Victor Cruz is positive he’ll work out a long-term deal with the Giants


Giants receiver Victor Cruz has been saying for months that he’s close to reaching an agreement on a long-term contract with the team, and yet that contract hasn’t gotten done. But Cruz isn’t worried.

Cruz said on WFAN that he doesn’t see any way that he and the Giants won’t come to terms.

“Obviously, you never know, it’s all negotiations, but I feel positive that I’m gonna be in New York for a very long time,” Cruz said, via “And I feel positive that myself and my agents will get something done with the management of the Giants. I feel comfortable where we’re at. I think I’ve done enough to show them I’m a good guy on and off the field, and that I’ve done everything positive up until this point to prove that I’m somebody that the organization will want to keep around for a long time. I’m positive things will come around and a positive outcome will come out of all this.”

Cruz acknowledged that there had been a stall in talks between his agents and the Giants, but he doesn’t seem concerned about that.

“It got tabled for a couple weeks, mainly because of the two sides agreeing to disagree at the same time,” Cruz said. “So it had been tabled for a couple weeks, but now that the season’s over and the statistics are what they are, I think we’re going to get back and pick up the pen again and see what we can do.”

Cruz, who entered the league as an undrafted free agent and signed a three-year, league-minimum contract in 2010, has been one of the most underpaid players in the league over the last two years. But if he’s upset about his status as one of the most underpaid players in the league, he’s not letting on.

31 responses to “Victor Cruz is positive he’ll work out a long-term deal with the Giants

  1. Everyone talks about how Tebow’s character should count when assessing his playing skills. Cruz has proven talent and great character. The Giants would be foolish to let him slip away.

  2. Ask Revis, Maurice Jones Drew, your teammate Osi, Lance Briggs, et al about signing long term contracts and whining about being underpaid in 2 years. He should just sign a 3 year contract and reassess his market value.

  3. He’s been playing for league minimum, he’s proven himself to be one of the best in the league and he hasn’t made a stink about. On the one hand, the Giants should respect all of this and pay him. On the other hand, he should be upset they haven’t already given him a new deal and he should bolt! He would look good in a Vikings jersey!

  4. Not a giants fan, but gotta respect this guy for playing out his contract and not running his mouth constantly about how underpaid he is. Refreshing.

  5. I hope any new contract has a ‘No salsa dancing’ clause. It’s getting as bad as ‘Tebowing’ and as embarrassing as ‘the icky shuffle’ and the ‘make it rain’ thing that some players do.

  6. Yes I agree that Victor Cruz, just like Eli Manning has great talent and a beautiful character. Sign Cruz long term. Also we love his salsa dance:)

  7. The Giants have been very smart and very prudent with the contracts that have been offered to players the past decade. The front office has applied forward thinking and kept players that will be productive within the evolution of the game.

    A contract that is above market scale will be worked out. Then Chunky Soup can keep making sideline appearances in NY. After all, I don’t think slow simmered Gator with Vegetables will sell outside of Jacksonville.

  8. I wonder if he is doing his salsa dance in his living room? That is where he gets to watch the playoffs from!

  9. Victor is the poster man for what a role model should be.
    As a NJ native and a giants fan I have seen and heard a lot about this young man and it is all good.
    He is also very lucky as 32 teams took a pass on him 7 times in the draft and if not for a college scout on the giants staff he would not be in the NFL.

    Is he under paid? Yes and no he makes more money off the field then on the extra money comes to him because he does play for the Giants who are in the biggest media market in the world.

    Saying that I do agree he should be paid he is a fan fav and threat anytime he is on the field.
    Knowing the Giants he will retire a Giant

    As to his dancing that is in honor of his upbringing and for his grandmother.

    And as to where he will be on Super Bowl Sunday well that is simple he will be soaking up the sun at the Pro Bowl

  10. New England doesn’t need this guy. They have welker who is better at what he does and doesn’t do a attention grabbing girl dance everytime he scores.

  11. Seen as he would be a restricted free-agent he is definitely not leaving, even Jerry Reese and Victor Cruz agent is not able to work out a deal before free agency they will simply stick with the requirement that a team would have to give up and a first and third and there are not any decent to good teams that would be willing to do it.

    If he were an unrestricted free agent it would possibly be an argument in regards to his impending time as a free agent.

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