Worried about Akers in playoffs, 49ers sign Cundiff


Going into the playoffs with a shaky kicker in David Akers, the 49ers signed Billy Cundiff Tuesday.

What could possibly go wrong?

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, Cundiff was signed after a workout Tuesday, though there was no word of the corresponding roster move.

Maiocco also points out that they’re keeping Akers for the moment, and will let them compete in practice.

Cundiff was released by the Ravens this offseason after missing a potential game-tying 32-yard field goal in last year’s AFC Championship Game.

He was immediately signed by the Redskins, but they cut him after he made 7-of-12 field goals.

Akers is in the midst of a slump, 29-of-42 this season (69.0 percent), his worst mark since 1999.

49 responses to “Worried about Akers in playoffs, 49ers sign Cundiff

  1. I’m with the other Harbaugh camp but have a lot of respect for San Fran, and don’t want to see anything bad happen to them. Cundiff coming to town qualifies as something bad happening to them. The guy is not finished missing kicks yet.

  2. We all know Billy excels in clutch moments. In all seriousness I wasn’t one who believed once rattled always rattled but that seems to be the case with Cundiff. He didn’t look good in camp and then struggled again with the Redskins.

  3. As a Redskin fan…let me assure you. There is no chance Cundiff ever kicks for the 49 er’s. They are lighting a fire under Akers. If Cundiff ever see’s the field…consider your season over.

  4. Really Cundiff?

    The Niners took for granted last year that Akers bailed them out hitting 78% of his 50+ kicks when was was barely 48% from that range with the eagles.

    His 40-49 range accuracy this year and last are essentially same about 55%. Both are drop offs from his previous 70% accuracy.

  5. This is going to be EPIC..Last year Cundiff screws up John at AFC title game with his missed FG, this time its going to be his brother Jim..Cundiff might turn out to be the Harbaug family` worst nemesis..Football gods have wicked sense of humor!!

  6. As a Ravens fan, when I saw “Worried about Akers in playoffs, 49ers sign Cundiff”, I spit out my coffee and laughed.

    Don’t stop worrying, Niners!

  7. Shank Vs Shankier – not good for 49ers as the playoffs approach. This is a move a less arrogant coach would have made when Akers was missing them regularly

  8. In all fairness though Cundiff’s missed kick would have only sent the Ravens into overtime. I’m sure the two brothers talked about Cundiff before the 49ers even bothered. Cundiff stinks but he has kicked in the playoffs and didn’t miss all of them Jim calling John to say “Hey, how about that Lee Evans?” surely would have been a different conversation.

  9. This is what good coaching does! He owes the whole team, not the kicker. Cundiff helped my Patriots last year, but Niners just need a healthy kicker.

  10. Cundiff can’t make it through the posts over 50 yards (0/1 in ’10, 1/6 in ’11, 0/2 in ’12) and can’t kick in clutch situations. I don’t get to watch the 49ers much, but is Cundiff an improvement?

    If so, sorry.

  11. Cundiff was not released in the offseason. He was in a kicking competition the entire preseason camp and was only cut in the final round of roster cuts after losing out to Tucker.

  12. Good news- Cundiff did have a highlight with the Skins by kicking the game winning kick against Tampa early in the season. Bad news- He was 1 of 4 that day

  13. Honestly, they waited too long to make a move.

    Should have signed Josh Brown a month ago, and allowed Akers to get “healthy”.

    With making this move, it will be Akers, and Jim & Trent will face the music on their indecision. Cause other than Cundiff, choices were Rackers and Longwell; they both lack depth on kick offs.

  14. John Harbaugh must be pissed at his brother.

    I can’t see Harbs or Shanny or anybody that’s seen Cundiff kick in the last 12 months recommending him.

    Believe me and all Ravens fans when I say that missed chip shot at Foxborough last January is STILL in his head.

  15. Adding one choker for one in a slump……Not a good move. Suspect this is designed to get Akers fired up and not really going to start him.

  16. redassranch says: Jan 1, 2013 7:07 PM

    Honestly, they waited too long to make a move.

    Should have signed Josh Brown a month ago, and allowed Akers to get “healthy”.

    With making this move, it will be Akers, and Jim & Trent will face the music on their indecision. Cause other than Cundiff, choices were Rackers and Longwell; they both lack depth on kick offs.
    And at this point when saying they will carry both it would have made more sense to take one of the others. Let Rackers or Longwell split uprights and shorter shots While Akers handled kickoffs and any necessary from 50+. Akers is hanging them left. The team should be aware of that by now and trying to set him up from the right hash to begin with

  17. I got stressed out every time Cundiff attempted a kick during his short time with the Redskins. He cost us at least one game. At the same time, I found myself pulling for him to get another short somewhere. He has been a good kicker at times and was great with kickoffs.

    I think a lot of the problems with Cundiff are mental. He and Tony Romo need to both have a good chat with Dr. Phil and find a way to forget about the bad things that happened to them on the field in the past. Then they can both help their respective teams.

  18. Apparently the Harbaugh brothers never watch movies…if they did they would know that they would know what a “Finkel” is. Cundiff “finkeled” the kick in Foxboro last year and has now resurfaced in San Francisco. I’m thinking one Harbaugh brother is trying to sabotage the other!

  19. The reason Akers was available to the Niners in the first place was because he missed two makeable FG in the 2010 Wild Card round. Those came in a 21-16 loss to Green Bay.

  20. Replacing one bad kicker with another bad kicker is the worst possible decision for a Super Bowl contender! The Jets are trying out Havard Rugland, the YouTube Norwegian sensation, and there is no reason in the world that SF shouldn’t just offer this kid a ton of money and get him out there on the field. Hells bells! Morten Andersen out of retirement would be better than Cundiff!

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