Adrian Peterson says he’s healthy enough to play 12 more games

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson made a stunning recovery from a torn ACL to turn in one of the best seasons any running back has ever had. And although Peterson sat out practice today as he nurses an abdominal strain, he says he’s feeling as good as ever.

So when Peterson was asked today about potentially playing four more games in the postseason, he said he could do a whole lot more than that.

“I feel good,” Peterson said. “My body feels great. I can play for 12 more games if I had to, seriously.”

Peterson had a whopping 135 carries for 761 yards in the month of December, but he says he’s not sore and eager to get as many carries as he can when the Vikings open the playoffs on Saturday against the Packers.

“We’re definitely going to establish the run,” Peterson said.

The forecast for Saturday night in Green Bay calls for a low temperature of 16 degrees, and Peterson said he’s expecting it to be the coldest game he’s ever played in, acknowledging that “it doesn’t feel good” to get hit when you’re frozen. But Peterson is ready to take a lot more hits, for four more games — and he’d be willing to do even more than that.

46 responses to “Adrian Peterson says he’s healthy enough to play 12 more games

  1. Action speaks louder then words, and so far this year Im deaf from his actions. Dudes a flat out freak of nature.

  2. Well AD, ” it doesn’t feel good” to tackle a speeding freight train like you in the cold. Run it 35 times Saturday and carry us to victory!! Glad you feel great!

  3. He has actually run for 861 yards in December. Also, when he said it doesn’t feel good to get hit in the cold, he was referring to the Packer defenders. They’ll hit him once and then start diving out of the way.

  4. Since he knows exactly how many games hes healthy enough for I’m surprised he didn’t sit out the game he got injured in last year………

  5. He’s gonna need to run the ball 11 games worth of rushes if the Vikes have any hopes of advancing.

  6. Awsome player and unbelievable comeback from the surgery. He is worthy of being the MVP but with Manning also coming back from surgery and doing what he has, I doubt he gets full credit.

    I would have both be my MVP and comeback player(s) of the year……

  7. Gee AP, don’t let the players union hear that. They all assume the 18 game schedule would be disastrous yet here you are playing one of the most brutal positions, the most brutal runner there is, and you say you can play 13 more? HAHA, NFLPA, stick that one where it don’t shine!

  8. apooster says:
    Jan 2, 2013 5:47 PM
    Unofficial vote of readers:

    Thumbs up for Peterson for MVP.
    Thumbs down for Manning for MVP.


    You might get both in the Superbowl !
    And then both may win 1 each.

  9. Denver fan here. Peterson is the MVP and comeback player of the year. To come within spitting distance of the single season rushing record one year after he tore his ACL is beyond belief. Earlier this year I had called it a bad move for him to return as soon as he did. Peterson is simply a monster.

    This is truly a case for CO-MVPs, but if they give it to Peterson, he damn well deserves it.

  10. More like good to at least week 12 of next season. The packers are going down. Don’t care if they live in the cold weather, their run game is crap and that’s what you need in the elements.

  11. I’m sure all the players in the NFL feel the same way AP. Thats why I am recommending a new 28 game schedule for next season, which will start in August and run til April.

  12. Oh man. This guy won’t be young forever though, hope he takes care of himself. How many seasons can you carry the ball as many times as he has?

    Great spirit though, a great competitor and seems to have the mental/character part to go along with the physical.

    He should be MVP-has had incredible impact on his team.

    Manning as come-back player, he came back from farther away: four surgeries and a lost season.

    Settled? Good. Manning will also probably be Superbowl MVP anyway, Vikings are not playing in that game.

  13. So he’s healthy enough for 12 more games the rest of his playing career? That’s not long enough to even last a whole season.

  14. Alright. I need to hang out with AP this off-season, I need to add his work out plan to mine. Whatever he is doing is working.

  15. He is a beast. I sure hope that we don’t find out in the future that he’s pulled a Barry Bonds on us. People just don’t recover from that kind of surgery and perform like he has this year.

  16. I watched that Packer/Vikings game last week and it was one of the most entertaining NFL games of the year….kudos to both teams, should be a hellva rematch. The best part of the game was when Tramon Williams decided he wanted no part of Peterson on that one run and did his part to recreate the “parting of the Red Sea” LOL. Damn near fell off the couch laughing. Probably can’t blame Williams, I wouldn’t want to try and tackle a runaway bull that was heading right at me.

  17. I love how Minnesota is wearing this guy down to the max every year. 3 more years at most and he’ll be the next L.T. or Shawn Alexander.

    And A.P., don’t worry, you only have one game left this year. It’s tough to beat a team in consecutive weeks. And let’s be honest, you barely squeeked out a win on Sunday. That was far from a blowout, Viking fans.

  18. There’s only 2 packers that actually have the pair it takes to take on AP… Matthews and Raji… i’m pretty sure the first time AP breaks thru and get’s into the secondary on saturday night when it’s 10 degrees out, and he lowers those shoulders, and you hear that first big pop, that will be the end of the DB’s trying to take him on. He’s flat out a man playing with little boys out there. Some of his runs over his career are down right scary. He’s not afraid to throw people out of the way, run them over, you name it. And when he wants yards, it doesn’t matter if your wearing the other teams jersey or purple, he will run anyone over.

  19. As a Bears fan I have hated the Vikings for decades but I always enjoy watching Peterson play and he was a beast this year.

    What a recovery.

  20. hopefully well get to see 3 or 4 more years of him running like this….huge vikings fan here, but fan or not, this kind of guy comes along every 15 or 20 years……maybe

  21. This just in… AP tests positive to HGH. Oh, wait. There is no reliable test for HGH,other then comparing to a baseline. So, if he shot up just before each test (wow that’s expensive!!!) he would never test “positive.” Good thing it’s so good at healing you, it’s almost like a miracle.

    In other news, isn’t it amazing how quickly AP healed and how fresh he feels after 16 weeks of poundings? Indeed, he played at a record level for the month of December…

  22. BTW, I’m not hating on the guy at all. I get why he would make that choice, and if he can afford to do that and wants to, more power to him. Guys like him will drive down the price of the miracle healer and make it possible for use to afford it someday… When it’s legal.

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