Bills have interviewed Ken Whisenhunt


On Tuesday, we brought you a report that newly installed Bills president Russ Brandon is “fond” of former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt and that the team was expected to interview him as soon as Wednesday for their head coaching job.

The Bills website reports that the interview has taken place in Arizona. Brandon, General Manager Buddy Nix, Assistant General Manager Doug Whaley and senior vice president of football administration Jim Overdorf were all on hand for the interview. Whaley, who worked with Whisenhunt when both men were with the Steelers, spoke to the website about Whisenhunt.

“We go way back. We won some Super Bowls together so I have high regard for his coaching acumen,” Whaley said. “Personally I know him and we’ll see what happens. I know he’s got a lot of opportunities. We haven’t decided. We still have to figure out what we’re going to do, but I can provide some insight on how he performed when I was with him.”

Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton told reporters that he would also be meeting with the Bills on Wednesday and the Associated Press is reporting that Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy will interview with the team this weekend.


22 responses to “Bills have interviewed Ken Whisenhunt

  1. He definitely has the talent to coach someplace else this year. The big question is how much $$$ do the bills have left to put a good offense around this guy?

  2. Don’t want to be a Debbie Downer… but what’s his record in games NOT started by Kurt Warner? Honestly, I don’t know. Just wondering how much it factored into his 2 (out of 6) winning seasons.

  3. @superputman:

    Take a HOF’er away from any coach, esp one at QB and then ask them how many games they’d of won without them? Not a fair question. Hey Jimmy? Got those rings without Aikman? He’d say no.

    I wish Ken W. would go to JAX.

  4. Hey Whales, if you want to be a GM someday, I recommend you pickup a “Business Buzzwords/Phrases” book and get to work ASAP on doz oral skillz. The following statement should never be uttered by and NFL GM, “We still have to figure out what we’re going to do”. At a time when confidence in this administration is at an all time low, this does little to buoy that. May I suggest something more along the lines of this for your next on air soundbite, “we have a plan in place and are in the process of executing it.”.

  5. i seriously am hoping for Lovie, Horton or giving a chance to Chip… at least with Chip… it would be interesting and the other 2 would do wonders with The Bills defense… Ken scares with me with the problems that The Bills currently have at QB already… would Ken help or hinder The QB issue Bills currently have?

  6. superputman says: Jan 2, 2013 6:15 PM

    Don’t want to be a Debbie Downer… but what’s his record in games NOT started by Kurt Warner? Honestly, I don’t know. Just wondering how much it factored into his 2 (out of 6) winning seasons.

    What would Billicheks record be without Brady? What would John Fox’s record be this year without Peyton? How about Tom Couglin, would he have two superbowl wins without Eli?

    Your implied point is not valid. A great quarterback can make a coach look really smart and Whisenhunt did not just get stupid after Warner retired.
    The Bills have been trying to replace Jim Kelly for 15 years. Not having a good quarterback in place makes the Bills job much less attractive.

  7. @johnnyjagfan

    Well lets see what he did in Miami. Not bad, 8-8, 9-7… all winning seasons, but oh… he had Dan Marino there, too. So maybe Jimmy Johnson ISN’T anything without a HoF QB. We’ll never know, because he’s had em and he’s won his whole NFL coaching career.

    If Ken Whisenhunt had 10 years of Kurt Warner, I’m sure he’d be looked at as a great coach, too. But he didn’t have him for 10 years. He had him for 2. And he’s looked bad without him. Where ever he gets hired on next, he likely won’t have an HoF QB waiting for him there. He’ll have to develop a QB, and his track record with that isn’t very pretty.

  8. “What would Billicheks record be without Brady? ”

    11-5 with Matt Cassel starting IIRC. Not bad at all even though they didn’t get into the playoffs that year with that good a record.

  9. I think this is just another mistake by the Bills. This guy is very overrated, the cards just kept getting worse under him. Ray Horton would be a better choice, the Bills defense couldn’t stop anyone all year long. Whis was bad enough at offense.

  10. Good coach that was handcuffed by a horrible GM. He came into a bad situation and made a positive impact. Rod Graves power struggle with Whiz was a huge distraction, and eventually affected decisions. The Cards didn’t give Kurt a chance until Whiz stood his ground…he would be solid with the right front office support.

  11. The only move that would be more Billsish would be interviewing Chan Gailey.

    Anyone want to take bets on Norv Turner ending up there?

  12. I think whisenhunt is a great coach and this is coming from a niner fan… if he could just get a competent quarterback and a runningback to compliment Spiller and get a d coordinator who knows What he’s down the bills could make some noise in that division

  13. When I asked the question earlier I was actually asking a question (as absurd as that may sound).. does anyone actually know the numbers? Wikipedia gives Whisenhunt’s numbers pre and post their Super Bowl year, but I haven’t felt like looking into Warners record as a starter under Whisenhunt. The reason I’m concerned is because the Bills do not have a HoF QB and appear a long way away (considering this years draft class) from having one. Therefore, if Whisenhunts offense requires a HoF or even Pro Bowl QB to win.. and considering some of the QBs Whisenhunt has attempted to win with in AZ.. some of which I’m sure he helped draft/acquire.. I don’t see how going to a new team with no QB and only shaky QBs coming out in the draft would be a prudent move to make.. for him or Buffalo.

  14. Wiz is a good coach but he needs a QB and buffalo doesn’t have one either. I am thinking that buffalo’s best bet will be McCoy or Kelly. Need someone who will use backs and can develop a QB.

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