Rob Ryan “never blinked” but Jason Garrett won’t say if he’ll return


The subject of play calling on both sides of the ball came up during Cowboys coach Jason Garrett’s year-end press conference on Monday.

Garrett shot down the notion that he would bring in someone else to handle the offensive play calls that have remained Garrett’s responsibility since he was promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach. He was less forthcoming about who would be handling things on the defensive side of the ball.

Garrett did not say whether or not Rob Ryan would return for a third year as the team’s defensive coordinator. Ryan’s defense ranked in the bottom half of the league in both points and yards allowed, a performance that was impacted by the loss of several key players to injury over the course of the season. Garrett complimented Ryan’s handling of “the challenges” he faced this season.

“If you think about the number of guys we lost on defense — starting, marquee players who are just simply out — and the other guys who are battling through injuries and the challenges he had bringing guys from the practice squad up, from off the street and on our team and literally playing them two days later, that happened a number of different times, and I thought he did a really good job managing that situation,” Garrett said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We had to make adjustments in our schemes to try to fit to what these guys are capable of doing, and it was challenging. There’s no question about it. But he never blinked.”

While there is a fine line between doing “a really good job managing that situation” and doing a really good job overall, it doesn’t sound like the Cowboys are convinced they need to change coaches to find the defensive improvement they’ll need in 2013. If they remain unconvinced, Ryan will have a chance to prove injuries were the defense’s biggest problem this year.

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  1. Take it easy on Rob Ryan…It isn’t easy stopping the High-Powered Redskins offense!!! This isn’t the same ol’ Redskins team anymore……

    Gosh it felt good to say that

  2. I know everybody wants to fire Garrett. It’s easy to fire somebody. But then you have to get someone to take his place who can improve the situation. That’s not easy because:
    1. The next person has to be better.
    2. They have to want to come to Dallas.

    And if you find somebody like that, the other 8 teams want him, too. Good luck with that.

  3. not ryan or garretts fault. get rid of romo. problem solved. how many coaches need to be fired before you realise its not the coaches but the bonehead turnover machine that is tony romo.

  4. what marquee names? Lee? ok who else?? Redskins defense is without both starting safeties, RAK, starting defense end …you dont hear them making excuses..I believe the saying is “Next man Up”…..Hats off to the Redskins for adding capable back-ups….

  5. Garrett stays – love the smart guys he’s drafting ( S Lee) and the culture he has developed. ( note: Josh Brent accident happens no matter who’s coaching)
    Ryan stays – who did he have left? This defense will be top 3 next year with our Briggs/ Urlacher duo of Lee / Carter with Carr and Claiborne in the secondary. OMG! I can’t wait. And now, drum roll please… Bring in Norv to be the play caller JG! Norv Turner to Dallas for OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR. !!!!!!!

  6. Garret / Ryan for coaches of the year for coaching up all these guys off the street. Never seen a team so decimated with injuries still have a chance at the tournament. Oh my, if the boys can stay healthy!

  7. Rob Ryan doesn’t throw picks with the game on the line. I despise the Ryan’s but I think Rob did a good job this year

  8. Dallas has four major problems ~ Garrett, Ryan, Romo, and Jones. The first three are fixable but not the fourth ~ ~ soooo, Dallas will continue with four major problems. It doesn’t matter who holds the HC or coorinator positions, Problem #4 will ensure mediocrity simply because as a football person, Jerry is mediocre. Good money manager but horrible GM and that will not change for it would require admitting a mistake ~ and Jerry Jones never makes a mistake. Ask him for verification.

  9. Don’t blame Rob Ryan for the Cowboys season. The fault lies at the feet of Jason Garrett. I have been a Boys fan ever since Coach Landry. And I cannot another year of Jason Garrett. He was a lousy quarterback and a worst coach. The only reason he got the job is because he’s a good “yes” man. And finally Romo is done. Stick a fork in him. His best days have gone bye. So it’s time for him to go. Let’s get Tebow!!!

  10. injuries are the worst excuse, every team has them. They did a poor job of handling them. they should have a freakin limit on how many times they show this guy on TV, it is absolutely sickening.

  11. Wow! Injuries? Seriously? Haslett lost two starting safeties ,cornerback, outside linebacker and defensive end. It’s called coaching that’s what they get pad to do. Rob needs to realize he s not that great of a coach and go bye-bye. Wait!! What am I saying? Please keep the status quo in Dallas?

    A concerned redskins fan.

  12. Rob Ryan is not the Cowboys problem. The problem is Tony Romo and Jason Garrett’s vanilla playcalling! You get a turnover and wind up on the opponents 29 yard line you TAKE A SHOT AT THE ENDZONE. what do they do? Lose yardage on a run, pass on 2nd and 3rd downs. Every Cowboys game I’ve seen I’ve been able to call what they’d do next. Piss Poor Situational Football.

  13. both Ryan brother’s will be out of
    league in a year or two they are the
    most overated coaches I have ever seen if it weren’t for there dad buddy Ryan’s these two idiots wouldn’t even be coaching pop Warner league.

  14. OK he had injuries on defense so did everyone else blah blah blah. Ryan still had some really good players available that didn’t perform at a very high level. Their tackling was a joke and that is pretty fundamental. On a regular basis they had break downs in coverage and responsibilities. Defenders often look confused.

    I’ve seen enough of Ryan and Garrett!

  15. Giants fan here that doesn’t fear the cowgirls defense under loudmouth Ryan at all. Usually safe to take the over playing against Dallas. I hope Rob Ryan stays.

  16. The press and others make Romo, Garrett, Ryan, and “their marquis players” to be more than their average performance (8 and 8). This is what was predicted by honest experts before the season began and they were right. Garrett and Ryan need to go. Why? Because Romo and his offense scored more points in the 4th quarter this year in their final seven games (not including the last one) than any other team in NFL history during a 7-game span. They are always behind. They don’t prepare their game plans worth a hoot. Children raised by woplves would have prepared for Washington’s running game after RGIII hurt his knee and reduced his mobility. Get rid of the coaches and you’ll get better. It’s not Romo.

  17. 561bengal says:
    Jan 1, 2013 10:32 AM
    Ryan is not a horrible coach. He just thinks he is better than he is.


    He’s a good coach, he got a win over the Patriots when Mangini was there…he just never had the personnel he had in previous stops.

  18. Romo deserves the heat he takes. He comes up short in the big games, but he is not our only problem. If we had a head coach with some emotion and that can discipline this team like a Gruden, Tomlin, Parcells, etc, they could light a fire under them and hold them accountable for their play. There is no accountability in Dallas right now. Ryan talks a lot but when the defense was healthy early on, they were pretty good. The backups brought in weren’t that great, nor is our OL or DL. I’d vote for Norv for OC if they insist on keeping Garrett. And bring in OL and DL help this off season.

  19. I watched Ryan in cleveland and Dallas. Never cracked the top 15 in defense. I truely believe he lives off the Ryan name but is a disposable DC like the 25 others in the NFL.

    The problem in todays’s game is we have too few great coordinators on both sides.

    Offense- The Shanahans, Kubiak, Mcdaniel, Arians, P. Manning, Mccarthy, Sean Payton, Reid, maybe Norv
    Defense- Lovie Smith, Rex Ryan, D. Lebeau,

    These guys have proven in different places that their coaching will improve a teams off/def rankings. Rob Ryan is an not in this class and I wish people would stop putting him there.

  20. The impressive thing with Ryan’s defense is, he wasn’t doing it with backups. This wasn’t the case that the 1st stringers went out and the 2nd stringer stepped in. Ryan got decent work from guys who weren’t even in football at the time they were called up.

    Next year, depending on FA, we stand a real chance of having 3 or 4 of our LBs in the ProBowl.

  21. Regardless of how impressive Ryan’s effort was with no-name players, this team needs to crap the 3-4 and go back to traditional 4-3 defense. The 4-3 is much friendlier to substitution and rotation. It doesn’t require the specialize hybrid players that the 3-4 does.

    The 3-4 is like the vanilla offense Dallas ran in the SB years – as long as you have the most dominant personnel the scheme works. When you don’t, then the scheme is exposed. With the longer season and more exposure to injury it’s better to use a scheme that is more flexible with personnel.

  22. The people saying get rid of Romo are idiots we have no one to replace him. Hes our best chance to win and if we got him a decent o-line you would see the mistakes go WAY down hes a top 5 QB in the league

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