Eagles’ front office heads to Atlanta to interview Nolan, Armstrong


The two Falcons assistants planning to interview for the Eagles’ head-coaching vacancy will not have to travel to Philadelphia.

Instead, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, President Don Smolenski and General Manager Howie Roseman are currently aboard a flight to Atlanta, where they’ll interview Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong.

With the Falcons set to host a divisional playoff game next weekend, Nolan and Armstrong still have plenty of work to do this season before they’ll turn their attention to furthering their careers beyond this year, so it makes sense for the Eagles not to expect them to take time out of their travel schedule, especially when the Eagles wanted to talk to all of the Falcons’ coordinators. Atlanta offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was initially expected to interview with the Eagles as well, but Koetter pulled himself out of contention for any head-coaching jobs today after signing a new contract with the Falcons.

Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is also expected to interview with the Eagles, and several reports have said the Eagles are interested in Oregon coach Chip Kelly and Penn State coach Bill O’Brien as well.

13 responses to “Eagles’ front office heads to Atlanta to interview Nolan, Armstrong

  1. Mike Nolan??? After the fiasco with the 49ers???
    The only head coach that was more focused on wearing a suit (without a headset) on the sidelines, than the actual play on the field. The head coach that questioned Alex Smith’s heart and ability to play hurt, when he needed shoulder surgery. The defensive-minded head coach that was replaced by his linebackers coach? That’s the guy the Eagles want to interview???

  2. I think both Koetter and Nolan need to do a little more resume-mending before getting another head coaching shot…..Koetter was not successful at ASU and before joining a Falcon team that already had solid offensive tools, his work in Jacksonville didn’t make anyone bring up his name when Del Rio was canned last year. Nolan’s work in San Francisco was pretty spotty as well – he might be one of these Wade Phillips-types who are great coordinators but cannot run an entire team.

    As far as Armstrong goes……he is a minority candidate in a league where minority candidates have to be interviewed, so hopefully he is not a token….it seemed a few years ago Leslie Frazier was the designated minority candidate, and he eventually got a shot and is doing ok. Even if he is not hired this time around, hopefully Armstrong impresses enough during the interview process to eventually get his chance.

  3. The Eagles are smart. The more coaches you interview the more unbiased opinion’s you get about how your own organization is perceived and what it takes to improve your organization.

  4. November 1st 2012

    31 teams not the Eagles average under salary cap = 5.23 million.

    Eagles = 20.1 million

    The owner is waay under the cap every year, and some coach is supposed to make up the difference?

    Lurie is cheap.

  5. To all of you assuming that the eagles will be worse without Andy, and who doubt Lurie’s ability to hire a good HC from this “underwhelming” crop of candidates;

    Lurie found Reid when he was merely an unknown qb’s coach. Everyone laughed and said he was crazy. If he could figure out then that an Reid was a better option than some of the deadweight that was interviewing that year, then he can probably figure things out this time around. Maybe he got lucky w/ Reid, but maybe, just maybe he knew what he was doing then, and he knows now, too. And maybe his choice this time around will look as crazy as his choice of Reid did back then. But he owes it to himself to interview as many guys as possible.

  6. yea so sad to see Andy go..the parades were so much fun. Wait we didn’t have any. 4-12. FOUR AND TWELVE that’s like one loss from number 1 pick.. That usually means someone’s getting fired. Why is Andy above reproach? I don’t get it Oh and it was a lucky 4-12. We should have the number one pick especially since there’s no stud QB ..that would be eagles luck

  7. Nolan? Really?? Great coordinator, absolute train wreck as a head coach. Good luck with that.

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