Umenyiora admits it’s “time to move on” from Giants

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Even though the writing was on the wall the moment he signed his Band-aid contract, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora was always careful to leave the door open for a return.

Now that the season’s over, there’s apparently no point in maintaining the illusion.

During an interview on The Michael Kay Show, Umenyiora admitted it’s “time to move on.”

“I just feel fortunate to be able to play 10 years in New York in this city and that organization,” Umenyiora said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “It was a great run, a great ride. I think now is probably time to move on.”

The 31-year-old defensive end hasn’t been happy about his contract for years, and in March, he’ll have an opportunity to find out what his market truly is. It would have been better if he was coming off more than a 6.0-sack season, but he wasn’t an every down player in New York, and playing around other pass-rushers cut into his opportunities.

“I’ve earned the right to be a free agent,” Umenyiora said. “It’s been 10 years. I signed a seven-year deal and they made me play out all seven of those years. If they wanted me back, I think something would have been done before now. . . .

“There’s really not much left for me to accomplish here in New York. If you look at things that have been done here, what is there that is to be done that I haven’t done? We’ve won a championship twice. I think I’ve been a Pro Bowl player. And everything has pretty much gone better than I could have ever imagined here in New York. So if there is a time to leave, it would probably be now.”

Yeah, that should pretty much take care of any thoughts he might return. Good for Umenyiora for not bothering with equivocation.

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  1. As a Redskins fan living in the shadow of Giants Stadium this is/has been this teams’ general attitude problem:

    “There’s really not much left for me to accomplish here in New York. If you look at things that have been done here, what is there that is to be done that I haven’t done? We’ve won a championship twice. I think I’ve been a Pro Bowl player.”

    I’m afraid next year’s G-men won’t be so complacent.

  2. Great point by themachine. Too complacent all year. I thought this would be a year the GMen would come out and put 12-13 wins up, but they did not consistently show up.

    That is why Coach Coughlin WAS always on the hot seat pre-2 SBs.

  3. Lol, I love the “I think I’ve been a Pro Bowl player.” Wouldn’t you remember if you were selected for the Pro Bowl?

    Attitude is everything… if you don’t want to be somewhere then you’re probably not going to play to the best of your abilities. Thanks for 10 years, Osi. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  4. Lol, Redskins fans are funny. They’re relevant for the first time in, what, two decades? And they won the division title on the very last week of the season?

    With the way they post around here, you’d think it was 1991 again. You know, three years before Friends was even on airwaves. Three years before OJ Simpson “didn’t” kill his wife. Seven years before anyone had heard the name Lewinsky.

    Got a little perspective, Redskins fans.

  5. Osi I agree he complained but to be fair, he has a short window to make money and the Giants did get a great 7 year deal on him. Osi and really the whole Giants team stunk against the run over the last 2 years, but the guy is a turnover machine. I watched a lot of games, and teams would be driving for a score, and boom Osi strip sack, fumble recovered by the Giants. Yeah he is a complainer, but the guy played a major role in both Superbowl runs. I think the Giants will miss him. I am hoping that there isn’t much of a market for him and he comes back. Sadly there are teams that will be willing to give up the rushing yards for a pass rushing specialist that strip sacks QB’s, especially Teams that had problems getting to the QB.

  6. A lot of good points shared here. If there was one issue the team had, it was definitely complacency. Yeah, they’ve gone and won two SB’s but to others who have done so, that was not enough and a third, maybe a fourth, was a goal for them. But to this year’s team, it seemed that they were unmotivated and just plain uninspired to play. This was, of course, evident by play and the record.

    Yes, Osi’s situation has been a hot button topic for a few years now. And, like he said, he definitely earned the right to be a free agent. But I am pretty sure, if the back office conducts its draft, as they usually do, they’ll be able to find a suitable replacement, if they have not done so yet. Good luck!

  7. One trick pony whose best days are behind him, who gets gashed on run plays because he never learned to how to contain the edge and has lost more than a step, and will join Brandon Jacobs and Steve Smith a year from now at a local bar while all three wonder why they ever left the only place they were relevant. The most pathetic thing is the guy is assuming there’s a HUGE payday on the horizon. Any team that offers Osi big bucks needs to fire it’s GM. He’s not “that guy” anymore and has become, on his best days, strictly a situational player. Don’t let the door hit you in a**, Os. Like Brandon and Smith, you’ll be remembered for what you did in a Giants uniform and completely forgotten by the fans of wherever you end up next.

  8. For all of you that say it was “complacency”, I think Marshall Faulk had a great point. This team did everything the hard way. Always took it to the wire, always had “must win” regular season games to even make the playoffs, had to play the wild card, had to play all the games on the road – as Faulk said, it takes a huge toll on your body and your mind. I don’t think it was complacency, as much as it was exhaustion and several key players getting old. Doing things the hard way seems heroic when you win it all. But you do pay a price. That’s why it’s called “the HARD way”.

  9. Let this be a lesson to all players. Stop signing such long contracts! We saw it time and time again from Revis, Maurice Jones Drew, Lance Briggs, Osi, etc,. They signed long term contracts and were “unhappy” 2-3 years in when the market bypassed their previous contract and others were making more. They need to check their ego.

  10. Anyone want an old, undisciplined run defender who only gets sacks these days when the QB is trying to get away from the real talent on your D-Line?

  11. Overrated and no longer what he used to be. His me first attitude and drama queen act along with his willingness to throw everybody under the bus should mean he no longer gets a job in the NFL. He will though because there is always some team that will throw money at fool’s gold

  12. Best case for Osi is probably that he’s an Abraham type player somewhere else only his role as just a pass rusher/on 3rd down starts sooner. I like his phrasing, “they MADE me play all 7 years of the contract” though. He’s not high maintenance at all.

  13. “I signed a seven-year deal and they made me play out all seven of those years.”

    Oh thats such a shame!!! How could they expect you’d play for all the years they signed you for at the salaries you agreed to?!!!

  14. There will be interest in the services of Osi. If Jacksonville is going to snap Babin off the waiver wire, someone will write a check to Umenyiora.

    Jacksonville, Buffalo, Carolina, St Louis, New England, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Arizona, and Atlanta would all be able to benefit from his presence.

  15. Osi will find a home somewhere. He’s not elite anymore but an upgrade for a lot of teams.

    But, how no-one is talking about firing Fewell is beyond me. 27th in total yards allowed in 2011 and then 31st this year. I know we had a really tough 2nd half of the schedule, but are our personnel really worse than Jacksonville, Buffalo or KC?

  16. Osi gave us some fine play for a long time. Good luck to him, unless he’s playing us. As for the G-Men, time to give guys like Ojomo a shot and put Kiwanuka back where he belongs. But they do need to get stronger up the middle. One quick and important fix may be a healthy Canty.

  17. Osi isn’t a problem with me. Tuck ran his mouth all offseason, from the parade when we were all at the stadium and on Broadway listening to him saying he wanted several more rings, then saw him play like THAT this year.

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