Bears GM Phil Emery doesn’t expect Devin Hester to retire


After the Chicago Bears decided to fire head coach Lovie Smith on Monday, wide receiver/kick returner Devin Hester questioned whether he still wanted to play football.

Bears general manager Phil Emery believes Hester was just speaking emotionally and that he won’t be hanging up his cleats when it’s all said and done.

“Obviously, Devin’s under contract, so if he sent his retirement papers in, I would know,” Emery said, via Adam J. Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times. “But I don’t anticipate that. I think he’s a great competitor. I think that was an emotional situation that evoked an emotional response, and I certainly understand that.”

Hester took to twitter Tuesday to clarify his comments and said Smith’s firing wasn’t actually the catalyst for his feelings.

“Let me make myself clear the reason why I feel like retiring has nothing to do with Lovie Smith Getting fired,” Hester tweeted. “It’s hard to play this game when you’re not happy or having fun At what you love to do in life.”

Hester has struggled to be productive after making the conversion to wide receiver. Hester posted a pair of 50-catch seasons in 2008 and 2009 before seeing his production slide the last three seasons. His 23 catches this season were the second-lowest of his career while the 242 yards and one touchdown are his output in six seasons. Hester also failed to score a touchdown on special teams for the first time since 2009.

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  1. Devin, we have been questioning if you wanted to play given your performance and propensity to run backwards this year on each punt return. You were a great returner..stop being so sensitive and just start playing again,,,,learn the slot and you may get back into the line up on o, if you get Cutler to trust you. Be thankful you are getting paid millions to play football…

  2. Lovie put a lot of faith in Hester. Lovie thought Hester could be a top reciever in the league. The next coach will put Hester only on special teams where he belongs.

  3. Shut up Hester and learn to run a route first then catch the football.
    By the way… what happend to the
    kick returns FOR TOUCHDOWNS this season

  4. Sounds to me that he is not having as much fun because his production is down. Time for him to put in some extra time, not quit. Learn how to run a route, there is a good starting point. If it were as simple as just run fast, the raiders would never lose.

  5. Many have said that Hester isn’t the same anymore. That he isn’t even running north and south. Hester is REALLY good friends with Johnny Knox and when he saw Knox not able to hold his baby days after his gruesome injury I think Devin had a change of opinion on life in general.

    And there isn’t anything wrong with that BUT do what you got to do and don’t string a team along. I don’t think he’s a Bear next year regardless as his bonus is way too much money.

  6. Hester is feeling sorry for himself, because he has fallen off the charts. Go ahead, retire, you will probably be traded, or cut anyway.

  7. Too much emphasis on being happy in what you do. Maybe you just need to do the best job possible so you can keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Quit your crying, work hard and happiness will come if you make up your mind to be happy. What a ridiculous and immature statement. You’re young, you’re healthy, get out there and do the best job you can. Millions would trade places with you in a heartbeat.

  8. He was the best return man that I ever saw and every time the Bears were receiving a punt or kick off everyone would stop for a moment.
    He did not even have to field the kick for them to get great field position because the other teams were so afraid of kicking to him.
    But that was then and this is now.

    He has done nothing for some time and that money would be better spent on improving the O line or getting a TE that can actually catch.

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