Blake Williams out in St. Louis

Blake Williams, the Rams linebackers coach who took over many of the defensive coordinator responsibilities after his dad was banned from the NFL last offseason, has been fired.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Williams is out in St. Louis. Gregg Williams, who is still serving an indefinite suspension from the NFL for orchestrating the Saints’ bounty program, is also not expected to re-join the Rams even if he gets reinstated.

When Jeff Fisher became head coach of the Rams last year, one of his first moves was to hire Gregg Williams as his defensive coordinator, and Williams in turn brought Blake along. After Gregg was suspended, Fisher gave many of Gregg’s responsibilities to the 27-year-old Blake, making him one of the youngest assistant coaches ever to handle play calling in the NFL.

Blake is now looking for work elsewhere, and if he finds work before his dad is reinstated, it will be the first time he has ever had a coaching job that his dad didn’t get him: Blake Williams previously worked for the Redskins, Jaguars and Saints, and his dad was the defensive coordinator at the time he was hired in all of those three stops as well.

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  1. Must be nice to get a paycheck from multiple employers, in a dream type of job, because of your dad. At least he has gained experience and can probably get a gig somewhere, though, most likely not in the NFL.

  2. If he truly was calling the plays for the Rams it wasn’t all bad. There were some head scratching moments too though. The Rams third and long defense was horrific. All teams had to do was run the corners off and throw a screen pass to a back for a 20 yard gain. I’ll bet Blake takes a college job and waits for all the mess involving his dad to calm down before trying to trying to get back into the NFL.

  3. If he did indeed call most of the plays then tying for the league lead in sacks and being 14th in total defense should not be a firing offense IMO. Makes me think that Dave Mcginnis was calling most of the plays OR the Rams have their sights set on a new DC

  4. It’s possible that the Rams did not want a DC who plucks his eyebrows, thinking that that sets the wrong tone for a Defense, who should aspire to toughness.

  5. This makes absolutely no sense. Rams defense overall was much improved, especially at his key place, the linebacker core. Of course bringing in Dunbar and McIntosh over less talented players helps, but they weren’t exactly superstars themselves. Unless Blake asked to be let go, it doesn’t make any logical sense to me.

  6. I have to think this means that he wasn’t actually running the defense, didn’t demonstrate that he was currently capable of doing so, or even growing into the role. He’s only 27 and if he demonstrated the qualities to be successful they would not have fired him.

  7. If Fisher let him go you can bet there is a darn good reason!! He doesn’t make those decisions lightly. Guy was probably a cancer on the staff like pops.

  8. This is the Rams’ way of telling Gregg Williams, “You’re not coming back to St. Louis.” And I’m glad about that. A guy who admits to running illegal bounties, while also ratting out his players at the same time in an attempt to save his own skin, is not the guy I want leading the Rams defense.

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