Add Tom Clements to the Bears coaching candidate list


The Bears lost to the Packers twice this season and they are interested in talking to one of the guys responsible for running the offense in Green Bay about their head coaching job.

David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears asked permission to interview Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements, which is a formality since teams are required to allow their coordinators to interview for head coaching jobs. Clements, who won a national title as Notre Dame’s quarterback in 1973 and the CFL MVP in 1987, is in his first year as the team’s coordinator, moving up from quarterbacks coach after Joe Philbin became the head coach in Miami last offseason.

Given the clear message sent by General Manager Phil Emery on Tuesday that offensive failures were the reason why Lovie Smith is no longer the Bears coach, it’s not surprising that they have been linked with several offensive minds in their coaching search thus far. Clements, Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and Buccaneers offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan are all on their list of candidates.

Haugh points out that this isn’t the first time the Bears have tried to hire Clements. The Packers didn’t let them talk to him about their offensive coordinator position in 2010 — teams can block position coaches from interviewing for coordinator jobs — which led to the Bears hiring Mike Martz. They replaced Martz with Mike Tice for this season and none of it worked out well for the Bears offense, which is why they are back trying to talk to Clements right now.

9 responses to “Add Tom Clements to the Bears coaching candidate list

  1. Didn’t see this one coming…Tom Clements just became my new favorite candidate, both for his resume, and to stick it to Green Bay.

    Go Bears!

  2. as an Ottawa Canada resident I still remember the perfect throw he made to Tony Gabriel to win the 1976 Grey Cup… good luck Tom

  3. Great guy, he’s NOT Philbin, but he’s trying hard and the Packers’ offense is improving! They’re still winning despite scoring 14 PPG less than last year when Philbin was there, and I had hoped that in another year maybe he could have gotten the Pack back to their 2011 ways. But as a person he’s a good guy that deserves a shot!

  4. I’m still on the McCoy bandwagon, just because he is amazing at tailoring his scheme to his talent pool. That is exactly what the Bears need right now.

  5. the packers have a worse offensive line then the bears., with maybe better talent. unless the bears plan hard to get a new offensive line, think this would be another wasted year with this guy.

  6. I don’t want to minimalize the Packers OL woes, because what Rodgers does behind them is amazing but it’s really not that close.

    Bears’ OL was the worst in the league at the start of the season, and by the end, they had a couple of third stringers and practice squad guys. They were playing their benched right tackle at right guard for part of it.

    There were defensive lines playing bowl games yesterday that would have notched three sacks against the Bears.

  7. I want Greg Roman from the 49ers
    to be Head Coach in Chicago. just dont like the Packers and that system is getting old. Emery this Could be a bad move

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