The final 2012 power rankings

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It’s the second day of 2013, but it’s not too late to issue the final set of 2012 power rankings.

Well, maybe it is.  But we’re doing it anyway.

There’s a small twist, which made it easier to get these things written.  (And which meshes with my New Year’s resolution to always take the easy way out.)  Each team receives a suggested resolution for 2013.

You can resolve to read them by clicking here.  And then you can resolve to complain about where you favorite team is listed.  Unless your favorite team wears orange and blue.

3 responses to “The final 2012 power rankings

  1. First commenter: Big Ben is just fine. Your O-line needs to gel and another offseason with Haley’s offense will be fine. I’m a Cowboy’s fan. I love/hate Romo, but our QB’s are definitely in different places. Stick with Ben.

  2. Jags fan here, but live in Pgh so see a lot of the steelers games. Steelers starters missed 78 games, that included, polomalu, Harrison, Woodley, colon, mendenhall, Ben, lefwitch, Taylor, brown, redman, batch, Adams, list goes on. They lost 5 games by 3 points or less, and in my own opinion, Ben wasn’t as accurate after his injury. They missed the playoffs by 1 game. Their offense started off strong, but after many O line injuries and Bens injury never recovered. The D started off slow but finished up very strong. I think once Haley has more time to work with Ben, and if they can be healthy, they will be a force. I for one would love to have Ben on the Jags.

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