Jaguars add Steve Keim to GM interview list

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The Jaguars are moving more quickly looking for a general manager than they ever did on offense this year.

Having already talked to Atlanta’s David Caldwell and San Francisco’s Tom Gamble about his vacant general manager position, he has lined up an interview with Arizona’s Steve Keim, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan is criss-crossing the country in his private jet to interview candidates, and the results are being tracked dutifully by the local media in Jacksonville.

Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union has the details of Khan’s travels, including the rough time frame for Gamble’s interview, since Khan’s plane was on the ground in San Jose for just over five hours Tuesday.

That’s probably enough time for a candidate to let Khan know if he thinks Tim Tebow can work or not.

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  1. It’s amusing how much the media with no credible sources other than a report on ESPN have run with this Tebow to Jacksonville drama. Does Khan want Tebow in order to sell tickets? More than likely, he said so himself. Would Khan affect the direction of his franchise and its long term ability to sell tickets by being short sighted and forcing a GM and new (hopefully) coach to start Tebow? I would like to believe that Khan is a smarter businessman than that Bush league move would seem to suggest. Regardless of what Urban Meyer believes, Tebow’s main role in the NFL is to sell tickets and Jerseys.

  2. Hey, there’s the required Tebow comment…you might want to check with Florio, though, since it didn’t sound “negative” enough for PFT…

  3. Yes. Clearly Khan will force Tebow on any general manager. That will be a prerequisite for the job, right?

    At the Tebow camp succeeded in getting wheel on a planted story.

  4. Tebow makes great sense in Jacksonville. Moving tickets and jerseys *is* a smart business move. And it is also a great way to buy patience while you rebuild. The Jags can go 6-10 year in and out with Tebow at the helm and the fans won’t give up on him.

    Move MJD as soon as you can and get picks out of him. Ensure that you are drafting high the next two-three seasons, draft a real QB once you’ve built a team for him to play on.

  5. @steelerben

    do you really think the people in Jacksonville are sheep? do you think they will settle for 6-10 just to watch Tebow play? Is that why the Jets game was NOT the highest attended game at Everbank this year?
    Where does this sell tickets garbage come from? the team was 2-14 and we still had 65K per game. Selling seats is not a problem in Jacksonville, winning IS a problem and Tebow doesnt solve that.

    In addition, trade MJD? To who? who is gonna give anything for a running back coming off foot surgery? worry about fixing your own team before you weigh in on things you obviously know NOTHING about.

  6. First off: We know NOTHING about the jaguars front office except that they are looking for a GM.

    If the last TWO seasons are any indication, Jacksonville doesn’t need Gator fan to sell tickets.

    Khan’s first priority is to winning. Because that is how football teams make money.

    Any other comments aren’t worth the keystrokes.

  7. This Tebow to Jacksonville certainty just doesn’t hold water. First, the tickets are selling well for a 2-14 team. Second, Khan wasn’t willing to give too much up last spring for him. Why, after all the lustre of Tebowmania has worn off would he risk overriding a new GM now. Then, Tim Tebow is not nearly as popular in Jacksonville as the national media would like to portray. This was demonstrated when the Jets came to town, and there was more teal in the stands than usual. Keep the misinformation coming!

  8. Their are people in this world that simply believe Tebow can win in the NFL and there are people in this world that believe that Tebow cant (continue) to win in the NFL

    This belief appears to be split down the middle and it appears the Owner of the Jags is on the Tebow c(Kh)an win side of the argument and will bring in a staff that feels the same way. This isnt about Ticket sales, this is about believing in this kid….

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