Report: Redskins considering extension for Mike Shanahan

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The Redskins are preparing for their first playoff game since Mike Shanahan took over as the team’s head coach and a report by Mark Maske of the Washington Post suggests they are also preparing to reward Shanahan for taking them there.

Maske reports that the team is “seriously considering” giving Shanahan an extension during the offseason. Shanahan signed a five-year deal when he became the team’s coach in 2010, so there are still two years left on the initial deal and there’s discussion in the organization about whether to open up extension talks now or in a year. Per Maske’s sources, it looks more likely that they’ll do it this offseason.

Neither Shanahan or the Redskins commented on the report, which also indicates that the Redskins would hold off on any talks until after they are done playing this season.

Shanahan had a 14-27 record with the Redskins after the first nine games of this season, the point that Shanahan decided to make his famous comments about evaluating the team for the future. They’ve won seven games and the NFC East title since then, which has put Shanahan in position to extend his stay in Washington for a few more years.

20 responses to “Report: Redskins considering extension for Mike Shanahan

  1. What’s the rush? Why do the Redskins always think they need to run up to people with fists full of cash. Shanahan isn’t going anywhere if he doesn’t get extended. In fact the Redskins should make sure this season wasn’t a one year fluke first.

  2. Agree with jakec4, why do the skins feel like they need to offer fists full of cash when they enjoy a small bit of success? They did this with Gregg Williams a few years back, and will do it with kyle shanahan I’m guessing.

  3. Im the biggest homer skins fan around but i hate how this always happens. Just chill snyder. Everyone wanted him fired 2 months ago.

  4. I am a big Shanahan fan, the dad not so much the son. But I see this as just a way for Slimy Dan Snyder to get his name back in the news. Skins won the East for the first time in 13 years and the talk should only be about the players, the coaches and the next game. But that little slimeball has his people float this contract talk out there so people will want to ask him about it. Hail to the Redskins, Seahawks are going to be a tough game.

  5. This is the same Shanahan that was quoted saying he was packing THIS season in to evaluate young talent for next year. Shanahan gets a ton of credit for inheriting that Denver team and hasn’t done much but be mediocre after those first two years, albeit Super Bowl wins.

    Slow it down Washington. See how the playoffs go. And next year then regroup and evaluate how much of this is him.

  6. It’s funny how a franchise quarterback makes this has-been seem like a genius again.

    This is what’s wrong with too many teams in the NFL; someone *couch* Mark Sanchez*cough* has a decent season, and before they can really show any consistency, a team extends their contract and throws buckets full of cash at them, for achieving little more than above-mediocrity, and gets stuck with a long term contract that pays way more than market value.

    Shanahan has taken four years just to reach the playoffs, people, he hasn’t accomplished anything more than that, and people are right that this only happened because of the slide in New York and the mess that’s become the Iggles.

    Let’s see Shanahan make a couple of good playoff runs before showering him with money, please.

  7. golonger says:
    Jan 1, 2013 11:07 AM
    This is hilarious, but great. Just assures mediocrity for the Redskins for years to come!
    It’s his 3rd season and I’m positive that the Shanny’s, RG3 and Morris will do a great job keeping this team above the rest!!! Enjoy watching.

  8. justafanofitall says:

    I’d give it a year. He only went to the playoffs because of Giants slide in December.
    No skin in the game here, but from the outside, it looks to me like the Redskins’ seven-game winning streak may have had something to do with their being in the playoffs.

    As for a contract extension, what’s the hurry? Can’t this wait until after the season?

  9. It’s his 3rd year and give him alot of credit, he’s changed alot of personnel besides the qb position. Look at Kerrigan, Cofield, Bowen, Morris, Garçon, Trent Williams and so on. I would wait before giving him an extension but he deserves alot of credit. Jim Zorn left this guy an absolute mess!!

  10. This is a leak so that Kyle Shanahan will leave for a HC job. If his Dad gets an extension it’d be tougher for him to hang around if not paid handsomely.

  11. Mike Shanahan recently stated that his coaches should focus on the playoffs rather than chasing the money for a head coach job. He said wait until the offseason. So my message to Shanahan would be follow your own advice. There is plenty of time to work on your contract after the season is over.

  12. Shanarat and his son are set up in Washington for the next 10 years. Why would son not wait 2-3 years to take over the skins and have a guaranteed Franchise QB in his prime which most HC job openings do not have? Kyle helped build the skins and will get credit for their success now and the future.

    The contract extension would have provisions to pave the way for the Kyle to take over after the skins win a Super Bowl.

    But that’s just how I see it.

  13. Need to pay Kyle like an entry level Head Coach so he won’t leave. Once the Skins win a superbowl or two then hand the reigns over to Kyle.

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