Urban Meyer: Tim Tebow just needs an NFL team to let him play

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Tim Tebow is coming off a miserable season in which he never got a chance to show whether or not he can be an NFL quarterback. But Tebow’s college coach says Tebow can and will still get that chance.

Urban Meyer, the Ohio State coach who was Tebow’s coach at Florida, said on Mike and Mike in the Morning that he’s sure Tebow can be an NFL quarterback — if only some NFL team will let him play the position the way he plays it. Meyer, who has been one of the most successful coaches at employing the spread offense in college football, says he’s starting to see spread concepts employed successfully in the NFL, and he’s sure Tebow can have the same level of success as Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton if Tebow plays in an offense tailored to his skills.

“We watched RGIII at the Washington Redskins, Wilson at the Seahawks, the new quarterback at the 49ers, and Carolina, and they are actually running a spread offense in the NFL,” Meyer said. “So my hope is, and I’m sure Tim feels the same way, is to go play in one of those systems where they let him play.”

Meyer is certainly right that Tebow has a much better chance of succeeding in the NFL if some team will tailor its offense to his skills. However, the reality is that Griffin, Wilson, Kaepernick and Newton are all both better passers than Tebow and better athletes than Tebow. We’ve seen in the NFL in the last couple of years that some of those spread offense concepts can work in the NFL. But that doesn’t necessarily mean those offenses can work in the NFL with Tebow running them.

Still, Meyer says Tebow is upbeat and ready to play somewhere.

“I talk to him every week, and he’s still the most positive guy I’ve ever been around,” Meyer said. “He was so excited to go to New York and play for coach Ryan and the whole situation there. It didn’t turn out, but you have to move on.”

Tebow would love to move on with some coach who will show the same confidence in him that Meyer has.

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  1. Saying that Russell Wilson is a better athlete than Tebow is just blatantly wrong. Tebow is faster, stronger, and has better leaping ability. Don’t believe me? Check the combine numbers. The only thing that’s “more athletic” about Wilson is his skin color

  2. Wrong.

    Sorry, Tebow is a great guy, heck of an athlete and a hard worker, but he’s just not an NFL caliber quarterback.

    The only reason why he’s even relevant anymore is because Skip Bayless says his name 40 times a show.

  3. Bring him on at Ohio State then Meyer. Ohio State might be close to reaching the current NFL salary cap limit I’m sure you could squeeze your boy in.

  4. Urban doesn’t realize that, to be a good QB in the NFL, you have to actually be able, you know, throw. Tebow could get away with his shortcomings by running a gimmick offense and be surrounded by NFL talent against college players.

  5. He’s right.

    If Tebow is given a legitimate chance to play in a system that suits his strengths, then (and only then) will people know what he is capable of. For instance, to characterize Tebow’s season this year as “miserable” is inaccurate, because he never saw the field and even when he did see the field the playcall was something like “run into the line and gain 2 yards.”

    Just give the guy an opportunity. Only then will the Tebow debate perhaps be solved.

  6. I agree that Tebow is not the passer that RGIII, Wilson, and the rest. That aside, I agree with the rest of what Urban Meyer said.

    It’s not like Tebow had no success at Denver last year. I’m not sure what the Jets promised Tebow when he agreed to be traded there, but no one can expect him to develop into a better passer if he’s not on the field for any extended period of time.

    What mystifies me about the whole Jets fiasco is that Mark Sanchez was just plain awful this year, and still the Jets didn’t give Tebow a chance to play the position. It sounds to me like Woody Johnson wanted Tebow for the sole purpose of selling more Jets jerseys.

    Lots of people said Terry Bradshaw couldn’t play QB as well, and for the first five years of his career, they were right. But Chuck Noll was patient, and let him develop. Tebow needs that same type of chance.

  7. Yeah…nah. Tebow is a dumpster fire. Reading interviews with players makes me realize most men in the NFL value God and religion as much as Tebow does but they don’t use it as a crutch to better their interests. When a QB’s best quality is being a “great person” maybe he needs a new job.

  8. Maybe the Jags can get Tebow and bring Meyer in to coach. Sure the folks that have been clamoring for it would quietly quit watching and turn off their TVs after the first couple of games, but the rest of us would still have something to laugh at every week…for a season, anyway.

    It would be even more entertaining than the Jets.

  9. What does RGIII, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton have in common?
    They can throw a football

  10. You wrote: However, the reality is that Griffin, Wilson, Kaepernick and Newton are all both better passers than Tebow and better athletes than Tebow.

    It would have been better to write: However, the reality is that Griffin, Wilson, Kaepernick and Newton are all better passers and athletes than Tebow.

    That is all.

  11. The 49ers and the Seahawks, along with their former Pac-10 college coaches, have definitively shown that the college-style offense, using a run/pass QB, can be highly successful in the NFL. Any team owner should be able to see that Tebow fits this new format, and sign him up.

  12. Maybe that’s why no NFL teams have been sniffing around Urban when interviewing for head coach…

  13. the part that kills me is that when another qb is finding ways to win games and get the job done hes praised and looked at as elite and getting the job done at his position..tebow steps out and gets the job done in a fashion that we havent seen and all that happens is the guy gets criticized and beat down. yeah he doesnt have the best spiral in the world, but everything that has been said he cant do, he has done. i wanna see brady or manning or rodgers win a game and only complete 2 passes. and its also funny how a guy that cant pass will be remembered by 1 play, which happens to be an 80 yd td pass. get over it fans, the guys a beast and has a heart that i wish other qbs were capable of producing half of.

  14. Tebow already won games with a offense built around him. Why don’t people credit him for taking a 4 loss Broncos team to the playoffs where he won his first round game. It wasn’t pretty but his not-pretty wins were much better than Sanchez’s not-pretty losses. Give the guy a chance.

  15. When I hear the name Urban Meyer, why do I want to go wash my ears out?
    I mean, this guy makes Tebow look sincere in comparison. He has only one job left to get, The Allstate Good Hands spokesman job. OSU can’t keep him from that!

  16. Because “positivity” is at the top of the list when you’re looking for a franchise quarterback.

    That’s why Rodgers, Manning, Brady and Brees are so good — because they’re just so darn positive. Shucks.

  17. Easy statement to make when you’re not a guy whose job status hinges on the success of said NFL team.

  18. You can’t just GIVE the job to Tebow, he has to earn it. His gift was Kyle Orton was horrible and the Denver fan base was sick of him. If Tebow can’t read defenses, and he isn’t accurate, and he doesn’t know how to throw someone open, the why should he just be given a job?

    Someone please explain that one to me.

  19. The Jets would have had a shot at the playoffs with Tebow. He’s not a great passer but does throw a good deep ball and he won’t turn it over 4 times a game like suckchize did. Rex screwed the pooch on this one.

  20. I really like Tebow. Seems like a good person. But there is no chance he’s on a level of RGIII, Luck or Wilson.

  21. The fact that Tebow didn’t even start over someone as awful as Sanchez is an indictment on just how AWFUL Tebow is. You think these NFL coaches don’t want to win? If Ryan felt that he was indeed the better choice then you better believe Tebow would have been in there. You have to earn your shot to start. If you stink up the joint on film from practice by throwing worm burners and dead ducks then dang it you don’t deserve to see the field. It’s not a charity. You shouldn’t start a garbage quarterback just because all his freaks for fans want him to start..

  22. What happens when he gets hurt? You’d be forced to install a completely different playbook when reverting to a conventional QB. That or you could just put in your FB as QB while he heals.

  23. Tebow might be a beast at the tight end position; however, I don’t believe he’s ever going to be an NFL caliber quarterback.

    It was probably the worst thing that ever happened to him last year when he had that once in a lifetime game against the Steelers in the playoffs. Ryan Clark can’t play because of the altitude and his illness, then two of three starting defensive lineman leave the game with injury. Tebow gets all the time in the world and makes a couple of lucky throws. He wins a game and the legend grows.

    They had just such a quarterback in Pittsburgh at one point. His name was Kordell Stewart. I believe he could have made the NFL Hall of Fame at wide receiver; however, he couldn’t consistently make NFL caliber throws. He flashed a few decent games, just like Tebow, and the legend and hype grew.

    I, unfortunately, see the same kind of career for Tim Tebow. Hopefully he’s saving piles of money from those endorsement deals he’s signing.


  24. ah, reminds me of the ol’ “just let VY be VY” talk in Tennessee…NOTE: that didn’t really work very well past the first season either…

  25. To say that Tim Tebow is not as athletic as Russell Wilson is just not a fact. He only .2 slower in the 40 yard dash and Tim Tebow weighs 40 pounds more than Wilson. Tim can bench press over 150 pounds more than Russell and his vertical leap is the same. Tim has had a season to work on his mechanics and word within the Jets organization is that his throwing has improved immensely in only one year. I say watch and see what happens. Tim will show all the naysayers.

  26. Hew Tebow, just make the switch to all around “football player” and enjoy what could be an impressive career. Running back, flanker, safety etc.

  27. To say that RGIII, Cam Newton, Russel Wilson, and Colin Kapernick are better athletes than Tebow is just a flat out wrong statement. RGIII and Cam are in the same class, and may be a little better. Russel Wilson and Colin Kapernick couldn’t hold Tebow’s jockstrap. They may throw better, but as an all around athlete, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Think about it, Tebow could possibly play many other positions, Wilson and Capernick, I think not. Give Tebow the same shot as these guys, to run a spread offense, and lets end the debate all together. He will succeed or he will fail, and my money is on success.

  28. Where Mr Flip flop is missing the point, at least those guys can throw. Something Tebow has never mastered. He’s a FB, slow TE or maybe just yet another College player that can’t make in the the NFL Offense

  29. Tim Tebow’s stats in the combine are better than Russell Wilson’s, plus Tim is 35 pounds heavier. Tim Tebow is a great athlete. As far as his throwing. The word within the Jets organization is that Tim has been working on his throwing all year and has improved dramatically in only the last six months.

  30. Wasn’t it just last season that the Broncos won a playoff game with Tebow at QB?

    His stats will never be anywhere near Peyton Mannings’, but RGIII isn’t putting up huge numbers, either, and he’s still winning games. Now, RGIII is way more efficient then Tebow, but the guy wins games for his team. I know that isn’t sexy in the NFL anymore, but Tebow is a winner on the field, and I agree he needs a team who can suit their offense around his skill set, like Denver did last year.

    Jacksonville, with Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon in place, would be a great place to try.

  31. I’m pretty sure of all the posters swinging from Tebow’s sack none of you would want him as the starting QB on your team!

  32. Yes!!! Let him play … another position!!!

    He’s a terrible thrower!!!

    Btw, why should we listen a front running phony like Urban Meyer???

    Didn’t Florida do so and lose a coach to Ohio State after two years??

  33. Tebow needs to stop being a cry baby and do what he loves most..PLAY FOOTBALL. I am not saying he is not talented. He needs to realize his limits. He is more suited for another position other the QB, maybe he should pick up his toys and go home

  34. Hey Urban, what NFL team have you been the head coach of? Oh, that’s right…

    A team gave him a shot, then jettisoned him the next year in favor of an aging veteran with a bum neck and just a little left int he tank.

    Sure, Tebow went to the playoffs in Denver and beat my beloved Steelers, but regardless of what Tebow lovers say, he did little more than manage games, as the defense and running game (which he was heavily involved in) took them to the playoffs.

    He is an NFL-caliber player without a position. He needs to pick a different position an tune his talents toward that position and he will be an average player that will run his course (about 7-10 years) in the NFL… Maybe as a FB, TE or a bulky WR.

  35. I just wish people would stop coddling Tebow. The problem with an offense tailored to Tebow is that he will only exceed.
    The difference between this years Broncos and last years Broncos is that one man isn’t getting all the credit for winning games. Manning is making it easy for the receivers to catch the ball and play within the system, the gameplan. With Tebow, it was his way and his way only. To be a good qb, he has to work on his craft. He needs to become a better practice player, period.
    There are a lot of backup Qb’s who are working as hard or even harder than Tebow. It’s not about imaginary qualities like “winner” or “leader”. It is about being prepared, and that’s what Tebow lacks. Maybe this off season he works on being an NFL qb instead of being Tim Tebow from the University of Florida, then he might become a good QB.

  36. If the ground was his target I agree that he could play in the NFL.

    However, bouncing the ball off the ground on it’s way to a wide-out isn’t gunna work much.

  37. Tebow cannot play in the NFL. He cannot pass and is not ready for prime time. I would rather have a QB who:
    1. Passed for more yardage in his first playoff game than any QB in NFL history
    2. Passed for 315 yds against a team that did not allow any QB to pass over 300 yds all season
    3. Is only one of 3 QB’s in history to pass of over 300 yds, run in a TD and have Zero INTS in the playoffs.
    4. Has a 7-4 record as a starter on a team that was 2-5 when he did not start.
    5. Has the Highest ESPN QB rating stat ever recorded.
    Oh, yeah…that is Tebow, my bad!

  38. Tim Tebow is an athlete. With his work ethic, I am positive that his will become a very efficient and great quarterback in the NFL. He will be a great quarterback.

  39. The guy is an athlete and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. Other teams said they knew what Tebow was going to do but they couldn’t stop him. That makes him elite. Now he is not the greatest passer, but he isn’t the first QB to play and not be a good passer (i.e. Vick!). He is not a pocket passer but needs bootlegs, roll outs, etc. He passes better on the run than in the pocket. He was certainly better than Sanchez and a few other QB’s starting this season and even into next season. I think if he were black, people would be supporting him more as a running QB, but a white guy can’t be one?!

  40. THANK YOU Urban Meyer for speaking what so many of us truly believe. Tim Tebow will prove these naysayers dead wrong. The suggestion that Tim Tebow is not every bit the athlete that RGIII, Russell Wilson, or Cam Newton is just smacks of Tebow-hating B.S. Tim will get his chance, hopefully with Jacksonville, and I wish to God it was Urban Meyer coaching him there. The team who invests in and believes in and plays Tim Tebow will be richly rewarded.

  41. All of those guys are far far more accurate then Tebow is. Thats the whole problem, it was known before he was drafted and he got drafted anyway.

    Seeing Wilson deliver the ball against a great defense on the run or from the pocket is the greatest testament against Tebow that could be made.

    And he could do it in the pre season as a rookie. How many years are people willing to pay Tebow 5 million a year to TRY and get him to the level that these guys entered the league with..
    Its amazing.

  42. Any team considering Tim Tebow is in the same dilemna teams were in when considering Brett Favre a few years ago.

    You had to be “all in” before even making any kind of public effort to get him.

    Either you bring him in, as the starter, from the first day…..

    Or you don’t bring him in at all.. Heck, you don’t even mention his name if you aren’t willing to bring him in.

    TT could help himself though.. he could hire somebody to help him with his throwing motion and accuracy.. and practice his butt off.

    If he could show improvement in accuracy and release.. he might get picked up. If he doesn’t.. he’s out of football.

  43. One big problem with the comparison is all those other guys have strong arms with accuracy . I used to like Tebow but quite frankly I am sick and tired of hearing about him. Next year hopefully he finally gets exposed for what he is special teams / back up fullback.

  44. As a Broncos fan, I had the chance to watch Tebow play. He made MANY great passes. But the thing is, Tebow has something that cant be measured in numbers. His heart!! He has an incredible will to win, and he never accepts that he’s out of the game. People respond to him and he infects the team with confidence. I’m sorry, but I like the kid, and have all the confidence in the world that he can succeed as an NFL QB, given the proper chance. He already has, he went to the playoffs, won a game in the playoffs, and in that game threw for over 300 yds. I like having Manning in Denver, I wont deny that, but I have confidence in Tebow as a backup, even more than Osweiler.

  45. Tebow is wasting his talents on the bench. He should get the hell out of NY and go elsewhere. With a good coach, the likes of Bellichick, he could become one of the best QB’s in the NFL. Why Cuz he’s big, got heart, guts, can run, block, & kick. His throwing can and will be improved. Under the proper tutelage, he will be awesome. If some “team” could pick up Lovie Smith & Tebow…they would certainly have a winning pair….neither one has been appreciated.

  46. The fact still remains that he DID take over a losing Broncos team and made them a winning team, lead them to the playoffs and beat the Steelers to win a playoff game… Just off the top of my head that is more than any of these QBs have been able to manage~

    Brandon Weeden, Cleveland
    Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville
    Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn Kansas City
    Kevin Kolb or Skelton, Arizona
    Cam Newton, Carolina
    Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo
    Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay

  47. Urban said the samething I been saying all year he just need the right coach. I find it funny how Andrew Luck gets so much of a pass for what ever reason but if you look at his season it was similar to Tebows last year all them picks in the 1st 3 quarters then some how another he finds a way to win in the 4th. No one ever mentions that or that Cam was Tebows backup at Florida. It’s proven if you put a guy in the right system it can work, no matter the QB. Matt Cassell parlayed one decent season in NE into a mega deal and showed everyone its the system. We undermine the coaches in society your job as a coach is to improve the players not just win games, as a coach you are a shrink, nutritionist, sometimes daddy, and developer all in one, if a player doesn’t develop its your job to do that but no they push the player to the side, get rid of em label him uncoachable when they didn’t put the time in to improve em. Being a head coach is more than win and losses but that’s what society has become.

  48. I am not swinging from his sack as was mentioned earlier but as I posted before..Tebow to the CARDS!!..Be it Reid or Louvie or whoever..Tebow does have the skills to make it and I think in AZ he would get a legitimate shot at showing everyone what he can do..

  49. I have no doubt that he will prove all the naysayers wrong if given the chance to play. What does he have to do? Beat the Steelers in the playoffs? Oh wait, he did that already. Give the guy a chance!

  50. No tebow fan here.

    But the Jets for whatever reason doinked him.

    It can’t be hidden that he won a playoff game as a QB.

    Worth a shot somewhere that will let him play? Heck yeah.

    Great athlete, leader and teammates love him. We will see.

    Jets and Rex Ryan are supe lame for their doody decisions with tebow. IMHO the circus is all Ryan’s fault…entirely

  51. Tim Tebow did not make the Broncos a winning team last year. While he was starting the broncos went from 1-4 to 8-8. And unless I am mistaken, finishing at .500 is not considered a winning season.

    You can credit rather epic collapses from the Raiders and SD for the broncos making it into the playoffs almost as much as you can credit Tebow, don’t forget about the unnamed Chicago running back that inexplicably went out of bounds, and about half a dozen LONG FG’s by Matt Prater.

    Also the Broncos, who had limited personal change for 2012, finished 13-3 and are the one seed in the AFC. So it’s not exactly like Tebow carried an overmatched team of untalented buns to an 8-8 record last year.

  52. It’s difficult to understand why folk are still arguing about TT as an NFL QB after he started for almost a full season and won a playoff game for an average team. People either love or hate him and are unable to assess his play without allowing emotion into the argument.

  53. I also need an NFL team to just let me play! I’ll go in there and play crappy, lead the offense to no points, and collect a fat paycheck like Tebow. Me and Timmy, in the same boat. Come on NFL coaches, just let us play!

  54. It is pretty obvious he is headed to Jacksonville next year. If I was Shad Khan I would get a seat on the competition committee asap and legalize the “bounce pass.” You might have a shot at a winning season if you can get that done.

    Of course once/if Tebow fails in Jacksonville his fans will blame it on a lack of talent.

  55. In college Tebow threw for 9,000 yds in his three years as a starter and had a passer efficiency rating of 170.8 SEC record. He can throw. He just needs to have a shot, with the right team and right coach, and a quality qb coach to help him better his game.

  56. “tlmoon2112 says:Jan 2, 2013 11:20 AM

    Anyone who says Tebow can’t throw hasn’t seen him pass for 316 yards against the Steelers in a playoff game.”

    Probably because they were too busy laughing at the wounded ducks he threw up against everyone else.

  57. “What does RGIII, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton have in common?”

    Lets see….. RGIII, Newton and Wilson were given at least 1 full season to play. 16+ games. Cam has had 32.

    Kaepernick has been given the same amount of time as Tebow, coming in as a back up to finish the season. Lets see if he can win his playoff game like Tebow did.

    By the way, all of these guys you mentioned, used their legs to win too. Lots of bad passes at weird angles for all of them.

    Come on Son……

  58. What Tebow needs is a good NFL QB Coach and an organization that has an entrenched QB in place. I don’t doubt Meyer’s assertion that Tebow could succeed. Meyer seems to think that Tebow has the football IQ to do it, and it might be true. Simply put, though, his mechanics suck and even in a spread offense, they’ll get exploited as NFL defensive players are that much faster. What he needs is to go to an organization that has time to try and revamp everything, an organization that has a QB in place. He needs a few years to simply learn.

    Considering the rumored team going after him (Jaguars) and his desire to play, I doubt that will happen. I wish him the best, but he really needs to take a long term view of his NFL career.

  59. Tebow wasn’t allowed to play QB in NY because if he succeeded, then they would have to stick with him and Sanchez would be exposed as a Matt Lienart, Matt Cassel product of the system.

    If is all about selling tickets, Jets offseason in turmoil= traded for a fan favorite and hope he can help the locker room. I truely believe they never had any intentions of giving him a chance to play QB.

    Everyone is tired of hearing about a 3rd string QB, but how can you hate on him for tht? Dude just shows up and gets paid! I never heard of him calling a press conference or his agent whining!

  60. What evidence is there to point to the notion that Tebow would somehow make a good TE…

    Come on dingbat…

  61. Tim Tebow needs to give up the sense of entitlement and earn a starting job on the practice field like every other 2nd and 3rd string QB in NFL history has.

    Sorry, but why does Tim Tebow deserve a job more than Dennis Dixon, Terelle Pryor, Greg McElroy, Tyrod Taylor, or any other successful college QB that came into the NFL to sit on the bench? Because his name is Tim Tebow? Because he loves Jesus the most? Because he gets the middle aged lady reporters hot and bothered when he takes his shirt off?

    I just don’t get the obsession with a guy. There are dozens of former Heisman and Championship winning College players that didn’t pan out in the NFL. Where were the chants, petitions, and multitude of media cries for their opprotunities to start?

  62. Those other guys maybe better athletes but Tebow is a proven leader and a winner. He has a gift for getting his team mates to rally around him and fight for a win. He will never be as great as Brady or Manning but I think he can win in this league if a team is willing to take a chance on him as their QB and commit to him one hundred percent.

  63. we all know he isn’t a starter, but he should definitely go to a team that runs this style of offense.

    Any of those teams would be good suiters for Tim as a backup. IF the starters were ever hurt, then he could come in and the offense wouldn’t have to change all.

  64. I totally agree with Hoge, Tebow is about promoting Tebow. He got his shot Urban, it was Denver. He got his shot on a very very talented team in need of a QB and they got rid of him for a reason: he ain’t an NFL QB.
    Now you think he has earned the right to be on a team? How? He did nothing this year. The reason he did not play, and Urban clearly knows this, is Tebow stunk in practice, team mates said so and the coaches had no confidence in his ability so he sat on the bench.
    Thus, he has had two opportunities on two talented teams and did nothing.

  65. Can you imagine the firestorm that will hit the sports pages if Tim Tebow is acquired by the Jags and made the starting QB? If Shahid Khan is able to work a deal and bring Tim to the Jags, will he then give head coach Mike Mularkey the boot or keep him on is the next big question. If Mularkey is let go then who would replace him as the head coach? I guess It would be unrealistic optimism to hope Jon Gruden would take the job. During a question and answer interview Mr. Gruden made these comments about Tim Tebow. Q: The spread is being run in high schools and colleges, is it possible it could be a base offense in the NFL one day?

    A: “No question. The hard part is, you have to isolate the option. That’s why Tim Tebow is so interesting to me. He’s like Brandon Jacobs playing quarterback. He’s 250 pounds. He’s the strongest human being who’s ever played the quarterback position. Ever. He will kick the living [expletive] out of a defensive lineman. He’ll fight anybody. He is rare. Tebow is the kind of guy who could revolutionize the game. He’s the ‘wildcat’ who can throw. With Tim Tebow at the helm the Denver Broncos were the #1 Rushing Offense of 2011, they averaged 164.5 Rushing Yards Per Game. Tim Tebow passed for 316 yards in his NFL playoff debut breaking John Elway’s previously owned record when he threw for 123 yards in his playoff debut in 1983 vs the Seattle Seahawks, in which the Broncos lost 31-7. In fact Tebow broke the record in the first half where he passed for 185 yards on 5 completion. I will leave you with just one quote from Tim Tebow:
    “When you do things different than other people sometimes do them, and
    you don’t settle for just being average, you open yourself up for
    criticism. But, I’m ready for it. I’ve learned to live with it. I never
    just wanted to do things the same way everybody else does.”

  66. Did you really say Tebow is not as athletic as Wilson, Griffin or Newton?! Dude, your nuts…look up the numbers and I think you’ll revise that statement.
    Also, where are you people getting this “Tebow can’t throw” crap? Based on what? Last year in Denver? Come on…you need to watch the game film from last year. For example, in the KC game last year, Tebow was 2-8 for 69 yards and 1 TD. He was mocked endlessly for completing only 2 passes. However, look closer and you will see 3 dropped passes: 2 by Decker on throws over 20 yards down field, and 1 on a shuttle pass to Eddie Royal…A SHUTTLE PASS!
    Completion % is horrible, you say? Well, let’s take a look…last year he threw a league low 6 INT’s for a 2.2 %. Those bad passes to you “Haters” are called smart throw-a-ways by people with common sense…

  67. OMG! Tebow and Urban Cryer together again! Not in J-ville this time. Shad, please save us from the over zealous Gator fans.

  68. I find it funny, all we heard a couple of years ago from all of the so called experts was “the spread offense and these college offenses cant work in the NFL.” Well, that is why I don’t value the opinion of anyone on espn. when you look at what tim tebow does well, he can be an effective qb in the nfl. for as much as he handles the ball he doesnt turn it over much, he a probably most teams short yardage and goal line best option. And for those of you who still believe he can’t throw because that’s what the media tells you, I have watched every game he’s played in and he is not anywhere near as bad as some would have you believe. Throws an excellent deep ball. Does need to learn how to throw people open. Not saying the guy will be all pro but he has already shown he can lead a team to the playoffs and win a playoff game. but for some i guess that is not good enough.

  69. Tampa said the same thing about Steve Young, can’t throw , can’t run the ball, holds it to long, never make a good NFL qb. The bucs traded Young to the 49ers and well you know the rest of the story about Young. Tebow needs Young to teach him and how to read defenses. There is no NFL qb that needs to throw the ball 60 yards down the field to a wide open reciever on a dead run any more. John Elway and Dan Marino won many many games by just throwing the “underneath” passes of 10-25 yards. They didn’t have to put it down the field. Every NFL qb needs a system that fits his needs or he doesn’t make it in the NFL. No matter how good you are you need a team that can block well and good recievers to run good routs, not just a loop out there and stand to watch the action, you need great recievers not guys who run their mouth of how good they are and run routs that when you throw the ball to them they are scared to catch it because you throw it over the middle and are afraid to get hit by the safety coming at you like a f-16 fighter. A good reciever makes a qb look good.

  70. I hope he gets a chance this next season to start. I truly believe he will win games. It doesn’t matter how it “looks”. He and whatever team he is with will win.
    Yes, he is a team player.

  71. Simple solution…..Cardinals need a coach AND a QB….. Steal Urban from OSU and bring Tim in as his QB! This would not shock ANY OSU fans as Urban is known for changing his mind after a year and lets face it they really want Teflon Tressel back!

  72. I think these Tebow backers need to realize that in the nfl it is all about winning. If his coaches thought he gave the team the best chance to win, he would be out there, bottom line. If any team thought he gave them the best chance to win, he wouldn’t be on the precipice of his third team in three seasons. How many qbs are on the punt team? That should give you a clear message on how teams see this clown.

  73. If only he could throw the ball accurately…

    One of the main things that makes the Skins’ offense so deadly is that Robert is extremely accurate throwing high-percentage, low-risk passes.

    Can Tebow do that?

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