Brian Kelly attracting NFL attention

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For weeks, we’ve been saying that the other college coach named Kelly should be drawing NFL interest.  Now, according to Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is.

The head coach of the Irish “is rising on some NFL teams’ radar,” Feldman reports.

And for good reason.  Kelly, the CEO of Notre Dame Football, Inc., is arguably the closest thing college football has to an NFL head coach, with various competing contingencies and high expectations from a rabid fan base and plenty of media attention and scrutiny.  It doesn’t matter whether his schemes would work at the next level; it matters that he’d know how to hire the right people to run the offense and defense and delegate wisely to them and put it all together, in various facial shades of red.

Hey, a red face helped Tom Coughlin win a Super Bowl.  It could work for Kelly, too.

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  1. “It doesn’t matter whether his schemes would work at the next level; it matters that he’d know how to hire the right people to run the offense and defense and delegate wisely to them and put it all together”

    Riiiiight. Because no head football coach ever wants to install his own schemes. they just delegate and sit back and watch the fun from the sidelines. Or sometimes a luxury box if it is too cold out.

  2. He is supposed to be an offensive-minded coach, but the truth is they won with defense and an awesome MLB that was recruited by Weis.
    Overall, the jury is still out on Kelly. He was pretty mediocre before this and on a semi-warm seat to kickoff 2012. Now, he should have a top 3 recruiting class after the BCS championship game. Next year will tell the tale if he is the real deal and NFL material. Might be a big mistake to hire him just based on this year when everything rolled right. I question how good he is with QBs, and the NFL is a QB league. Rees got way too much PT the last few years, and was terrible this year in spot duty. Kelly tried to make him The Guy before 2012 and it was a bad, bad decision that led to some losses that never should have happened.

  3. chip Kelly would be a good coach in the NFL with the run and gun it will work just need the personal maybe philly maclin, Jackson, and mckoy deadly!

  4. as an ND fan I hope he stays in south bend for a very long time. he is a true leader of men. that being said…he would be a great NFL head coach. he’s been a winner at every level all the way back to DIII.

  5. As a Bills fan, I would welcome Brian Kelly arms wide open. If any college coach could bring the Bills back to their great years, the 90’s, It would be Brian Kelly. I believe that within his first year that Buffalo would end its playoff drought. Everything that I have read on him has been impressive. I am all for Buffalo hiring this guy, ASAP.

  6. When asked about what qualities he was looking for in his new coach, Jeff Lurie stressed the importance of a leader/manager/delegator over a “scheme” guy. Sounds more like Brian than Chip Kelly to me.

  7. I just don’t understand the sudden infatuation with all of the NCAA’s hot coaches du jour. History has proven time and again that great college coaches are far, far more likely to fail miserably in the NFL than rise to the level of champion. For every Jimmy Johnson, there’s about a dozen (or more) Nick Saban’s.

  8. I like Brian Kelly a whole lot more than Chip Kelly.I think Brian would make a great NFL coach.

  9. As a fan of the NFL i would love to see BK make the jump. I just dont know if he would consider it. I truly believe Notre Dame is his dream job. But you know what they say, $ talks. It wouldn’t be the first time he left a program after having alot of success. This will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

  10. Everyone went retreads with guys like Dick Jauron, Eric Mangini, Dennis Erickson, and other miserable choices.

    All failed!

    They went young with josh McDaniels and Raheem Morris.


    If you get a bunch of college guys, there’s going to be a failure rate too!!

    Shouldn’t NFL experience matter?

    Ever heard of a resume??

    Also, We use the combine too interview players when there are enough reports (aka ‘dirt’) to document who they truly are.

    Why cannot it be similar with coaches Except the “character risk” guys (Are you listening Gregg and Blake Williams??) don’t get head coaching jobs??

    It seems as if they could get all the reports or dirt on all of the players, but they’re just so scared of doing it to coaches when there is no reason. Just do not hire or give a higher position to a low character person who wants to be a coach.

    Don’t go by trends.

  11. no chance he leaves the Irish this year but I def see him bolting to the nfl in 2014 if the Irish are a top 4 team again next season.

    after he wins his first nc( nd will shock the world and beat bama this Monday just like the redskins will be the seachickens this sunday!!!!) and attempts get #2 he will then go coach with the big boys And the best in the world and go after a super bowl!!!

  12. The way this guy tends to unload on his players when it’s not going well will not translate to the NFL.

    Pros typically tune out blow hard coaches when they’re pulling a bigger paycheck than the guy calling the shots.

  13. Pretty much no NFL job compares to Notre Dame HC. ND fans are more demanding, there is more pressure and boosters are more difficult than any owner.

    The NFL pales.

  14. Brian kelly is exactly the kind of coach buffalo needs he gets he the most out of his players and he coaches both sides of the ball hes a complete coach he knows it takes the whole team to win and he doesnt favor offense or defense he favors both

  15. If he aspires to the NFL he should jump NOW…..otherwise it’s all downhill for the golden domers. Regardless of the outcome vs, Bama…this dream season will NOT be reprised anytime soon….the stars were aligned this year with everyone on the schedule being a bit down…it wont happen a second time.

  16. Saban did way better than Bill Bellichick in his first 2 years as NFL HC. The Dolphins haven’t been as good since, amazing since Saban did it with Cleo Lemon!!!! ZOMG!!

  17. @mazblast

    What an incredibly dumb post, but since you are a Michigan fan, we understand.

  18. How many college guys actually work out in the NFL? Jimmy Johnson won a couple of Super Bowls, but having three HOF players at QB, WR, and RB sure didn’t hurt (besides playing behind one of the best offensive lines ever assembled). Barry Switzer rode in on Johnson’s coattails to win his. Kind of the modern equivalent of being hired to coach a team that had Rodgers at QB, Peterson at RB and Calvin Johnson at WR. That team was idiot-proof.

    Now, how many jobs like that are available?

  19. I would certainly get a laugh out of him trying to yell at NFL players like he does college guys.

    Look at his rosters, they are full of players he didn’t recruit. He took UC to big games with Dantonio’s players, he’s taking ND to big games with guys that were there before him.

    The way he left UC was disgusting, he’s on the verge of having a Saban/Petrino quality about him and if he takes an NFL gig after only a few years at the Pinnacle of college football, there’s no denying he’s scum.

    At least Chip Kelly has built a program and run it for a few years.

  20. Coach Kelly has laid the foundation for present and future success at ND. Their ’13 recruiting class is stacked. He’s won at every level and stop, so far. Let me preface this by saying, I’m unsure he could replicate his success. But, for the love of God, don’t leave!!

  21. Can’t wait until Alabama wins and Notre Dame goes back to being that “Remember when they were good?” team.

  22. He’s the closest thing to an NFL coach? What about chip Kelly who’s offense was implemented in various NFL teams and somehow by the Miami heat

  23. Haters are addicted to anything that deals with ND football! LOL!! People who don’t like Notre Dame, but stay reading articles and wasting their so called “precious” time writing comments on ND news articles! We are glad you care about ND so much!! GO IRISH! #embracethehate

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