Report: Reid plans to tell Cardinals he’ll “fix” Kevin Kolb


When Andy Reid interviews with the Cardinals (it may be Wednesday, it may be Thursday, and the bespectacled head of one of the reporters who has stomped his feet and insisted it’ll be Wednesday may explode if one more person says it’s happening Thursday), Reid will need a good way to get the attention of the Bidwills.

The best, and most obvious, strategy appears to be this:  “You know how I screwed you in that trade for Kevin Kolb?  I can now un-screw you.”

Ian Rapaport of NFL Network reports that Reid’s pitch to the Cardinals will include a vow to “fix” Kolb.

It’s ironic, to say the least.  Two years ago, Reid’s Eagles conned the Cardinals into thinking Kolb was better than he really is.  Now, Reid will try to reprise that routine not in order to finagle a player and a draft pick from Arizona but to land a job there.

The suggestion that Reid can make Kolb play better than he has in Arizona overlooks a few things.  First, Kolb didn’t play all that well in Philly, once he finally got the chance to start.  Second, Kolb is injury prone, and that’s something no quarterback guru can fix.  Third, Reid’s reported plan is a direct slap at Ken Whisenhunt; if Kolb needs to be “fixed,” it means that Whisenhunt somehow “broke” him.  Fourth, wouldn’t Reid’s better strategy be to claim he can get Mike Vick to come to town, since Vick is the guy Reid chose over Kolb?

Regardless, Reid apparently believes that all he needs to do is convince the Bidwills that Kolb is fixable.  A little film review, a little jargon, and a few answers to whatever questions they muster after Andy mutters “time’s yours,” and that could be the key to talking them into hiring him.

Of course, the fact that Reid even needs to make that pitch tends to undercut the idea that the deal is already 95-percent certain.

50 responses to “Report: Reid plans to tell Cardinals he’ll “fix” Kevin Kolb

  1. “First, Kolb didn’t play all that well in Philly, once he finally got the chance to start.”

    If I remember correctly, which I do, Kolb had some fantastic games as a temporary starter when McNabb was injured. He was the NFC player of the week for his performance against the Falcons (2009 I think?). If you’re only talking about after he was named a permanent starter, c’mon man. You can’t base his career as a starter on 1 half of play against the tough defense of a team that went on to win the Super Bowl that year, especially behind an offensive line that was terrible. C’mon man!!

  2. Kolb is injury prone, only way to fix that is to get a whole new offensive line. That guarantees nothing. They might not gell. Drafting linemen is a gamble.

  3. Kolb excelled when he started. That is why the Cards made the deal. What are you talking about?

  4. Whisenhunt DID break Kolb. He also broke:

    Matt Leinart
    Max Hall
    John Skelton

    The only QB that looked good was Kurt Warner, and that was despite Whisenhunt, not because of him. He tried to make Warner a ‘part time starter’. The issue isn’t the QB in Arizona, its the O-Line. Has been since day one. Warner was just smart enough to get the ball out of his hands on a 2 step drop to Fitz or Boldin.

  5. I guess the question is “do you cut your losses with Kolb’s contract?” Or “do you double down?” Figuring coach salary doesn’t effect salary cap, it seems likely the answer is #2

  6. I’m a Cowboys fan but what’s with the Philly screwing Arizona talk. Philly didn’t screw them. Arizona screwed themselves. I really don’t think Andy wants to deal with Kolb. It’s such a bad move. Reid should go to a college program before getting into that hot mess in Glendale. Just saying

  7. This isn’t really a ‘report’, it’s more like applying simple common sense. Of course any head coach applicant, be it Andy Reid or another candidate will advise that they can get more out of Kevin Kolb, as QB was a weak point in Arizona. Andy Reid will have an advantage since he basically turned Kolb into a viable asset in the first place. With his track record and ‘system’, there really is no reason to believe the job can’t get done by the Walrus, you just have to remember that with Reid you get the good (the man can make a QB productive in his system) with the bad (clock management; Kolb might be operating with no timeouts to start the 4th quarter).

  8. Kenny Whisenhunt claimed the same thing with Kolb, but as it turned out it was more like the way you get your dog fixed that he was talking about.

    Under Whisenhunt’s stubborn scheming, he would never tailor the offense to match the QB’s abilities — like assuming Derek Anderson could throw as much as Warner and be successful. Whisenhunt will ruin any QB’s confidence, Big Ben had issues and don’t get Cardinals fans started on the yearly QB camp competitions. Yes, even the after Warner led him to the SB he still had to deal with it.

  9. Hire Reid draft the QB he really wants, groom Kolb into playing two or three good games then found a sucker too trade a second round pick for him & that is why I think andy is a smart coach!!!

  10. If it’s any indication of how Reid fixes any QB then it’s Cheap parts and very temporary. He Fixed Garcia, McNabb, Detmer, Vick….wonder how his Car runs.

  11. Andy Reid didn’t “screw” Arizona. Who could watch Kevin Kolb play and be convinced he was a starting-caliber QB? Definitely not me and, last I checked, I’m no NFL GM. Maybe that is why these clowns were put out to pasture. Stop taking the onus off of these grown men. They made a HUGE mistake in that trade.

  12. How can anyone know what a guy is going to say — except the guy? And why does that report have to be re-reported? I know this is a “rumors” page but there has to be a limit…. Just sayin’

  13. My vote goes to “not fixable”. His QB rating his last year in Philadelphia was 76, which is actually lower than his last two years in Arizona. It’s not as if he’s regressed. He’s not that good and never was.

  14. Andy will say anything at this point.. but actions speak louder than words.. and you sent Kolb packing when you were the coach in Phila. End of story.

  15. If Reid coaches in Arizona no way he cuts Kolb loose – that will only suggest he made a mistake in drafting him, which Reid will never do. I liked Kolb in Philly – he had the accuracy needed for Reid’s offense, but losing out to Vick and getting crushed in Arizona likely killed his confidence. Good luck, Andy (and Cardinals fans!).

  16. This whole thing reeks to me. Some other usually reliable sportswriters have suggested his coaching staff would feature guys like Juan Castillo and Brad Childress, too. I guess there’s enough reason for optimism there (how quick we are to forget how competitive the Eagles were throughout most of Reid and company’s tenure) but I never see these “getting the band back together” scenarios pan out the second time as successfully as they did the first.

  17. To answer your 4th point. Bringing Mike Vick to town is never really the answer.

    At what point do these sources lose all credibility? I’m refering to the guys on both sides of the reporting/leaking (eg Schefter, Lemonte, etc).

  18. Recycling loser coaches is never a good strategy. Give the walrus a fruit basket and give someone new a try, Cards. You’re going to fail anyway, at least go down fighting.

  19. Arizona Cardinals…. the place Coaches, QBs, and RBs go to finish their careers… ignominiously.

    For whatever reason, it’s proven to be a place to die.

  20. If Reid can retain Ray Horton as defensive coordinator he could do well in Arizona. Its become a tough division though so he has his work cut out for him.

  21. Hasn’t Andy Reid proven that he can have productive offenses no matter who’s at QB, RB, or WRs? One of the best coaches in football. Hire the man!

  22. These stories are nothing more than guesswork as usual.

    Being from Philly and watching Reid for 14 years, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that ONLY he knows what he is going to say to the Bidwills. He has always been tight lipped when it comes to divulging what his true plans and intentions are.

    Either way, I wish him the best and hope he lands on his feet and has success.

  23. I think Kolb could be a good QB behind a very good O line. As is the case with most quarterbacks not named Manning. If Rodgers lost a little mobility he would be dead behind his current line. either way if Reid runs the show he WILL NEVER win a super bowl. good coach, not so good talent evaluator. His best moves were:
    Hiring Jim Johnson
    Drafting Mcnabb
    drafting Westbrook
    Signing other teams draft picks

  24. Just don’t let Reid pick his own D.C. since they only good one he knew is no longer walking this planet. So keep your D intact and bring in Reid to fix the offense and the Cards will be back in it in 2 years.

  25. Draft a top right tackle, bring Vick for 1 season to have a chance that Fitgerald can actually get a few balls and then draft a QB next year. Forget Kolb.

  26. no particular order:

    Brian Dawkins
    Jeremiah Trotter
    Carlos Emmons
    Ike Reese
    Troy Vincent
    Bobby Taylor
    Hollis Thomas
    Hugh Douglas
    Jevon Kearse
    Jon Runyan
    Tra Thomas
    Jermaine Mayberry
    Hank Fraley
    Terrell Owens
    Duce Staley
    David Akers

    They all have a couple things in common: ALL were a big part of the Eagles success in Reids heyday. NONE were drafted during the Andy Reid era. And I Believe the free agents were all signed prior to Reid getting complete control of Football operations. Offensive guru who hasn’t found a number 1 stud receiver in 14 years of a pass happy offense.

  27. Reid didn’t con anyone. The Cardinals have never invested in the o-line the way they need to. Kolb is not Kurt Warner, but if you give him adequate protection he will put the ball where the play is dictating the ball goes. Which highlights another thing, not all plays are created equal. Andy Reid draws up great plays. Guys like Feeley, Kolb, and Garcia execute the drawn up play and that makes them look good. Guys like VIck don’t, and then the team looks bad.

  28. Why is Reid fixated on Arizona? The main problem Arizona has is that they will lose their GREAT defensive cordinator if they bring Ried in – and that guy is bound to be a HC somewhere else.

    Just promote the star coach you have that the players love. Arizona will get too cute here and mess this up.

  29. Reid can fix Kolb by investing in the offensive line position – despite the poor performance from the Eagles OL this year, Andy has always sought to invest ample resources (money and draft picks) on the OL.

    Kolb’s health problems result from an utter lack of protection – he showed a ton of guts hanging in there as long as he did and leading the team to a 4-1 start.

    If Andy does end up there – you can bet they target a top tier tackle in FA and another in the draft.

  30. kvanhorn87 says:Jan 2, 2013 8:15 AM

    Kolb excelled when he started. That is why the Cards made the deal.

    Because your previous coach is a dunce that got fleeced. Any Eagles fan could have told you he didnt have “it”. He may have had one or two good games but dosen’t every backup QB have a great game once in awhile? He’s a flash in the pan and thats about it.

  31. This should be one of the more entertaining train wrecks to watch. Andy Reid getting a job because he convinces ownership that he can fix a QB that he:

    a) made a mistake drafting as the future Eagles QB
    b) gave up on after Kolb played in a handful of games
    c) duped the Cardnials into taking in the trade for DRC, which ultimately contributed to the firing of both coaches

    Plus, putting Andy in charge of personnel, if that is what draws him to the Cards, given that Rod Graves is gone, will be very interesting, to say the least. Kolb has seen this movie before and can’t be too thrilled at the possibility of a sequel. How long after getting the job, and full control, based on his declared commitment to Kolb, will Andy reverse field and draft another “replacement” QB?

  32. What if he can ? Hear me out. AZ’s biggest issue offensively is bad O-line play. The Eagles draft more lineman (O & D) than any other team I’ve ever seen. With a West Coast-style offense, that Kolb is used to, along with a guy who knows lineman (he’s built like 2 of them), maybe he can help them. They’ve got some skill position players. This might make Fitz a #1 WR again and AZ competitive with their solid defensive play.

  33. Then again, promoting their DC to HC and grabbing someone like Norv Turner or an up-and-coming offensive mind to run the other side of the ball sounds like a better plan. More consistency / stability, which is what they were looking for when they brought on Whiz from the Steelers.

  34. Kolb threw for 391 and 321 in two games in 2009–the first a blowout loss to NO that he threw 2 TDs and 3 INTs in.

    In 2010 he had a nice game against ATL with 300+ yards and 3TDs (his only 3 TD game). His next two starts he had a rating of 56.9 and 37.

    His career is eerily similar to that of Scott Mitchell. Anyone suggesting Kevin Kolb can be even a serviceable QB in the NFL has no credibility whatsoever. The verdict is in, he is awful.

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