Robert Griffin III consoles Tony Romo: Don’t listen to your critics

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After the Redskins beat the Cowboys on Sunday night to win the NFC East and end the Cowboys’ playoff hopes, Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III made a beeline for Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, hugged him and spoke some words of encouragement into his ear.

Thanks to the NFL Films microphones, we now know what Griffin said: Griffin, who surely knew that Romo was about to face a hailstorm of criticism for his three-interception game against the Redskins, was attempting to lift Romo’s spirits.

“Hey Tony. I just wanted to say to you, don’t listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You’re a great quarterback, man. And this game doesn’t mean anything,” Griffin said to Romo, in comments that will air Wednesday night on Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

Griffin is a classy young man, and his decision to seek Romo out and console him after the game is the type of gesture that makes so many people admire Griffin as a man as much as they enjoy watching him as a player.

But the truth is, that game did mean something. It meant a lot. It meant that when we talk about Romo and Griffin 20 years from now, when both of them are retired, we’ll mention that Griffin led his team to the playoffs as a rookie, and we’ll discuss the many times Romo and his team came up short in the biggest games.

95 responses to “Robert Griffin III consoles Tony Romo: Don’t listen to your critics

  1. i like how a rookie is consoling a vet player. “tony, even though everyone, and i do mean everyone, says you can’t win, choke in big games, make poor decisions, and will probably get your coach fired, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, its how you play the game. in your case, you consistently play poorly”.

  2. RG3 is actually well spoken and that was nice to hear when he was being interview. Humility is very big and hopefully this kid carries it with him thru out his career.

  3. I used to think with a good enough team, Romo could be good enough to get it done. Certainly he has flashes. But sooner or later something like Sunday pops up.

    There are a fair number of teams with no quarterback and no prospects. Trading him for a 2 and a 4 like the Eagles traded McNabb would be ideal. Otherwise, he’ll play out next year, be franchised the following year and then probably cut at age 35.

  4. RGIII wants Romo to play exactly the way he played Sunday night for many more years.

  5. I think Griffin says this to Romo because he doesn’t want Tony to change his ways at all. He know Tony is trrrrble in big games and if Tony listen to the critics he might change for the better. Jerrah Jone should abide by the Roony-Roo and hire Quincy Carter as his coach. Garrett remind me of Doug Moe.

  6. Love the Griff, but I disagree with him. Romo has shown his tendency to repeatedly fail in “big” situations. I’m hearing from multiple sources Jerry Jones has finally reached his limit.

  7. RG3; Tony hold your head high and keep playing like you’re playing. The NFC East opponents love you and want to see you ride off into the suset in Dallas. Don’t worry if you lose the big games within your own division, we’ll still love you.

  8. The game didn’t mean anything to the Cowboys. Winning would have simply delayed the inevitable playoff collapse.

    The game meant a ton to the Redskins. They’ve won seven straight and could make all kinds of noise in the playoffs.

  9. Looking forward to having Wilson say that to him after the game Sunday. 3rd rounder beating a 1st rounder. Go Hawks.

  10. Why would anyone outside of nfceast foes wish ill will to a guy like this. Class act all the way.
    Oh and Romo needs to go. I think he has run his course in dallas.

  11. Why is everybody ragging on Romo? Obviously you didn’t read RG3’s advice that the game doesn’t mean anything. Romo is a good person and so is RG3…it’s pathetic that some of you can’t understand that there are things more important than football. Consider other people’s feelings for a change…

  12. Honestly, RG3 is from Texas (Baylor) and probably looks up to Romo. he might have felt bad for watching someone from his favorite team go out like that. Being a rookie, I can see him still being a fan as well. RG3 is a smart kid, and the redskins are very lucky to have such a fine player.

  13. The best QBs in the league win games when it matters. Either to make the playoffs, or in the playoffs themselves. Tony Romo cant do that. He is not an elite QB, he never will be an elite QB. He is what his record and stats say he is. A good QB, who cant win when it matters.

  14. chawk12thman says: Jan 2, 2013 5:04 PM

    Easy to make the comments when your the winner…….Remember how Cam Newton was positively protrayed, much like RGIII, last year when all was rosey? Quality of Character only comes out when you are having tough times. RGIII’s handling of adversity will tell us more about him. I hope we get to see his seemingly high quality of character this coming Sunday.

    Perhaps you didn’t pay much attention to the Redskins season. They started 3 and 6 heading into their bye week. I would say they had some adversity then. Rg3 vowed to return better than before and he did. He hasn’t changed one bit personality wise.

  15. The problem in Dallas is coaching. The play calling is horrendous, particularly late in games.

    Romo needs a shorter leash and some better coaching.

    Garrett should be fired. Seems like a nice guy, but they aren’t going to win with him.

  16. That’s sweet Robert, but you and Tony have something in common and that is you both will have zero playoff wins this year.

    You’re not Joe Montana yet Robert…

  17. “RG3 is actually well spoken ”

    God i’m so tired of hearing that about black athletes. Just say he’s not “hood” while you’re at it. And this is coming from a white guy.

  18. I could be wrong but I’m assuming RGIII is inferring that the game of football doesn’t mean anything in the long term…you know, be your own man, that at the end of the day they are just playing a game.

    I doubt he was saying the win or go home game meant nothing

  19. I wonder if Romo will tell Bob 3 Sticks the same thing when the Hawks bounce the Skins out of the play offs Sunday night…
    Go Hawks!

  20. romo is a good quaterback all the people that make fun of him don’t see him as a good quarterback shame on you eait untill next year when romo is going to lead the team with a divison championship and a superbowl ring

  21. The game doesn’t mean anything? Is that why people are paying them millions of dollars to play it?

    RGIIIs heart was in the right place, and it was a classy move… but how can you really believe that RGIII believes “it doesn’t mean anything” after how hard he’s played and the injuries he’s worked through?

    Kudos to him for trying, though. I sure as hell wouldn’t have.

  22. With the injuries the Cowboys suffered this year, they would have been 3-11 or 4-12 without Romo. He’s obviously not elite, but they can win with him. Give him a decent o-line and a defense that can keep them in games.

  23. After the game Tony Romo was seen throwing his helmet, but it got intercepted…

  24. RG3 would have been better served to just say “good game” to Romo and move on . What goes around comes around RG. A bit presumptuous to patronize Tony when you are still earning your creds in the NFL! The cowboys would not have even in a position to go to the tourney in this game would it not have bee for Romo. Nice to have a running back behind you RG that can gain 200 yards – even against a depleted defense like Rob Ryan’s.

  25. “It doesn’t mean anything” was meant as it’s just a game, and doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of that thing called life. Just being alive is a victory in itself.

    …or basically what edgarallen96 said, too.

  26. Schaub would last 3 weeks with that Dallas offensive line and lack of running game (Murray plays half of a season).

    Romo had another meltdown, but without Romo or a mobile/elusive magician at QB, Dallas wins 4 games this year.

  27. I can’t wait till next year. If Jerry does the right thing and gets an offensive line and defensive line that’s all we need oh and a play caller that will commit to the running game till then we aren’t going anywhere

  28. “Don’t get down on yourself, Tony. Trust me, I didn’t become an overnight success either. It took me all of my rookie training camp to get this good.”

  29. Funny, I am a Romo supporter and I find it strange that no one or any media sites have reported that Romo suffered two broken ribs in the first half of Sundays game.
    I was quick to blame Romo, but if any of you are, or were athletes, you have an idea of what he suffered through during the game.
    It is extremely hard to sleep, breathe or do anything with broken ribs, much less throw a football with a pass rush coming in your face.
    Congratulations to the Skins, but get real.

  30. Knowing what a young man of faith and integrity RGIII is, I told my son when I saw them talking after the game that I was certain he was speaking words of encouragement to Romo. Class act and he was clearly speaking to Tony Romo the man and not the QB, correctly anticipating the vitriol heading his way.

    Although I am rooting for my home Seahawks team, with Russell Wilson as another a young man of faith and integrity at QB, I know what a dynamic team the Redskins are with RGIII and Morris on board and look forward to an exciting game!

  31. “It meant that when we talk about Romo and Griffin 20 years from now, when both of them are retired, we’ll mention that Griffin led his team to the playoffs as a rookie, and we’ll discuss the many times Romo and his team came up short in the biggest games.”

    No, it means that’s what you guys will talk about.

  32. Romo is too often the fall guy in Dallas. Yes, he had a bad game Sunday night and the press is all over him. But look at his stat line the week before against NO. He was dominant and near perfect yet they still lost. Teams win games and teams lose games. Romo did throw 3 costly picks sunday, but the Dallas D could not stop Alfred Morris when the entire nation knew he was coming.

  33. This reminds me so much of my poker game at work ;where a particular guy is so BAD that he continuously lose money to us, But we keep telling him after every game ” don’t listen to anyone you are a very good player”.Afterall the last thing we want is to discourage him to the point he QUITS and get replace by a REAL poker player.

    I can assure you RG3 and the skins doesn’t care for a Dallas with a new steady QB that could win, they already have enough on the plate when it comes to the Giants.

  34. bohdickey says: Jan 2, 2013 5:52 PM

    RG3 would have been better served to just say “good game” to Romo and move on . What goes around comes around RG. A bit presumptuous to patronize Tony when you are still earning your creds in the NFL! The cowboys would not have even in a position to go to the tourney in this game would it not have bee for Romo. Nice to have a running back behind you RG that can gain 200 yards – even against a depleted defense like Rob Ryan’s.

    Its a team game. This aint no tennis match!

  35. My bad. This year he threw 19 interceptions … AGAIN.

    For a second there I thought that I was a Romo supporter by blaming the interception on the wide receiver.

  36. As a Giants fan I can’t stand either QB. Romo is the reason they were in position to win the East so you can’t put all the blame on him. Last I checked he doesn’t play defense and Alford Morris was just seen still running freely on 95 North towards Baltimore. Morris is the real story in DC. Who is the last rookie RB to run for over 1600. Griffin missed a game and that offense looked pretty good to me.

  37. I truly like this kid.

    I like him. I like him alot.

    I congratulate his parents. They raised a fine young man.

  38. RGIII is a class dude; however, I’m sure Dallas will get all the off-season hype, make some moves that seem meaningful but ultimately not enough, and once again fall short of unrealistic inflated expectations in 2013. Your team just isn’t as talented as you think Dallas fans.

  39. “Game didn’t mean anything”….to whom?

    Nice gesture RG3 but this game meant everything!

  40. It is sad when RGIII Is 10 years younger, but 10 times better than Tony.

    Griffin shows you why talented and consistent quarterbacks are worth caring about.

    Tony is talented, but inconsistent and that gets you nowhere.

  41. You analyzing of the remarks is correct, and I’m certain Mr. G. know that as well however, it was a classy and good sportsman-type gesture for the young man to do. It is EASY to see why his mates made him a captain in his first year.

  42. Now if only the skins will cut back on the designed QB runs. At least while he’s still healing up. I think they–and football fans everywhere–would like to see RGIII have a 15 year career instead of a 4 year career…

  43. As a Cowboys fan, that ending really hurt. Partly because it was too familiar.

    You just never know how these stories are going to end up. At one point, who thought that Elway was ever going to with a SB? I lived through that era, and he was perceived as not being able to get it done. And who thought Jim Kelly would *not* win a SB?

    Now those are SB QBs, and I know that Romo hasn’t gone to that level yet. But you just never know. I have the feeling that if he gets that crucible moment and aces it, it could propel him and team forward immensely. But we all know that something is missing. Every time I see him wearing a backwards baseball cap, playing golf, or saying something like, ‘it could be worse’, I feel like there’s some evidence of the problem.

    Solidify that offensive line, top priority. Get a great safety. Improve overall conditioning. Get more dynamic coaches. Just do something, please. It’s past the point of ridiculous.

  44. classyguy says: Jan 2, 2013 4:59 PM

    Staying classy in Washington.
    Somebody has to be classy in DC. Heaven knows it’s not the guys who constitute our government.

  45. kja22 says:

    Romo DOES get too much hate.

    Look. It cuts both ways. He gets way too much publicity, simply by being the QB of Invincible Dallas (perenially overhyped and overrated by the media), so when things go wrong, as they usually do for Tony Romo, Celebrity Quarterback (TM), he has to expect more than the usual amount of backlash.

    Live by publicity, die by publicity.

  46. We ‘Skins fans love you, Robert! Greatness and class are a rare combination indeed. All football teams need to have depth on their rosters. Injuries are a fact of the game of football, no excuses. Also, an elite athlete needs to be mentally tough and consistent. Romo is neither. The best O-line in the world won’t protect Romo from himself, or any other QB for that matter. No matter what happens on Sunday, I’m very proud of the ‘Skins for doing this season what no one, including myself, ever dreamed they would do.

  47. This fella’ is a breath of fresh air for the NFL; he’s taken rookie accountability and professionalism to a whole new level.

    That’s what happens when you are raised with the right combination of discipline, morals, and ethics by Army SNCO’s who combined spend 50+ years defending our country.

  48. This fella’ is a breath of fresh air for the NFL; he’s taken rookie accountability and professionalism to a whole new level…..unreal.

    That’s what happens when you are raised with the right combination of discipline, morals, and ethics by Army SNCO’s who combined spend 50+ years defending our country……..

  49. Skin fans have been waiting to win for 20 years and now they are showing their true colors. Classless aholes. Just remember that things can change real fast in the NFL and I would cool it with the gloating.

  50. Man its a lot of ridiculous statements on here let’s get to the facts. RG3 is from Texas. He was born in Japan, moved to Texas at age 7, played high school football in Texas. Then he went to college at Baylor Univeristy, which is in Waco, Texas, which is two hours away from Dallas. WHEN I TELL YOU THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN WACO PLEASE BELIEVE IT. In Texas you either hate the Cowboys or you love them, but all of Texas watch them, and depending on what game, ALL OF AMERICA DOES TOO.. RG3 has been watching Romo since he was in high school. He probably even got a spin move or two from Romo. Once he made it to Baylor, there is no doubt he was watching the Cowboys on Sunday being he’s only two hours away. All the talk of Romo winning or loosing games where on the airwaves in Waco for RG3 whole college career. ANd if you really want to know I think before RG3 got signed to the Redskins, he was an undercover Cowboys fan, just like everyone else is in Texas, and most of you out there. They just haven’t won in so long who wants to cheer for a looser? but as soon as they win one you’ll be back on board too. Knowing all this, plus now knowing all the logistics it takes to be a NFL quarterback, all the preparation he saw the team had to do to prepare for Romo, and him being a true Texan, is why he sought after Romo to tell him how he really feels. He knows there gonna drag Tony Romo through the mud in Texas, but he also knows that the ones that are going to drag him through the mud probably couldn’t draw up a play in the mud either. Nor was they on the field with a team who’s whole defense was depleted before the game started and whose receivers where depleted by the fourth quater.That’s why he told him what he told him. From one quarterback to the next.And I don’t think RG3 looks like the type of kid to lie.He recognizes that Romo is a great quarterback… So do I, Romo isn’t a clutch quarterback…like RG3 told him that game doesn’t’t matter. RAY Lewis said it best last year, every week until the super bowl there will be a new team feeling like how the Ravens was feeling when they lost. Well every week there are going to be new teams feeling like how Romo feels because the only game that matters is winning the Super Bowl… Don’t believe me ask the other Great non clutch quarterback Jim Kelly… I thought you’d agree now…

  51. You know, I’ve read so many bad comments about Redskin fans and Robert Griffin on this post. How the hate us; wish bad luck on his health, can’t wait to see us lose on Sunday, we’re a$$holes, but the fact is that I’ve read ALL of these post and only “One”, was someone talking trash from our side. It just really goes to show how some if you have NO concept of class! Just hating for “who knows why”, just haters!! Let me tell y’all something; we “Redskin fans”, don’t really give a d@mn if Seattle wins or loses Sunday. We weren’t even supposed to be this far along this season, let alone win 10 games. We are looking at a bigger picture and future over here. So don’t be so hateful because the kid and his mates are riding on a high! All highs come down eventually. The trick is to get back up consistently…haters gonna HATE!!! HAIL…

  52. @ yungpaine:

    There are a lot fewer “undercover” fans of the Cowboys out there than you may think, especially when you consider the poll that showed 73% of over 203,000 people who responded, from all over the US and abroad, were rooting for Washington on Sunday night. Even in Texas, where you’d expect all their most loyal fans to be, the Cowpies could only get a 55% to 45% majority. People are sick and tired of hearing this self-proclaimed “America’s Team” get anointed every preseason by the pundits as Super Bowl favorites, only to see them sink into oblivion every December.

    As for RGIII, he may have grown up in Texas, but he was never a fan of the Cowboys, undercover or otherwise. He followed the Broncos, mostly because of guys like Elway and Terrell Davis. His words to Romo came from the heart of a man who was raised to be an uplifter and a leader. In 30 years Tony Romo may have forgotten this game, but I doubt he’ll ever forget Griffin’s words of encouragement.

  53. I think what RGIII meant by the “it doesn’t mean anything” comment is that one game doesn’t mean anything as far as Romo’s overall ability/competence as a QB. I don’t think RGIII said that to be patronizing, I think he has a good heart and is a good dude.

    I think Dallas could definitely benefit from hiring a playcaller so Garrett could concentrate on game management. I watch maybe 5 Dallas games/year but it seems like there are always issues there and I blame most of those types of errors on HCs.

  54. Robert Griffin is a class act; period.
    Romo needs to see a sports shrink to get over his fear of loosing the big game.
    ‘Hawks fans : Wilson is a great story. For a 3rd pick he was a steal. He’s exceeded everyone’s expectations. However compared rg3 , wilson was put in a great situation. He has the marshawn lunch arguably the best rb in the League. The Seahawks have a quick stout defense.

    The ‘skins have been In do or die mode for 7 weeks. The hawks are foolish if they think the ‘skins are gonna roll over and hand them a victory


  55. I wonder if thats what was said to Peyton, Marino and Elway all those years too? Until then, they had the same image Romo does.

  56. Look what Harbaugh did for Alex Smith. If he was on our sideline we could get a play off maybe just maybe b4 the play clock reaches .05 seconds. Right away helping an already struggling O-line. To not have to go up against multi million dollar beast pass rushers that know the snap count. Priceless!

    Also Harbaugh probably wouldn’t rely as much on a week 4 pre-season offensive game plan either. Nor would he be all that compelled to ice his own kicker.

    It’s all ROMO though. Smh

    Harbaugh just an example of a good coach.

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