andy Reid grew up out west. I can see why he might want to coach out there. If he can’t get a job in San Diego, then Arizona is pretty close to Cali.

  32. interesting how Rooneys hired Mike Tomlin and gave wisenhoff a token interview….

    Tomlin hasn’t done too bad.. the players the organization brought in aren’t that great…

    mendanhall was spoiled from the very beginnning.. go back and read.. he was hurt his first season and didn’t even show up at Heinz field.. We all know the story on Ben.. and Steelers wanted to run the ball more and give Ben more discipline so…. Bruce Arians out the door… Ben’s number improved dramically but his maturely is being shaped now by his wife…
    and Wallace.. another spoiled brat.. not getting his money contract.. and.. remember Rooneys get rid of certain players… Holmes.. right after winning the Super Bowl.. no one player is better that the team. So…. Competent players.. competent coaches.. no matter what the race card is played

  33. Hahaha. The best part about this is since the Cards and Eagles both finished last in their division they are play each other. Interesting to see when the NFL schedules Andy’s return to Philly

  34. Out of the pressure cooker into a laid back west coat attitude. No surprise for Reid to jump at this if SD doesn’t want him.
    If there anywhere he’s going to get anywhere near the same power he had in PHI its in ARI.

  35. Entirely too nay know it alls in here. Andy Reid is one hell of a coach. Every GM who has over spent on talent and attitudes vs chemistry and team values has found the same fate. Washington tried it most recently prior to Philly.
    Coach Reid has taken potential and groomed these players to winners as is seen by how they under perform when he trades them. I would like to see him and Childress back together again as Childress can spot talent (like him or not). 1 year under Reid will make the team remarkably better 2 years and you will have a championship contender – no doubt. God Bless coach and best wishes to you and your family. SKOL VIKES!

  36. If they hire Reid, they’d better make sure to take care of Horton. We already have seen what happens when Reid doesn’t have a competent Defensive Coordinator.

  37. Get ready for a lot of enlightening candor from Reid Cardinals fans. Phrases like “I gotta do a better job” and “I take full responsibility” will be repeated after every defeat.

    And when you look at how badly Reid has coached drafted, and hired since losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots in addition to the Cardinals’ not so glorious past they will be losing a lot.

  38. this will end ugly. the man should take some time off. i think hes just avoiding his life through immersion in football.

    amateur psychology aside, andy isn’t really a quarterback guru. he couldn’t make a good quarterback out of either of the detmers, or aj feely, or doug peterson or mike kafka or kevin kolb. jeff garcia was who he was before playing in philly, and andy got rid of him and kept mcnabb after garcia rallied the team to the playoffs. while he and mcnabb were successful, other factors were less noted but equally important, such as a weak nfc east (and nfc overall), and jim johnson’s defense.

    so to those thinking he can instantly make kevin kolb a starting nfl quarterback, good luck on that. he couldn’t do it in the four years he had him before, as andy abandoned his four year plan and went with vick after kolb was clocked by matthews in his first game as a starter.

    two things arizona better figure out is how to keep horton, as andy hasn’t had any success on that side of the ball in a while. they also better get a draft guru, not tom heckert. andy doesn’t judge talent very well (taking freddy mitchell instead of reggie wayne, wasted second and third rounders every year, installing bums like maccho harris and the less talented matthews brother as starters when they are at best special teamers, failure to field an nfl quality safety since dawkins was jettisoned).

  39. Rooney rule is a good rule, in most cases, it means that teams will be open minded to other options, not just hiring retreads. Owners aren’t that creative when it comes to hiring new coaches.

  40. Andy is a good coach but do not give him the GM title.if it was not for Vick , Andy be still in Philly. Loosing his assistance coaches took a toll on him(brad childress, spag, pat shurmer,harbough,Sean mcdermit,ron Rivera,dirk juron,leslie fraiser) then jjim Johnson to cancer. He lost all these assistants after 2005 , he tried to fix it by bringing Jim was burn in n he was a cancer in the locker room. Was burn used call Juan junitha in front of players ,guess he wanted the DC job so he was trying to under estimate Juan castello, Juan is a good coach n good man. I guess the players did not wanted to play for him especially d-line so Andy had no choice but let him go after bye week, still was burn did not get the gig and after that it was a jail break until babin and was burn was let go. If any had never brought Vicki and wash burn in he had be still in Philly. If cards hire him you getting a good coach n Fitzgerald will be best wr in the league.

  41. Arizona has some pieces in place, esp defensively and maybe Reid can save Kolb. He traded up and over-drafted him, there must be something he likes. After the yr Reid has had, personally and professionally, why not step back and take a year or two off and decompress. He can’t need the money and it seems like 6-8 coaches turn over every yr, they’ll be other opportunities. Why jump right back in?

  42. If Andy gets this job and brings Juan Castillo to fix the O-line and keeps Horton to run the defense the Cardinals will win a Super Bowl way before the Eagles will.

  43. I don’t think there would be a better fit than Andy Reid with the Cardinals. They have a lot of talent and pieces in place for his offense.

    Hope this gets done quickly, Reid is class act and the GM in Philly deviated from their formula of winning, and tried to buy a Super Bowl the past 2 years. Patriots and Giants have the road map to success and that is player development and scouting.

  44. I do not understand some of these eagles fans are on these board. Andy took a 3-13 team around went playoff 9 years , 1 sub,5 nfc title games. Came close to winning sub, respect the man instead of calling him names. You got your wish,he is gone because he was not a big talker but the man move on.why you all scared that he is going to win a title before the eagles?

  45. Sarcasm peeps…. guess i shulda Specified that…ahaha…… the R-Rule is juust another ridiculous thing from the Left

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