No Wednesday availability from Woody, Rex

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Every NFL coach who still has a job has addressed the media since the conclusion of the regular season.  Every coach except Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan’s Monday press conference was canceled.  Via Rich Cimini of, neither Ryan nor owner Woody Johnson will address the media on Wednesday.

Think about that for a second.  The guy who is never at a loss for words has said nothing since the end of the 2012 season.

Some will think that something is happening behind the scenes regarding Rex’s future, that even though Woody has said Ryan will return in 2013 maybe he won’t.  Perhaps the more plausible explanation is that the Jets are trying to avoid saying anything about their search for a G.M.

And the best way to do that is to generally say nothing.

Then there’s the fact that they need to lure a G.M. to work with Rex Ryan.  The less Rex says in the short term, the easier that could be.

Regardless, the dysfunction continues in New York.  Even when they’re saying nothing at all.

14 responses to “No Wednesday availability from Woody, Rex

  1. As a Jets fan, I am getting sick and tired of the negativity surrounding every move with this team. Being silent until new GM installed and unified front can be put on display makes perfect sense to me.

    Why jeopardize landing your top GM pick by saying something that will be inevitably be blown out of proportion.

  2. People complain when the Jets are running their mouths, now they are silent and people are bitching and moaning. Which way do you want it? You can’t have it both ways…

  3. I said it the other day; Rex is gone, Sparano is gone. They’re just trying to line up a GM first.

  4. “Think about that for a second. The guy who is never at a loss for words has said nothing since the end of the 2012 season.”

    The season ended only two days ago, and one of those days was a holiday. Think about that for a second.

  5. The only possible explanation is that Rex has laryngitis and also got locked out of his Twitter account. Nothing else is capable of stopping the man from communicating with the public.

  6. Silent isn’t going to cut it. No GM worth his weight in salt is going to be interested in the Jets if the headcoach is already in place…and then for it to be Rex Ryan, LOL….good luck with that. Even an idiot can figure out that with Tannenbaum getting the axe but not Rexy, that Rexy is going to be telling the new GM when to jump and how high. Rexy has did an excellent job of blowin’ smoke up the Jets fans azzes for years and now Rexy is doing it to Woody….not that Woody is too damn bright to begin with.

  7. The Jets are the train wreck that keeps on giving. Would anyone be shocked if they announced they were going to have two head coaches next season?

  8. The Jets would have an easier time luring a new GM in there if Woody hadn’t said Rex was staying.

    Who would want to manage a team where the coach is a failure and he would have to put up with another year of Sanchez starting?

    So, Woody says Ryan is his HC. Ryan says Sanchez is his guy. No thanks to that job.

    If it were my team, and I was some Billionaire, I’d get my checkbook out, clean house and start all over. They still have some decent talent there to build around, but they really screwed themselves by giving Sanchez that big contract deal when he wasnt worth a roster spot.

    Anyway, good luck finding a ringmaster to take on that circus.

  9. Wow..comments are spot on…media is making it easy to turn on them instead of trying to force to keep doing stupid moves.

    Media is acting like spoiled brats. Jets have made the media relevant past few years, and now they are upset they can’t continue their lazy journalism. G find a real story folks, Jets Circus has left town.

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