Ryan Broyles wants to find out how Adrian Peterson rehabbed his ACL


The Lions and Vikings are divisional rivals, but Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles hopes that sharing an alma mater with Adrian Peterson makes the Vikings running back open to helping out a player from Detroit.

Broyles tore the ACL in his right knee in early December and said Monday that he hopes his fellow former Sooner will give him some advice about how to handle the recovery process. Peterson tore his ACL on Christmas Eve 2011 and became a remarkable rehab success story by going on to run for more yards this season than anyone but Eric Dickerson has ever run for in one NFL season.

“Definitely need to talk to him and see how he came back from his ACL as well,” Broyles said, via the Detroit Free Press. “There’s a lot of guys who’ve been in the same situation, so I just have a stepping-stone ahead of me.”

Broyles has his own experience with coming back from a torn ACL after tearing his left one during his final year at Oklahoma. He missed the first three games of this season before he was healthy enough to get back on the field. Once he did, Broyles had 22 catches for 310 yards and two touchdowns for a Lions team that needed reliable options other than Calvin Johnson this season.

24 responses to “Ryan Broyles wants to find out how Adrian Peterson rehabbed his ACL

  1. The answer is to be in great physical condition BEFORE you get hurt.

    Hard work is an “all the time” thing. Not saying Broyles isn’t that kinda guy but Adrian came back because he was so strong before his knee was tore up.

  2. Being strong has nothing to do with ligaments in fact being too strong is what helps in tearing ligaments hence why guys who take peds break down after a period of time

  3. adrian peterson, is the terminator. the fact that he didnt go 1 in o7, is the appitamy of what a joke the raiders organization is, they couldve at least went with megatron.

  4. What are all of you naysayers going to say or do when AP tests clean? Start on some other rant that he’s shooting up, snorting, sniffing, smoking, or injecting some other crap? Get over it, can’t a guy be a freak, and be great without some blip on the radar like you try and tear him down or bring him to your level?

    Alfred Morris couldn’t carry AP’s jock!

  5. Well, first of all, AD is not human…..he’s more robot than Megatron is for crying out loud. Best thing Broyles can do is put in relentless work which I’m sure MVPeterson did, and hope for the best. Good luck Broyles.

  6. Hard work, dedication and determination!! When he tore his knee up during his rookie season, just to get used to the feeling of wearing a knee brace so he could play he wore the brace 24/7 so it wouldn’t bother him. I had to wear a brace a few years ago and it wasn’t comfortable at all and kept taking it off just for a few minutes of comfort, but not him, he wore it non-stop because he was determined to play and not let it bother him, and it didn’t slow him one bit.

  7. We have seen this before in baseball, where people all of a sudden do what has never been done before. Its simple, HGH. I would call Terrell Suggs for advice too, as I have never ever heard of such a recovery from an Achilles…

    Fool me once.

  8. Look at all the dilusional fans thinking he’s a freak, super hero or whatever. Yes, hard work, but a kick tail pharmacist is the deciding factor here in this case! Don’t kid yourselves he’s only human, and humans only heal so fast.

  9. Can’t believe the haters on here. AP is as humble as they come and has a increible faith….and work ethic. So many of you could learn a lot from him. Accusing him of drug use is sickening……like he never gets tested. Just stop.

  10. Did anyone even follow the articles on him this offseason with his rehab? He was working. And then when he was done working, he worked some more. Then after that, he did some work.

    The kid is genetically gifted to have an incredible physique. And a major reason that he is putting up more yardage after the injury as opposed to before it is the amount of touches he’s seeing. He is the whole show.

  11. Broyles could always look to his team mate Leshoure and see how he did it. He did miss a season, but he came back pretty strong. Now AD on the other hand just isn’t human. AD is a beast of a man and should have gotten that all time record. Despite the fact that he tore his ACL.

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