Paolantonio “flabbergasted” by Arizona’s interest in Reid


Whether it’s on Wednesday or Thursday, the Cardinals will interview former Eagles coach Andy Reid.

And the possibility of the Cardinals hiring Reid isn’t sitting well with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, a veteran reporter who has covered the Eagles for a long time.

“Well, my initial reaction was the last time the Eagles visited Arizona they got their head handed to them by a Cardinals team who fired their coach,” Paolaonotio told Burns and Gambo on Arizona Sports 620 in Phoenix, in reference to Philly’s 27-6 loss to the Cardinals in Week Three.  “So I don’t know why the Bidwills would want to hire a guy who they just, you know, they killed the team when they were out there.  It was one of the most embarrassing performances by the Eagles all year long.  So, frankly, I was shocked that there was that much interest.”

Paolantonio thinks Philly’s 4-12 finish, which featured 1-11 over the final three-fourths of the season, could have been even worse.

“They could easily have been 1-15 or 0-16,” Paolantonio said.  “The Giants miss a field goal by the nose of a football, that’s how the Eagles beat the Giants.  There was a blatantly poor call on pass interference in the end zone, or the Ravens beat the Eagles.  And the last play of the game a miracle touchdown pass from Nick Foles beats the Bucs in Tampa.  The only legitimate win — and call it legitimate after five turnovers — was the first game of the year against Cleveland.  This team was really almost 1-15, and I don’t know why in the world you would hire a guy who had a near 1-15 record who you killed when he came into town.  Just doesn’t make any sense to me.  I am frankly flabbergasted that they would even consider hiring him.”

Actually, calling the win over the Browns “legitimate” was a stretch.  The Eagles luckily recovered a Vick fumble on the game-winning drive, and Browns linebacker L.J. Fort dropped an interception in the end zone that would have sent Philly to 0-1.

Still, the Cardinals wouldn’t be hiring Reid based on what happened in 2012 but what happened from 1999 through 2011.  Or maybe from 1999 through 2008.  Either way, Reid has shown a level of consistent competitiveness that the Cardinals haven’t, and Reid also has shown that he knows how to coach up quarterbacks.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Paolantonio also has an intriguing opinion regarding the potential plans for filling out the depth chart in Arizona.  He said he wouldn’t be shocked if Reid invites former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to serve as a backup for the Cardinals.  “Reid had to be talked into trading McNabb to Washington by the General Manager, Howie Roseman, kicking and screaming,” Paolantonio said.  “I’m just warning you, don’t be surprised if it happens.”

One thing we’ve learned about the NFL in recent years — even the craziest outcome never should be viewed as surprising.


87 responses to “Paolantonio “flabbergasted” by Arizona’s interest in Reid

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donovan was even the starting QB for the Cardinals next year. Regardless of what’s happened the last few years, Donovan wins when Andy is coaching him. They just fit well together.

  2. Who cares what Sal Pal thinks would be a good hire. He’s a reporter..nothing more. He seems to have an axe to grind with Reid. A bit personal it would seem for him to openly lobby for Reid NOT to get a job.

  3. Paolantonio is just mad because he went on Mike and Mike and argued with Golic saying nobody would want Reid and Golic said he would be one of the most attractive HC out there.

  4. Reid really hasn’t been anything other than average since losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots. Since then his record is only 66-60-1 and since Jim Johnson passed away Reid is only 33-31.

    He’s had awful drafts, made terrible coaching hires, and his teams have consistently underachieved and failed to live up to the expectations they set for themselves.

    Ray Horton who is already in Arizona would be a much better choice but this is the Cardinals and making good choices almost never happen in the desert.

  5. He needs to pull the reins on the McNabb talk. Horton is the guy. You should hear his comments and confidence. Definitely a force that the Cards need at the helm.

  6. He’s right. I said it several times on here. I’m not big on revisionist history, but we were all saying the Eagles’ wins were lucky in September. It proved to be the truth. All four were lucky, including a last second drive fueled by a rookie making his first start throwing an INT to set it up.

    After the Eagles had turned the ball over five times itself.

    This team was a complete… well, dynasty.

    My guys obviously quit and threw two games vs. BAL and ATL, who both lost in ugly fashion before and after games vs. the Giants, so I can take the jokes about 9-7 and missing the playoffs. You don’t get to complain about your team the year after they win a Super Bowl, even if they were one of the few teams equipped to actually repeat.

  7. Paolantonio is just mad because he went on Mike and Mike and argued with Golic saying nobody would want Reid and Golic said he would be one of the most attractive HC out there.”

    So you’re saying that Golic thinks Reid is attractive? Andy’s still got it!

  8. Arizona also went into Foxborough this year and beat the Patriots. Using Paolantonio’s “logic”, if Belichick were available….it would be shocking if the Cardinals would be interested in him as well.

    There is a lot of data on which to base a decision, using the outcome of a single game would be stupid. Few teams have won as many games as the Eagles during the time Reid has been there…regardless of how it ended, they had a pretty good sustained run.

  9. I always roll my eyes when talking heads go on about how a teams record really should have been something else to push an agenda. You are what your record says you are. They had some close wins, but also some close losses (Pitt, Detroit immediately come to mind). They were 4-12 on merit, no better, no worse.

  10. And Reid tried to hand the Giants the game by attempting to “ice” a kicker in Tynes who 1) kicked in 2 Super Bowls and was unlikely to be nervous; 2) had never kicked one that long anyway and 3) no doubt relished getting 2 bites at the apple even though unsuccessful.

  11. Brian Dawkins
    Jeremiah Trotter
    Carlos Emmons
    Ike Reese
    Troy Vincent
    Bobby Taylor
    Hollis Thomas
    Hugh Douglas
    Jevon Kearse
    Jon Runyan
    Tra Thomas
    Jermaine Mayberry
    Hank Fraley
    Terrell Owens
    Duce Staley
    David Akers

    They all have a couple things in common: ALL were a big part of the Eagles success in Reids heyday. NONE were drafted during the Andy Reid era. And I Believe the free agents were all signed prior to Reid getting complete control of Football operations. Offensive guru who hasn’t found a number 1 stud receiver in 14 years of a pass happy offense. He looks a lot better from far away. I would not have him running the whole show , think he’s burned out.

  12. I said it before – let me say it again: I’d be more interested in Denny Green. Wait. No I wouldn’t. I’d be about as interested.

    Ray Horton’s the guy. Anyone else “they’re” talking about is a retread.

  13. I went to the Browns game, it was horrible. Me and my buddy walked out of the stadium surrounded by 5,000 Browns fans and a guy walking next to us said: You guys don’t look like your team just won the game, we’re used to this. We said The Browns should have won. After The Ravens game I didn’t think they were going to win another game.

  14. Sal Pal has always been a shameless cheerleader for Philly sports teams. Now that Reid is gone he has no use for him, ergo the trashing has already begun just a few days after being fired.

  15. My respect for Sal Pal’s football knowledge really took a hit on this one. And besides, if Andy Reid hadn’t brought the Eagles out of the Rich Kotite/Ray Rhoads wilderness and made them relevant, no one would even know who Sal Pal was.

  16. I can’t get too angry about Reid, because he did give us quite a few good seasons. But he’s right- the Eagles were so awful this year, I’m surprised the record was 4-12. That Ravens game… ugh. If the refs were better, that’s an easy Ravens win, EASY. And that’s coming from a huge Eagles fan. It was just time for him to go. Bittersweet…

  17. canetic: Intriguing possibility. Thinking you could be right. As for Sal, one wonders why he is backing up the bus several times over coach R.? It is almost as though he begrudges a man for seeking employment.

  18. Where is George allen when you need him? Reid should put together an “Ova Da Hill Gang!” like George Allen did in 1971-72. Guys who still had enough in the tank and play for the Super bowl against the Miami Dolphins, who btw, are still the only unbeaten team in NFL history.

    Reid could start with Donovan as QB, Randy Moss as the premier wideout, Terrell Owens on the opposite side and Ray Lewis at MLb. Since Arizona is dreaming, might as well bring back Emmitt Thomas…….

    Blow up the Cards……re-build with Larry Fitzgerald!

  19. Dear Mr Bidwill: as a Cards season ticket holder, let me make it clear that I will NOT be renewing my seats next year, if Reid (or anyone else) brings in either McNuggets and/or Michael Vick. I’d rather have Max Hall and Ryan Lindley than either of those jokers. That said, please do the right thing and promote Ray Horton. Screw the retread path, let’s catch an up-and-comer on the rise, who’s already in the building and has proven himself with our defense.

  20. Sal is certainly entitled to his opinion but why so bitter? Did Andy eat your cheesesteak?

  21. This is all about the fact that Reid had a poor relationship with the Philadelphia media. Period.

  22. U cant say that the Eagles would be 0-16 or 1-15 because they werent. People miss field goals all the time and bad calls. Heck anyone watching the Green Bay/ Seattle game knows all about bad calls. It happens. U could say if some calls went the other way the Eagles would have been 8-8. Coaches coach, and players play. They just overreached on some free agents and players they thought would be better.

  23. ““They could easily have been 1-15 or 0-16,” Paolantonio said. ”

    This is one of the dumbest arguments people can make as you can make that about every team here and there.

  24. I’m amazed no one mentioned Kevin Kolb. Reid drafted Kolb. Reid traded McNabb because he had Kolb. Maybe Reid can revive Kolb’s career. (Maybe…:))

  25. You are what you record says you are. The Eagles played well against the Ravens and Giants, and there were plenty of breaks that went against them in both games. They won those games fair and square.

  26. dannythebisforbeast says:Jan 2, 2013 7:36 PM
    Of all the guys you mentioned who were “drafted” prior mto Reid beiong in Philly, half of them were free agents, not drafted.

    Someone had to coach them.

  27. Will this be the second time in a row the Cards make the right choice and then it turns out badly? They just dumped one coach who knows nothing about QB’s. Are they gonna hire another one who has the same rep? Is Nick Foles the Eagles answer for the future. That’s all they are left with.

  28. if you are talking leverage you have it reversed. Horton wants to be a head coach and Arizona has an opening. The leverage is all the Cardinals. Horton likely is the better choice here though. Reid needs a year (or two) off.

  29. superdru97 says:
    Jan 2, 2013 8:11 PM
    U cant say that the Eagles would be 0-16 or 1-15 because they werent. People miss field goals all the time and bad calls. Heck anyone watching the Green Bay/ Seattle game knows all about bad calls. It happens. U could say if some calls went the other way the Eagles would have been 8-8.

    The eagles won their 4 games by 1 or 2 points. They lost their 12 games by an average of 14 with only 3 games closer than 7 points. They were much closer to an 0-16 team than an 8-8 team.

  30. Kevin Kolb was quietly playing pretty darn good football this year. Four of their five wins came with him at the helm. With Reid I think he could be in a position to really flourish, especially now that the Cardinals have receiving talent outside of Fitzgerald (Floyd, Housler, Roberts stepped up). Larry gets bracketed out, you’ve got other guys that can take advantage of their coverages. That was missing in 2010.

  31. Screens in a submarine have more value then ANYTHING that comes out of Sal Pal’s mouth. He grew up on WIP 610 shock radio in Phila. He says stuff for effect, he says different stuff when at a “private” event where he can’t be quoted, but takes the unpopular side of an argument just to get on TV/radio. I would say he is dumb but that would be an insult to dumb people.

  32. I thought the national media loved Andy Reid and the fans were stupid for wanting him fired? Finally people see Reid for what he has become, a lost soul.

  33. why would the cardinals or any team care about 1 lousy season? if he has half the success there as he did in Philly the fans and owners will be thrilled. this guy acts like he is a scorned lover or something.

  34. I’ve read and/or listened to Sal for years, mostly when he was a guest on Philadelphia Daily News Live.

    He is a type-A personality who has made a career out of being a big mouth. He constantly talked over the other bear reporters on the show, often belittling them for no apparent reason. He prides himself on making bold, half-assed predictions and taking simple angles on topics just get print space or air time. The thing us, the beat reporters, like Domovitch, Bowen, Gunn, and Barkan always knew more and could bury Sal with analysis and local knowledge.

    This story by Sal is typical. Does he really think the Cardinals base their decisions on one game? Does it really matter that they fired the coach who crushed the Eagles this season? It’s ludicrous. Context is everything. Look at Gruden and Dungy. They both win with their second teams.

    Sal needs to retire. A strong personality isn’t enough in the 21st century. Everything is too transparent.

  35. Let me preface by saying this Sal Paolantonio is not the sharpest tool in the box and quiet frankly have his hidden agenda when it comes to certain individuals on the eagle team who will not be there anymore, His breakdown on why the cards would hire reid when the eagles lost to them in Arizona is beyond moronic , HELLO!! bad teams can beat good teams on any given Sunday, as i recall the BILLS beat the PATS last season, So according to Sal if the Pats was to fired Bill belichick the BILLS should not try to go hire him since they BEAT the pats before . BTW!! is he serious when he said their only legitimate win was when the eagles beat tampa bay with Nick Foles , As i recall Tamba bay DB’s drop 2 INT’S in their HANDS from Nick Foles on that last drive .But you got to luv his selective MEMORY.

  36. Sal Pal is an idiot just like all of the rest of Philadelphias media.The reason the Eagles weren’t very good this year is because they had a ton of injuries and they are one of the yougest teams in the NFL.Boy I feel sorry for the next coach that old tightwad Jeffy brings to town especially if he hires one these cheap nobodies he is after because the fans and media will run him out of town in no time .Especially after Andy wins a Super Bowl with the Cardinals.

  37. The card’s should just hire Horton he’s already familiar with the team and could make them into a physical powerhouse which you kinda need to be to compete in the nfc west…the d is already physical all they need to do is draft some maulers up front and a rb that can stay healthy and there on there way

  38. Every team has multiple one possession games that could have gone either way but they didn’t.

  39. I don’t think Reid’s heart is in it anymore and that’s kind of sad, because he was pretty darn good. Never top level but pretty darn good.

  40. Jeff Lurie is cheap.5 years from now the Eagles still won’t have a Super Bowl victory.He says he wants to win a Super Bowl but he won’t spend the money to hire any of the Best NFL coaches out there and he won’t even give them an interview.For Andy Reid to win for such a tightwad owner ought to tell how good of coach Andy is.

  41. Who gives a damn what sal thinks? Go put on apron because u definitely don’t deserve any pt. I can’t believe mike even posted this dumb article. Are u running out of info?

  42. Sal Pal has not been right about the Eagles for a long time. He is kind of a joke. Andy cut him off at some point and now he makes stuff up. Check his record.

  43. The City of Brotherly Shove is a self-important town, press corps and fans included. Of course it would be beyond them that any other city would take their renderings. But the fact is that Andy Reid did not forget how to coach and has a lot of football life in him. The man lost his son this year, for Pete’s sake. With all of the drama that led up to that, maybe, just maybe, Philly, Reid has been distracted for the past couple of years. Several smart teams that are not so hung up on themselves are standing in line to interview Reid.

    So get over yourself, Sal. I hope you get the coach you deserve.

  44. I’m surprised that Sal is so flabbergasted, given his low opinion of Reid. He obviously isn’t familiar with the collection of gomers the Cardinals have hired over the last 60 years (Whisenhunt and Don Coryell excluded).

    I really think Andy needs to take a year off and try to start the process of getting past his son’s death. If anyone is capable of having a productive second decade as an NFL coach, it’s Reid, but he has to take some time to heal first.

    And, you know, go to an organization that isn’t quite so dysfunctional….

  45. I’m hoping the Cardinals will pick up some unknown college coach. The 49ers don’t need another team in the division that out-coaches them.

  46. i’d love to share a beer and a brat w/ Reid. He looks like your typical polish bears fan in Chicago. A Blutowski type. Drinks 30 beers and eats 7 sausage and brats…sort of like DA BEARS guys on SNL.

    hes a beast.

  47. Well, looks like Sal knows exactly what the Cardinals need to do. Maybe they should just hire him since he knows so much about how coaching works…

  48. So the fact that the Eagles lost some random Week 3 road game out of a whole lot of bad games overshadows the fact that Reid might be the only guy who can get the closest thing to a Qb on their roster — Kolb — fairly productive? This Sal guy isn’t too bright.

  49. News flash Sal some people have more success after leaving one place for another.

    Also what other coach can say they have been to 5 NFC Championship games ?

  50. Sal Pal has always been and always will be an idiot. He is the perfect example of someone who cares more about his opinion than anyone else. Thanks for another gem there Sal.

  51. I heard him on mike and mike the other day, it seems obvious that somehow sal feels that Reid has wronged him. He definitely has an a to grind. He forgets all the playoff runs and only mentions the last 2 years when talking about reid

  52. Yeah, but John Fox fell into Peyton Manning. He wasn’t any good for about a decade before that. Plus Sal Pal is not a Philly homer anymore. He sold out and went to ESPN about 6 years ago. He covers more Patriots/ Giants or Jets than he does Eagles anymore.

  53. Few people took a shot at Sal Pal and I’m a bit surprised. He’s one of the “hometown” reporters who apparently has an “opinion” about Andy Reid. Maybe Andy wouldn’t buy into Sal’s ego so Sal has to throw crap at him. In the end, who gives a crap what Sal’s “opinion” is, anyway? He’s another of the ESPN hacks that everybody buys into with little analysis. Suddenly the Eagles suck, according to Sal. He didn’t say that when they were winning. Pretty easy to jump on somebody when they’re down.
    You can take shots at Reid all you want. The NFL is 80% athletes and 20% coaching. . I’m wondering if the players had anything to do with it? As in, maybe these hotshots aren’t as good as they think they are? Vick left the best part of his career in prison.
    Andy Reid can coach. He needs a personnel department that will provide him with players who want to be part of a team and not “I” am so great.

  54. As of late, Sal is hard to stomach. I used to watch his bit’s of ESPN and take something away from it, but now he is getting to be as big of an Eagles homer as Ed Werder is for Dallas.

    Why does he care what Andy Reid does? In all the years he has covered the sport, does he realize that a coach, like people in many positions, can become stagnant, and then just need new surroundings to flourish again?

    Somebody above mentioned John Fox, which is a good example. From Super Bowl to super sucking, but bounced back with a new team. Look at captain Charisma Bill up in New England, he’s fared a lot better with the Pats than he did the Brownies.

    Sal is obviously bitter, and doesn’t want to see Reid succeed somewhere else. If he wasn’t confident in Reid succeeding, he wouldn’t be as vocal about it. He and other Eagle fans should be thankful for 14 years of Andy Reid. As long as Reid has been in Philly, my Buffalo Bills have flat out been awful, there could always be that Philly, get over it.

  55. Sal’s a stooge, three weeks ago he was licking Andy’s boots for a story….. The idiot doesn’t realize the Bidwells are looking at his body of work not one season! 140 wins, 5 NFC championship appearances, 19 playoff games, etc…far better than any Cardinal coach for the same period…..wake up Sal

  56. John Fox in Denver after Carolina, Coughlin in NY after Jacksonville, Fisher in St. Louis after the end in Nashville.

    This guy can’t be serious can he? Reid’s a good coach, but maybe he’s been in the negative Philly bubble too long with the other miserable people there and thinks their best coach is overrated with 9 playoff appearances in 14 years.

  57. Sal Paleontologist looks pretty silly here.

    Even a successful NFL head coach needs to get swapped-out every 10-15 years. He becomes predictable to his players and loses the edge he needs to be most effective due to comfort and familiarity. Like Bill Cowher, “the Jaw”, Reid has become a cartoon caricature of himself.

    A Philly-stale Andy Reid may be a breath of fresh air to the Cards.

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