Reid will get his Cardinals interview on Thursday

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With multiple reports essentially giving Andy Reid the Cardinals’ head-coaching job, Reid will first get an interview.

According to Ian Rapoport and Albert Breer of NFL Network, Reid’s interview is scheduled for Thursday.

It’s the first known interview of Reid for one of the vacancies other than the one his firing in Philly created.  And while there’s a chance he gets the job, there is significant skepticism in league circles regarding any and all reports that it’s a virtual done deal.

Likewise, there’s more than significant skepticism regarding the reports that former Browns G.M. Tom Heckert will join Reid in Arizona.  The source for those reports could be their mutual agent, Bob LaMonte, who likely is trying to puff up as many of his guys as he can for as many of the jobs in which he can place them.

In pointing out these dynamics, we’re not trying to pick on LaMonte; we’re just trying to peel back the curtain and help the audience get to the truth, whatever the truth may be.  With LaMonte representing dozens of head coaches, coordinators, positions coaches, and executives, promoting them for jobs includes manipulating the media, many of whom gladly will rush to Twitter or elsewhere when hearing from LaMonte, without scrutinizing the underlying accuracy or agenda or reasonableness of the information.

UPDATE 12:15 a.m. ET:  It appears that the Cardinals are leaking that the interview will occur on Thursday to employees of NFL Network, and that LaMonte is leaking Wednesday to other reporters.

15 responses to “Reid will get his Cardinals interview on Thursday

  1. We always suspected that Andy Reid was of below average intelligence. The fact that he’s willing to essentially work for free by immediately taking another head coaching job (and therefore eschewing the money the Eagles still owed him on his contract) confirms that he’s of below average intelligence.

  2. Andy has become a “retread”,as he is soo old school,that todays player looks at fat man and thinks to himself,ya right Coach,you want me do what? Give me a break fat man,do it yourself,no I am not being paid to wash your car.

  3. Andy Reid is a good coach of many aspects of the game. BUT.. he is not a great coach. I don’t care what kind people say about him. Not even close to the same degree… but he’s a little too much like Rex Ryan in the one attribute that may keep them from contention for the big prize. They don’t have a handle on their players. I witnessed it MANY times during games. There is no price to pay/ no accountability for doing the wrong thing- and obviously doing the right thing is not stressed! This is the difference from a fantastic organization like the Patriots. The reason Ryan is worse is because Andy allows bad behavior and stupid mistakes to go unchallenged while Rex foments it.

  4. As a Browns fan, all I can say is good luck to anybody who gets stuck with one of LaMonte’s bums.

  5. So Andy Reed goes to the Arizona Cards as coach,just what will their record be then,the personnel are worse than Phillys are and they will finish last again,only with a new coach this time.he and his agent should have tried very hard to get the Bears job as that is the only team good enough next season to make the playoffs with a new coach at the helm,all the other teams including Az are terrible.

  6. Am wishing Reid go luck in Arizona (if it happens). It will probably a nice change to get away from the Philly fans.

  7. This doesn’t make sense unless Reid want’s to stay in the NFC because he knows the personal on other teams better. I would have bet my home on San Deigo.

  8. garyman1 says: Jan 2, 2013 7:51 AM

    Am wishing Reid go luck in Arizona (if it happens). It will probably a nice change to get away from the Philly fans.

    I guess it would be better to coach a team where the fans have no clue about what it takes to win in the NFL…

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