“Brusque, tactless style” was Blake Williams’ downfall

Billy Mumphrey’s downfall was his unbridled enthusiasm.  For Blake Williams, it was the opposite.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that Williams got the heave-ho in St. Louise due to a “brusque, tactless style” when dealing with colleagues and players.  Given that he was working in an industry where plenty of guys are brusque and tactless, it’s not easy to stand out.

Williams apparently did.

Some will say that the brusque, tactless apple didn’t fall far from the brusque, tactless tree, given what we now know about his father, Gregg Williams.  Indeed, the biggest surprise regarding this news is that the elder Williams’ misadventures in 2012 didn’t prompt the younger Williams to engage in meaningful soul-searching and to implement real changes in his way of doing business.

Not long ago, Blake Williams was regarded as an up-and-coming star in NFL circles.  And while he still may get another chance to shine, the apple that is his career has been invaded by a brusque, tactless arrow.