Report: Cleveland, Buffalo to interview Syracuse coach Doug Marrone

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Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone is already proving to be a hot commodity among teams looking for their next head coach.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Marrone has interviews scheduled with both the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills.

The Browns are looking to fill both their head coaching and general manager positions after firing Pat Shurmur and Tom Heckert on Monday. Cleveland is hoping to hire a head coach before addressing their general manager position.

Buffalo is looking to fill their coaching vacancy after firing Chan Gailey.

Marrone returned to his alma mater to lead Syracuse after serving for three season as the offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints. Marrone inherited a team that went 3-9 in 2008 and has taken them to a bowl game twice in four seasons. Syracuse went 8-5 in 2012 with a 38-14 win in the Pinstripe Bowl over West Virginia.

28 responses to “Report: Cleveland, Buffalo to interview Syracuse coach Doug Marrone

  1. If I was Doug Marrone I wouldn’t even bother. The job is Nick Saban’s. All of this is to make it look like had hasn’t already decided to take the job already. It’s a PR move. I’m not saying tthe Marrone won’t get a job. But, he won’t be getting this one

  2. I’d rather have Lovie Smith. The reason I say that is because he can do wonders with our D-Line. Draft a LB like Te’o and the defense will be ready to compete hard. All they need is a QB, which will be addressed in the draft.

    I guess that is why it’s being reported Lovie Smith is interested in the Cardinals and Bills job.

  3. Oh good, the two teams that would benefit the most from coaches with extensive NFL HC experience and good records of performance are instead opting to try and bring in another guy with minimal to no NFL HC experience.

  4. I’m from Syracuse.. I clearly remember him stating that HC of Syracuse was his “dream job”… so if that’s true.. then what would Buffalo or Cleveland be? Would his heart be in it? Personally… I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Buffalo.. but die hard ‘Cuse fans wouldn’t take it well.

  5. When will you learn Buffalo. Wade Phillips, Greg Williams, Mike Mularkey, Dick Jauron, Chan Gailey. It’s been 13 years since we made the playoffs. The coordinators and college coaches you hire aren’t working. Hire a coach with some head coaching experience not a college coach that went 8-5 in the Big East. Give me a break! How is he any better?

  6. Browns will never be relevant in the NFL again…

    Blow it up and remodel the franchise.

  7. I hope he doesn’t come to Cleveland. We need someone that’s had success as a head coach in the NFL or else we’ll keep switching coaches every two years. We keep hiring people we aren’t sure if we trust and after a couple years decide we can’t trust them.

  8. Happy New Years to all the PFT’ers. I hope you all have a great year, even if I cant stand your opinions.

  9. Marrone would be a good hire for any team. Looking at his overall record at Syracuse wouldn’t say so but the guy is a hell of a coach. What he did this year and the way he developed Nassib was impressive. He’s really developed into a good coach.

  10. I kind of want the Browns to do SOMETHING to become relevant, I am by no means a fan but it is embarrassing to the league to have such a consistent blemish on what is a brand that is always preaching parody

  11. 25-25 in 4 years qualifies as an NFL head coach credentials? Tell me I’m dreamimg.

  12. I hope he is more than just an Offensive guru. Buffalo needs a Coach who knows his Defense and Offense for a change.

  13. Doesn’t seem to fit the criteria that Haslam laid out for their coach. All words and no substance.

  14. Marrone seems like a good fit for NFL HC. The Browns are aggressively rebuilding. The Bills are…well, we don’t know what the Bills are doing.

    If I were a winning coach, I gravitate to the place that gives me the best chance to do it.

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