Heckert on Jets list, and look, he has a mystery team


There was speculation early in the process about former Browns general manager Tom Heckert wanting to link up with coach Andy Reid at his next stop, fueled largely by the words out of Heckert’s own mouth.

Now as the rumor mill spins, comes new word that he has other suitors as well.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Jets have scheduled an interview with Heckert for their GM vacancy.

He goes into the hopper there with Atlanta’s David Caldwell, San Francisco’s Tom Gamble and Marc Ross of the Giants.

Of course, Cabot’s item also mentioned the possibility that the Jets have competition, saying Heckert: “might land a job even before the Jets get a crack at him. At least one other team is heavily pursuing him.”

I think when agents get their instruction manuals from the NFLPA upon certification, the first page says “Always have a mystery team.”

Mystery teams are among the most functional for those looking for jobs, because they create urgency, drive up a market and don’t even have to exist.

Mystery teams are, simply put, the very best kind.

That’s not to say that in this particular case Heckert doesn’t have one, I’m sure he must. But it’s always funny the way a source doesn’t mind airing out one team’s identity, while another deserves the CIA treatment.

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  1. If I were Heckert, I would stay away from that toxic waste dump of a team. Even more so with that owner, oh and his pet the terrible twos Sexy Wrecksy as a coach.

  2. What does this say about the judgement of Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner…the two responsible for Heckert being fired in Cleveland?

    Heckert did one helluva job rebuilding the Browns roster, via the draft. Those attempting to judge Heckert based on the teams record do not understand, it was a 5 year plan to rebuild the Browns roster and Heckert only got to complete 60% of that job.

    With the foundations on offense and defense completed during Heckert’s 3 drafts, the Browns were just two years away from competing the rebuild plan started by Holmgren and Heckert in 2010. But Haslam and Banner brought the rebuilding project to an end when they fired Holmgren and Heckert.

    Obviously other NFL owners realize the outstanding job Heckert did in Cleveland and want him as their GM.

    The firing of Heckert, in Cleveland is a real head scratcher for Browns fans as well as the media and among NFL franchises around the league. Browns fans should be concerned…

    It was said, that Tom Heckert knew he would be fired the day Jimmy Haslam announced Joe Banner would be replacing Mike Holmgren as the Browns Pres/CEO. That means, it is most likely that Heckert was fired by Banner over issues that originated when both were working for the Eagles.

    …in other words, Banner is settling old scores, rather than doing what is best to build the Browns into a winner. Browns fans have a right to question Banner and Haslam over the move to fire Heckert.

    It has been rumored that Joe Banner wants to hire the 5 yr NFL live veteran, Mike Lombardi to replace Tom Heckert in Cleveland…obviously a step “down” by the Browns.

    Another unbelievable, bad move by the Browns…and Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner are responsible.

    Heaven help the Browns…

  3. I didn’t know Mannish Mehta worked for Heckert! If he doesn’t, he should, because he’s the best at making stuff up

  4. Your cynical view of “mystery teams” is probably accurate.

    There is, however, another possible way to look at it. Perhaps there are teams out there that tell the agent, “if we hear one word anywhere in the press that we are considering your guy, he’s out”.

  5. Heckert did a solid job in Cleveland. However, he did not draft any pro-bowlers, missed on RG3 and gave up picks to land an injury prone Hardesty. He also gave up too much for Trent Richardson and pannicked by picking Weeden.

    Despite his draft gaffs (I blame Holmgren for Colt McCoy) he did a *good* job… what people need to realize is this new owner expecxts exceptional results — starting with old school leadership on the football field

    So, the way I see it is…football in Cleveland has been horrendous since 1995, when Art sucker punched Cleveland and took the organization to Baltimore…but NOW we have an owner that is supremely better than Art Modell/Lerner — so IF the Haslam/Banner tandem pick the right coach and subsequent complimentary GM, perhaps it will be worth the wait for all the die-hard browns fans and new fans in the future.

    The future is now bright for the Browns and hopefully Bernie will be brought in an official capacity this time.

  6. Macbull….. Die hard Browns fan and I disagree with you to a point. Yes Heckert did well in the draft but, there were way too many “Average” players taken way to high in his drafts. There would have been no Creditable coaches to even consider taking this job without more control of the team. We need more than a puppit for a head coach, we need a “Difference Maker!” That is why Heckert had to go!

    Just Sayin’..Go Brownies!

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