Deion Sanders isn’t convinced that Ray Lewis is really retiring


Ray Lewis announced his retirement today, but one of Lewis’s friends and former teammates isn’t so sure that Lewis is really done.

Deion Sanders came out of retirement in 2004 to play with Lewis and the Ravens, and Sanders now thinks Lewis may come out of retirement as well: Sanders said he believes that if Lewis gets completely healthy with some time to rest this offseason, and if Lewis is convinced that the Ravens have what it takes to win the Super Bowl next year, then Lewis will reconsider and play the 2013 season.

“I don’t believe it — I really don’t,” Sanders said in an interview with Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network. “We all know that he’s been hampered with injuries over the last several years.”

Sanders said he believes Lewis will re-assess the state of the Ravens after the postseason, and if Lewis thinks a Super Bowl is within their reach a year from now, then Lewis will try to make it there.

“He could say, ‘You know, I could do this again because we’re almost there,'” Sanders said. “But if they’re not close, then I can see Ray Lewis saying, ‘This is a wrap.'”

Sanders said he doesn’t think Lewis will flip-flop on retirement as often as Brett Favre did, but he does think Lewis could change his mind at some point this offseason.

“Brett was on a carousel and he changed his mind so many times we got tired of it,” Sanders said. “I don’t think Ray Lewis is that kind of guy. He’s always been a definitive guy.”

Lewis sounded definitive today, saying he had accomplished what he wanted to accomplish on the field, and that he was excited about seeing his son play at the University of Miami next season. But Sanders knows Lewis well, and thinks that the competitive juices may start flowing next season and lead Lewis to give it one more season.

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  1. I think, if Ray Lewis wanted, he could play until the age of 40. But, as much as Lewis loves this game and how much passion he has for it, I think he’s ready to call it a career. He’s done everything a player could ever dream about. A ring, double digit Pro-Bowls, all-decade teams, All-Pro teams. There is nothing left.

  2. I’ll respect whatever decision #52 makes. He’s been playing in Baltimore since I was 7 years old and for the same team as well. Longevity & loyalty like that is hard to come by, especially for a superstar such as Ray.

    He’s given a lot to this team and he’s certainly earned the right when to call it quits.

  3. First things first – I think Ray Lewis is the greatest middle linebacker of all time, and I am grateful to have been able to see him play.

    As for Deion, he should actually be motivation for Ray to keep his word. When Sanders came back, he was a shadow of his former self. In the words of Jim Rome, he went from “Prime Time” to “Late Night Infomercial”. Sanders just should have stayed retired. Ray Lewis has already cheated Father Time for a couple of extra seasons, and he is wise to call it a career while it is still his call to make.

  4. My guess is he already assessed the team, realized they were no where close and would either have Flacco or a first year starter at QB next year and made his decision.

    Ray Lewis doesnt sound like a man who’s unsure of himself.

  5. This might be true but take Deion for what it’s worth, he also said no kicker could stop him (Deion) from scoring….lol.

  6. Deion is a moron. Don’t believe a single word he ever says, but if you must, take it with a grain of salt. He’s a hater.

  7. Deion Sanders, like Ray Lewis is a sad example of the lack of real class in today’s sports figures.
    Sanders is as selfserving as Lewis when he does that ridiculous dance prior to games. Where did that come from, and how does that have any place in the NFL. Back in the Real Days of the NFL, Players would have shown Ray how they felt about that dance, when they actually got to the Field to Play the Game….
    Sanders is trying to hang on to the limelight, and by jumping into the Lewis Retirement story, he just shows how lame he is…..his broadcasting talent doesn’t exist, and how the NFL Network sees his work and opinions on the air, and retains him is a mystery to me. He and Irvin, and coming soon likely, Ray Lewis to butcher the English language… the end, how can anybody care about any Murderer retiring from the NFL…Sad…

  8. I wonder if the Ravens have told him they are going to move on without him and are giving him the ability to save face and “leave on his own terms”. As I posted elsewhere on here, I think the Ravens would be better off without him. At the same time I don’t think ray would want to play anywhere else

  9. Nah..Ray is not a flip flopper..He is done..Did Sander watch the Football Life about Ray Lewis..The guy has 6 kids and 2 of them are teenagers..When he says that he wants to be there for them,.I believe him because it sounds like its coming from his heart and its NOT a socially acceptable line his just using..Dieon, keep ain’t happening

  10. Really does anyone care what Deion Sanders’ opinion is on anything? Except music, baby – Deion, can’t you drop another cool CD like “Primetime”? That was so awesome, you are as good at rapping as you were at football.

  11. Ray sounded pretty well retired to me. I’m getting a little toured of Prime Time pontificating this season. That being said,”Dog riding monkey” is always devastatingly funny.

  12. Ray needs to get out before he gets seriously hurt. He really has his whole life ahead of him.
    Dion Sanders should not be commenting. Only Ray knows and I don’t think he would say this if it wasn’t true. The only way he would come back is if they had a kicker miss an easy field goal at the end of the…. wait….. never mind.

  13. Ray Lewis is great and all but mad overrated. Had 2 HUGE interior lineman taking up multiple blockers for him to shoot the gap for almost his entire career. Ngata and Goose don’t get enough credit

  14. I think that Ray really thinks he could leave – but Deion has been there and knows once it’s in your blood, you can always change your mind.

    So they’re both right, in their own way, because you never know. The only thing that Deion isn’t taking into consideration is Ray’s desire to watch his kids play too. So that may be enough to keep him retired.

    We will see – but you don’t have to cut either one up for saying what they believe!

  15. He’s said for the last two years that he wanted to retire when his son entered college so he could watch him play every Saturday. His son joins the ‘Canes in the fall. Why the disbelief that he’s done? Especially coming off back to back injury plagued seasons where he was becoming largely ineffective.

  16. Please don’t be the next Brett farve. End your career when you’re sure it needs to be over and don’t just keep coming back between retirements. If you do people are gonna remember you as an indecisive player more than one of the best linebackers to play the game.

  17. He’s retiring and that’s that.

    Better things than amazing athletes aging and retiring have come to an end, and life went on.

    He was put, as he said in his own words, to ”entertain us.” By a bigger stretch he motiviated a generation of people to strive for greatness with earnest., and, more so than the punishments he doled out, are his true legacy, for as long as we care to remember.

    The Ravens will move on. Baltimore and Raven Nation will endure. And football will entertain us regardless.

    But is a special and rare thing when you can say ”I witnessed greatness.”

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