Russ Brandon takes over in Buffalo


When Bills CEO Russ Brandon met in Detroit on Monday with 94-year-old owner Ralph Wilson, it was believed that Brandon would getting his marching orders from Wilson.

As it turns out, Wilson gave Brandon the ability to give marching orders.

Per multiple reports, Brandon will become the team’s new president, with full authority to do anything and everything that needs to be done in connection with the football operation.  Also, Buddy Nix will remain the G.M., but eventually Nix will yield the title to Doug Whaley, an assistant G.M. who is believed to be on various short lists for G.M. jobs elsewhere.

Brandon will essentially be operating as a surrogate owner, like Mike Holmgren recently did in Cleveland.

The move comes at a time when it previously wasn’t clear who would was calling the shots in Buffalo.  Finally, we know the answer, which officially will be announced at a noon press conference.

And the answer will remain accurate until the Wilson family sells the team and a new owner takes over and inevitably cleans house, Jimmy Haslam-style.

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  1. Don’t care for Brandon but it’s better having a younger guy who is always there over someone in their 90’s who is always away from the team because of health. Hopefully they can bring a good staff in, draft some good players, and put an end to that playoff drought.

  2. wow…talk about a step backwards. not what i expected but as a bills fan i can’t say i’m surprised. it will never get better under this ownership

  3. Too bad for buffalo. This franchise will remain in
    Limbo and continue it’s losing ways. No real,concrete structure means no real direction or growth.

  4. Glad to hear it about Whaley.

    And while Nix has taken the team from shouldn’t-be-on-the-field to could-have-been-in-the-playoffs, not drafting a QB last year was a major oversight.

    Especially since we traded UP to get TJ Graham instead of that guy that Seattle drafted. You know, that guy who tied Peyton’s rookie QB TD record?

  5. Don’t buy the negativity…this is a good move.

    The coach that gets hired will be the real indicator of how things are going to be under Brandon and Whaley.

    Nix is essentially just a scout at this point until he walks after the draft, and I thank him for what he’s done.

    Get us a QB in this draft and we’ll be in good shape.

  6. “with full authority to do anything and everything that needs to be done in connection with the football operation”

    Including moving the team to LA?

  7. This is exactly what I said three Bills posts ago. Nix will give up his spot for Whaley and Ralph will be stepping down as team President. I think it is a good strong move. Brandon will do a fine job, as will Whaley. Go Bills!!!! #BillsMafia

  8. The team is safe. Does any body listen or read the news. You fans are ridiculous. Buddy said he will put a franchise quarterback in place before he leaves. He knows he took the bait on Fitz and basically admitted it. Let’s see were this goes. This could be the start of something good. It’s Buddy’s job to bring players in. The coach has to get under the players skin and get them to play there best. Gailey was to much of a friend.

  9. The move isnt as bad as what it seems, the guy has been around the Bills for YEARS, not to mention, he’s much younger, im expecting R.B. to move us into a positive direction

  10. The team needs to get sold so the franchise can move on. Rather than improving it seems like they are content in just spinning their tires.

  11. Not sure why everyone thinks a new QB is going to come in and change this teams fortunes around. As long as the man under center is throwing to Donald Jones, Brad Smith, TJ Graham, David Nelson, Ruvell Martin, etc then this team will not get any better. Stevie Johnson is a solid #2 receiver, but he is not going to help us win games until there is a stud WR on the other side of him. Id like to see us move back in the draft and grab Keenan Allen or Robert Woods. This has been a glaring hole for TOO TOO LONG!

  12. @coseybedaman are you serious? Everyone thinks a qb will change this teams fortune because you need a good qb to be good in this league. It’s the reason Indy went from 2-14 to 11-5 and the redskins went from 5-11 to 10-6..the steelers giants saints packers colts and patriots won super bowls because they have franchise qb’s. if you think a number 2 receiver is more important than a qb that’s ridiculous

  13. Anyone notice the majority of the original AFL teams are run like crap now?Oakland,San Diego,Buffalo,Tennessee,Kansas City, the Jets.Only New England and Denver have a clue now.

  14. Ralph Wilson doesn’t know if he is at One Bills Drive or K-Mart!!!

    Brandon is a bust! They will get another no name coach on the cheap as always!

    The Bills will also pick up another has been broken down free agent like Michael Vick so they could sell tickets!

    Also the Bills will waste there draft pick or picks on busts instead of getting a QB!

    Sports reporters in Buffalo are scared to report real facts & tell it the way it us about how the Bills are terrible each year!

    Ralph Wilson will still think Fitz is the answer when he stinks!

    It is hard to be optimistic in Buffalo as long as Ralph Wilson keeps making bad decisions!

  15. MyTeamsAllStink says:

    Anyone notice the majority of the original AFL teams are run like crap now?Oakland,San Diego,Buffalo,Tennessee,Kansas City, the Jets.Only New England and Denver have a clue now.
    It goes in cycles. All eight, including even lowly KC, have had their days in the sun. All have been in Super Bowls, all have won Super Bowls, AFL titles, or both. Denver was crap for the first 15 years of their existence, the Pats had some miserable years, Buffalo have two AFL titles and the four SB appearances, Oakland has multiple SB wins. The Jets and Chiefs won SBs, albeit over 40 years ago.

  16. So, basically, Russ Brandon is planning his own funeral ceremony? Wow. This is a huge surprise from a team who gave $100 million to a FAT BOY picture.

  17. I’m gonna take this for what it is, a step in a different direction. No more Ralph Wilson not jumping the gun on an opportunity to make this team better. Russ Brandon will be more aggressive.

    And to the people saying the Bills are going to LA, good luck. I doubt group is going to want to pay the 400 million its gonna take to break the lease with the stadium. On top of the other expenses it takes to actually move a team. On top of the money to build a stadium, laughable. Bills are here to stay.

  18. At least they drafted CJ Spiller. Basically the only reason I tuned in to any games after thanksgiving. I like Gilmore too. He had a tough time week one, then some BS pass interference penalties in Foxboro, but other than that can’t think of a rookie in a bills uniform that contributed as much as he did in the past decade.

  19. As a longtime Bills fan I believe people need to view this in the context of a 94 year old owner who no longer can or wants to lead an NFL franchise he chose to place in Buffalo and keep in Buffalo any longer. I see this move as a transitional move to new ownership for the Buffalo Bills in the near future to keep the Bills in Buffalo. Brandon’s role will be to help facilitate that without “blowing up” the whole thing again now and again in the near future. He will be “rewarded” in some capacity by the new owner(s) for being the pivot-man in this pivital role. Nix will transist the GM position to Doug Whaley soon. The key to how high-a-profile coach they hire will depend on how much power they will give him on personnel matters and subsequently impact the long term role of Whaley as GM. ” Potential” new ownership that may have Brandon’s ear now may be key in guiding his decision on that choice. Stay tuned…

  20. Read the last sentence of the article! Anyone who is with the team when they get sold will probably get canned. How’s that for a secure future? Let’s all hop on that train, it’s crossing the River Kwai!

  21. So the Bills are staying in house again huh ? Great,,these guys were all in agreement to hire Chan Gailey a few years back,,,they saw him as the answer. The org lacks vision

  22. This is a joke and another chapter in the sad history of the Bills now. A Markeing guy running the show. Russ Brandon reminds me of the shady lawyer that hangs around the elderly rich old man that gets him to change his will and put him down as the sole beneficiary. Well when they trot our Russ Grimm as the new coach and beg for patience and time I will then. You know what the sad part is , like Gailey said in his press conference. Buffalo is a football town and we deserve better. We have support a bad organization for a decade. Some teams start to lose and the fans bolt. Try losing for 15 years. You know what this feel like is the movie Major league. Where they trying to run the team into the ground on purpose so they could sell it. They will move the Bills some day and they will blame the fans for not support them. Bottom line this sucks!

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