Carmichael interviews for Bears’ job

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The man who ran the Saints’ offense without Sean Payton in the building this year could get a chance to run the offense — and the rest of the team — in Chicago in 2013.

Per a league source, Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, Jr. currently is interviewing for the vacancy created when the Bears fired coach Lovie Smith after his ninth year on the job.

Carmichael, 41, joined the Saints in 2006.  He previously worked for the Chargers, Redskins, and Browns after six seasons at the college level.

The Bears are expected to hire a coach with an offensive background, given the recent struggles on that side of the ball.  Of course, it helps that Carmichael has had Drew Brees playing quarterback.

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  1. As a Saints fan, hate to lose this guy. He’s rock solid smart. Calm, cool, collected. If Jay Cutler could just grow up and quit being such a punk, he’d benefit greatly from an offensive scheme like the Saints have. Carmichael could bring that.

  2. I’ve been wondering why his name hasn’t been out in front a bit more. Yes, he has Drew Brees – but they’ve pieced together a running game that worked when it had to (most of the time). The WRs (other than Colston) aren’t exactly All-Pro material and he helped develop a college basketball player into a dominant TE. Sounds like he could make a solid case to me.

  3. You mean there is someone else out there other than the guy who invented football chip kelly that also can coach a football team !

  4. If this guy wasn’t even in the top two choices to replace sean payton during his suspension. what make him a top choice on anybody’s list. This guy was passed over by his current team by Joe Vitt, and the Offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. Are the Bears nuts?

  5. Kinda funny how you never hear about any of the Vikings or Lions assistants getting interviews for HC positions. I guess most organizations see things pretty clearly for what they are!

  6. Really impressed with Emery so far. Let year he comes in, looks at our WR corp and when he gets done laughing, he goes out to get Marshall and drafts Alshon. After another failed offensive experiment, he comes out and says he wants to bring in a creative offensive mind so he shows interest in the offensive coordinators for Denver, NO and GB. Unlike the previous regime, Emery addresses the obvious problems instead of trying to sugar coat them. In Emery I Trust

  7. Good luck with that. As a Saints fan, I beg you, Bears, please take him off our hands. He’s nothing without Payton, like the rest of the Saints franchise.

  8. Wow, are you kidding me? Carmichael wasn’t qualified to take on the full responsibilities of offensive coordinator with the Saints, much less head coaching responsibilities of some other team he doesn’t know 1/10th as well. You cannot seriously fire Lovie Smith only to turn around and hire somebody like Carmichael.

  9. Definitely impressed with Emery…glad he seems to be leaving no stone unturned..I agree with an earlier comment that Bree’s made Carmichael. I think McCoy is the better route. Yes, he has Peyton this year, but look what he did with Tebow on the fly and Orton as well..pretty impressive.

  10. And how did the Saints do with the guys that replaced Payton instead of giving the job to Carmichael?

  11. YES!!! Emery you are on it now. Pete Carmichael Jr. has a system that can put up 30 points in about
    6 min. Emery you can END the search RIGHT HERE!!

  12. thetooloftools says: Jan 2, 2013 9:20 PM

    “Nice to see the Bears have no idea how to replace Smith. Something tells me the problems were at THE TOP in Chicago.”

    Emery has already interviewed 5 candidates, most teams have only done one or two. It’s proof Emery does have full control. Look back to the Lovie Smith, Dick Jauron, Jerry Angelo hirings and you may remember the Mcaskeys using a “consulting firm” to assist in the selection process. Those days are clearly over.

  13. “Nice to see the Bears have no idea how to replace Smith. Something tells me the problems were at THE TOP in Chicago.”

    Are you off your meds? What about Emery performing a THOROUGH search did you not get?

    Missed the playoffs 5 of last 6, enough said. 10-6 his last year is irrelevant. Injuries, every team gets them, just look at the Packers. The Bears employed him for 9 years, that’s more than fair.

  14. Pete’s wicked smart…If you bring him in, you are gonna want to sign reggie bush. One back is not gonna cut it with Pete. Also, don’t listen to heir goodell’s BS about greg williams. He can coach defense quite well, and got a lot from a talentless bunch in New Orleans. See how bad they suck now that he’s gone…and it’s the same group.

  15. You can have the guy. He is the one calling Power-I formation with Ingram on first down every time. He has forgotten the screen play (Saints most powerful play.) He is part of the reason we went 0-4. It wasn’t until Vitt showed up that we started running the ball correctly. Good luck with the downgrade, bears. This dude is nothing but a glorified assistant to Sean Payton.

  16. Mark my words- the Bears are going to get a WORSE coach than they had in Lovie Smith. All these coordinators sound great until they’re made head coaches and then, more often than not, the emperor has no clothes.

    A head coach needs to have the respect of the players first and foremost, and then he needs to know how to motivate them and get them to buy in to his system. He needs to talk to them as men, but also has to ride them when they need it. And, of course, he needs to have a firm grasp of the xs and Os of the game.

    The great coaches have all of these skills, the good coaches some of them, and the rest have maybe one. Most of the coordinators who have been made head coaches in the past have only seemed to know the Xs and Os, and not much else. The list is endless.

    Virginia McCaskey said money is no object, so the Bears need to just suck it up and pay Jon Gruden a king’s ransom before it’s too late.

  17. Nothing indicates that Carmichael is the leading candidate or is close to being hired. Emery is going to bring in a lot of offensive coaches to try to gain knowledge of what these coaches would do, what assistants they would hire, etc. if they were brought to Chicago. Emery is doing what good GM’s are supposed to do.

  18. The offense (without Payton) was 2nd in total yardage in the NFL & 1st in passing yardage.

    Ingram had 32 carries in the 1st 4 games; 16 of those in one game. So in the other 3 games he averaged a little over 5 carries – I hardly think this was the major problem that caused the Saints to go 0-4.

    More likely it was the defense that gave up an average of 32.5 ppg the first 4 weeks (and that includes the Chiefs in there).

  19. Ingram had 32 carries in the 1st 4 games; 16 of those in one game. So in the other 3 games he averaged a little over 5 carries – I hardly think this was the major problem that caused the Saints to go 0-4.

    He also ran on first down up the middle out of the I formation 91% of those plays. That was the stat going into the first Tampa Bay game.

    I’m also saying, things like that are indicative of other poor plays he called. It’s like he never got to the back of the playbook.

  20. I agree with goodolebaghead. Very overrated. Play calling left something desired. All we need is Payton back calling plays. Hopefully hell run the ball more to set up the pass. And please find a OT.

  21. You can have him Bears. I’ve seen nothing that would lead me to believe he could be a head coach.

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