Jerry Jones says changes are coming


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a habit of supporting his employees unconditionally and unequivocally until the moment at which he supports them no more.

And so it should not be regarded as a surprise if Jones decides to stop supporting some of the key employees who are responsible for the operation and direction of his football team.

The focal point of the waiting game in this regard will be coach Jason Garrett.  Yes, Jones has said that Garrett will be back.  But that vote of confidence came while the Cowboys were still alive for the postseason, and Jones has shown that he won’t do anything to undermine his coach or players while a chance remains to win the Super Bowl.

Now, in the aftermath of another disappointing outcome to the season, Jones tells CBS Radio in Dallas that changes are coming to the Cowboys.  “I can assure you guys — I can assure our fans — it’s going to be very uncomfortable for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch,” Jones said.

Jones said he realizes that “[i]f you don’t do something, almost unconventional, then you really don’t break out of that cycle” of NFL parity.  He pointed out that the Redskins and the Broncos did that in 2012, via the acquisition of Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning.

So what will Jones due to “break out of the cycle”?  He made it clear that Tony Romo isn’t going anywhere.  Jones also pointed out that Romo and Jason Garrett “have been working together for six football seasons,” saying it in a way that made us think maybe Jones thinks it’s time for someone else to work with Romo.

Jones specifically declined to comment on whether Garrett or defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will return, and whether Garrett will continue to call the plays on offense.

Still, it doesn’t sound like either of them are as safe as they were believed to be.  “I’m going to spend a lot of time visiting with people outside of the organization that I have a lot of confidence in that will help us evaluate how to do the things that I know what our fans want to do, and that’s not to be sitting here at .500,” Jones said.  “There are a lot of teams that haven’t been at .500, but nobody hasn’t been at .500 and spent as much cash as I’m spending.”

If Jones makes a change at coach, here’s how we think it will happen.  He’ll line up a successor quietly before firing Garrett, like Jones did when he lured Bill Parcells to Dallas while Dave Campo was still the coach.

The name to watch continues to be Jon Gruden.  As mentioned on Monday’s Pro Football Talk, Jones was spotted a few weeks ago in Tampa, where Gruden lives.

If not Gruden, Mike Holmgren remains a possibility.

Either way, Jones emphasized on several occasions that “fundamentals” are more important than schemes.  And the fundamental truth is that Jones could be considering finding someone else to instill those qualities to the team’s players.

88 responses to “Jerry Jones says changes are coming

  1. He’s a nut.

    He talks about change to break out of a cycle, but they haven’t won a playoff game in what, 16 years? Uhhhhhh, who’s been the GM for all of that time???????

  2. Like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. Regardless of where he puts them, they will end up in the water.

  3. Hey Jerry, after the coaching merry-go-round,

    you can replace Romo with Arkansas alum Ryan Mallett, who the Patriots will give up for the mere price of a 1st round pick!

    6’6″, rocket arm, razorback…

    go for it!

  4. You guys can’t decode this message? Seriously? He’s going to get the Bronco’s OC to either be the HC or their OC by overpaying him. He won with Tebow, and Peyton and thinks he can win with Romo. You heard it here first!

  5. The real fundamental truth is that da’ boys need a real GM but Jerrah won’t listen that closely when it comes to making changes. 20 years of GM Jerrah and boys have basically been a .500 team, most owners would’ve fired the GM years ago.

  6. The usual bad clock management at the end of the game is on Garrett.

    The usual miscue at the end of the game is on Romo.

    As a Giant fan, Romo does strike fear into you and you just hope for that screw up and bang….

    No Super Bowl without that overthrow of Austin last year and this year’s INT is one of the dumbest plays ever…

    There are worse than Romo or Garrett, a LOT worse. Be careful what you wish for.

    I’m sure they would love both in KC or Arizona.

  7. Idea for new reality show. Jerry Jones hires Rex Ryan! They could call it Cowboys Gone Wild, just no photos of Jerry or Rex topless.

  8. Jerry Jones is a piece of trash. Until he gets out of the way the Cowboys will be just bad enough to avoid the playoffs.

  9. In the words of Bill Parcells, “you are what your record says you are” so Jerry you’re the GM of an 8-8 football team. Please continue to “shop for the groceries” as Parcells also said.
    Giants,Eagles, Redskins Fans

  10. Ummmm Jerry, if your not part of the solution, then your part of the problem.

  11. Jerry Jones will never win anything again so long as he remains owner, GM, and dictator.

  12. Jones should fire Garrett and hire Andy Reid. That way the Eagles could hire Garrett. That would be very entertaining.

  13. What? The only change that will work in Dallas is for JJ to sell the team and get out of football.

  14. As far as player acquisition goes, Jerry Jones is a fantastic GM. That team is always loaded with talent. Coaching is always the problem in Dallas. And since the GM hires/fires the coaches, that’s on him as well.

  15. Dave Campo, Parcells, Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett. They’ve changed head coaches.

    Quincy Carter, Vinny, Drew Henson, Bledsoe Romo. They’ve changed QBs.

    Mike Zimmer, Todd Haley, Tony Sparano. They’ve changed coordinators.

    They only thing that hasn’t changed is YOU, Jerry. Keep writing the checks. Just hand the football stuff over to Stephen.

  16. JJ and Romo are the two biggest problems but they’ll be the two that definitely stay. Clueless thy name is Jerry Jones.

  17. Dallas player’s cash checks……Thats it…They dont earn them….Real classy organization…

  18. Jerry, if you are going to make changes, make them now, do not leave people hanging so whoever they are can move on with their lives and find work with other teams. We are know you have spent a lot of money and you run the show but let go of your huge ego and make a decision now.

  19. Follow the tea leaves…this is all about Offense and Tony Romo…enter ex-Cowboy Norv Turner to take over the offense and work with Romo…Norv is weak enough where he won’t intimidate Garrett…yet the ‘Boys can go back to the golden years to try to recapture the magic.

  20. The problem with Jerry is that he wants people who can bring success, but at the same time he can’t deal with strong management types because of his own ego and he can only get along with people willing be his puppets.

  21. I’m a bear fan and while I agreed that it was time for Lovie to in Chicago I think if they brought Lovie to Dallas and mad Norv Turner his OC I think Dallas would be in real good shape then.

  22. Of course changes are coming! Houston has a bigger video screen than the Cowboys!!!!!!

    You can rest assured come next year the Cowboys will have the biggest video screen in the nation..

    And you can rest assured the Cowboys team appearing on it will be right around the 8-8 mark!

  23. If jerry wants the best for the cowgirls,he should hire a gm and retire cause he does not know $hit from sunshine about football or spotting talent!
    I Can’t see them ever winning a superbowl again as long as he is running the team!

  24. Maybe he’s goin to do like Snyder and stay out of football operations if he wants to win The only time they drafted talent jimmy Johnson was doing it get a clue jones your fans don’t deserve it they spend good money supporting your franchise and paying your bills

  25. Why make any changes at all? The NFC East can be won for years to come with a 9-7 record and a little luck on the tie-breakers. Surely the Cowboys can put together a 9-7 team can’t they?

  26. Given how Romo tends to throw picks directly at defensive players, has anyone thought to just test him for color blindness?

  27. J.J. Puts everyone on double-secret-probation !
    and promotes himself to double-secret GM.

  28. Jerry Jones’ solution to the Cowboys’ problems: hold everyone accountable for their underperformance. Unless their last name is Jones.

  29. I don’t like this idea at all. In fact I think it is downright trrrrble. Jerrah Jone need to be more hands on. I think he need to trade for Cam Newton from my Auburn Tigers and the Cowboys will have a chance. Anything other than Cam is a failure of administration.

  30. Jones also pointed out that Romo and Jason Garrett “have been working together for six football seasons,” saying it in a way that made us think maybe Jones thinks it’s time for someone else to work with Romo.

    i never thought id ever have a moment in my life where i wanted jerry jones to be the NYG co-GM for one hour to get this deed done of not talkin about coughlin either

  31. First thing he needs to do is fire himself as GM. Wouldn’t need outside consulting if he had a competent GM in-place.

  32. Gruden is not leaving the booth. He should be embarrassed pretending he still ‘has the fire’ to coach. He’s found an easier way to make a living the same way Bill Cowher has and he’s not going anywhere. However, for those of us that hate the Cowboys it would be fun to see John Gruden in Dallas. It is no secret he loves the attention and seeing that play out with Jerry Jones and all his press conferences, locker room speeches, and radio shows would be a blast to see. The only change in Dallas I fear is if Jerry Jones comes to his senses and hires a real GM…which ain’t happening as long as the guy is drawing breath on this earth. Hang in there Jerry, we love the annual results.

  33. titansbro says: Jan 2, 2013 4:32 PM

    As far as player acquisition goes, Jerry Jones is a fantastic GM. That team is always loaded with talent

    I believe you are very wrong. They get some flashy guys but they don’t have enough football players. They don’t draft smart guys, they are always looking for a jackpot pick instead of drafting guys who can fill roles. Their depth is terrible

    The only guy who would be worth replacing Garrett just signed with New Orleans.

  34. Get rid of Romo bottom line. Dallas has allstar running backs deep receiving crew. What they lack is a QB that can control clock management. Dallas lost at least four games this year because of Romo or the coaches ability to use clock mansgement correctly. I say get Tim Tebow run the wishbone and hell with the tallent this team has Jerry Jones can coach it. That way he can save money to go all out for a superbowl.

  35. Gruden and Jones sound like the perfect marriage, Gruden wouldn’t want the job more than 3 or 4 years and that’s about all Romo has left in the tank.

    Besides they’ll be tired of trying to talk over each other by then. But I do think it would be a great move for Romo and the team.

  36. He’s not going to fire the GM so this will just be a cycle that continues for years to come. Snyder learned up there in DC why can’t Jerry?

  37. I’m not a fan of Jones, but he did make a valid point. While the Cowboys can pull of some incredible plays using their talented players, they often forget the fundamentals. Being the most penalized team, for example, is not something that will allow you to win games.

  38. This “there will be change and the Cowboys will be better next year” speech sure sounds familiar. I think ive heard it every offseason from Jerry the last 10 years…

  39. Doesn’t matter what Jerry wants to do. Not even a mediocre head coach would want to work for him. Jason needs to stay considering he is the only guy who doesn’t mind being a puppet.

  40. After a very similar outcome last season, things should have been very uncomfortable around Valley Ranch this season. Instead everyone is just feeling the love. Jason likes Romo who likes Jason. Just stop it. Something has to change. It’s not working.

  41. Eh, he’s just trying to calm people down. He’s not going anywhere (neither are the Cowboys) as long as people keep filling those seats and buying that merch with the big blue star on it. During the game the other night, NBC pointed out that they’re still the 3rd most valuable NFL franchise and based on the way the Cowboys play, he’ll be quite content to remain in 3rd place either financially or on the field of play.

  42. What a bout that rumor of Norv Turner. After the way things have been going in San Diego, Jerry might easily lure him to Dallas, at least as OC.

    The idea of John Gruden as HC in Dallas seems like a good fit. High profile to suit Gruden’s natural swagger and those satiny blue unies to match his eyes.

  43. I feel sorry for the Cowboys fans. Oh wait, no I don’t. Jerry, please keep your current GM.

    Thank you,

    A Giants Fan

  44. Please Please Please bring in Mike Holmgren…..


    Skins Fans All Over the World

    He is our best and most helpful enemy….He handed us RG3 by being too stingy with draft picks. Thanks again!

  45. Norv as OC sounds too good to be true but they already pay big money to OL coach Callahan and have Garrett as OC. I doubt even Jerrah would try to jam those guys together.
    A new DC could be in order. When the defense was healthy, they weren’t exactly setting the world on fire in the first half of the season.

  46. Dump Romo a mistake prone idiot. And fire the biggest imbecile in the organization, you!!!!

  47. Jeery Jones has become a joke. Now that they are out of the playoffs he as owner and gm has to have the attention like a child. Throws comments out like this to bait people to see what he is going to do. Instead of addressing the real problem (him).

    For those who think they will get a coach like Gruden or Cowher are truly delusional. What succesful coach would come to Dallas and be a puppet for a egotistical gm that hasn’t a clue?

  48. denverdude7 says:

    Why make any changes at all? The NFC East can be won for years to come with a 9-7 record and a little luck on the tie-breakers. Surely the Cowboys can put together a 9-7 team can’t they?
    No, they can’t.

    And don’t call me Shirley.

  49. Holmgren still has the fire in his belly. He’s the coach to help Romo and the Boys get to the playoffs.

  50. He pointed out that the Redskins and the Broncos did that in 2012, via the acquisition of Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning.

    Or you could try the Colts/Luck approach: cut your aging star quarterback, throw the 2013 season, then draft Johnny Football. Wallah!

  51. Trade Romo to KC for 2nd round pick and use for future qb (Glennon, G. Smith. barkley). Orton is servicable.

    Draft oline\wr heavy.

    Use Free agency to add depth at LB\oline

    Get healthy

    Get rid of dead weight-rob ryan

    This plan keeps talent intact, prepares for the future and allows Romo an out in Dallas

  52. I can’t believe Tony Romo let Alfred Morris drop 200 yards on his defense. yep, he deserves all the blame. You people are straight up media sheep.

  53. Every problem Dallas seems to encounter revokes around Romo Interceptions miss reads they need a winner not a winer Romo always is blaming he is not a leader I say Romo for Tebow & first round pick Dallas will never win with Tony

  54. It never ceases to amaze me that any self respecting NFL-quality head coach would want to work for this pompous, meddling jerk of an owner.

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