Vikings straddle fence on practice conditions


The Vikings will be playing outdoors on Saturday night when they face the Packers at Lambeau Field.

Since it is January, it’s a fair bet that there will be a significant chill to the air. Minnesota’s got plenty of its own chill this time of year, but the Vikings play their home games inside and typically practice indoors as well so there was some question of whether they’d switch things up and practice outside on Tuesday to prepare for their trip across the border into Wisconsin. If coach Leslie Frazier was considering it, the consideration didn’t last long.

“It was minus-10,” Frazier said, via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Any thoughts I had about us going out there were kind of removed when I got out of my car.”

The Vikings opted for practicing inside, but opening sliding doors to allow some of the elements in during the session. The Vikings haven’t won at Green Bay since 2009, when they were quarterbacked by a fellow who used to play his home games at Lambeau Field, and they lost 23-14 there during this regular season.

Four members of the Vikings weren’t on the field for the half-freezing practice. Running back Adrian Peterson, safety Harrison Smith, linebacker Tyrone McKenzie and cornerback Antoine Winfield all sat out practice, although Winfield’s broken hand is the only injury that is particularly worrisome for Saturday.

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  1. ““It was minus-10,” Frazier said, “Any thoughts I had about us going out there were kind of removed when I got out of my car.”

    I feel like this statement is reason enough to pick the Packers. You gotta be practicing outside all week. Simulate the environment. So when you’re out there you’re used to it. Huge mistake for the Vikings playing indoors.

  2. A total non-story and non-factor. Whether you practice indoors or outdoors, its still the same players running the same plays against your own defense so what difference does it make?

    The Vikings have a very long history of choking in the playoffs so the only question is, what round will it be this year?

  3. vikings played 10 games indoors this season. they did not win a single game outdoors, and won’t likely make this weekend’s game the first, as it will be far more harsh than previous outdoor games they couldn’t win.

  4. The temps for this Saturday in Green Bay are predicted to be near 20 degrees at kickoff – so cold really isn’t a factor.

    The only team that the Packers have beat at Lambeau Field in the playoffs in the last decade is the Seattle Seahawks.

    In that same period they have lost to the Falcons (dome team), the Vikings (dome team) and the Giants (twice).

    Lambeau Field in January doesn’t scare anyone except maybe the Seahawks…;)

  5. pastabelly says:
    Jan 2, 2013 8:58 AM
    Bud Grant just rolled over in his grave.
    The last I knew Bud Grant was alive and well so I doubt that happened. Although I do agree with the sentiment of the statement in that the Vikings should be practicing in field like conditions to prepare them for the game.

  6. The last I remenber the Vikings and Packers met in 2004 at the same time of year and lone behold the Vikings won! I think we are gonna see the same come Saturday.

    You guys can’t stop the beast! You can’t! Woodson may break his collarbone again trying to tackle AD. As you could see in the last game Hayward, Williams and co wanted nothing to do with tackling the beast. OH YEAH lets go Cheese!

  7. “It was minus-10,” Frazier said, via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Any thoughts I had about us going out there were kind of removed when I got out of my car.”

    Toughen yourself up.

  8. So overrated.

    These guys have all played in cold weather. Either they can handle it or they can’t. One or two days of practicing in it will make no difference.

    The human body doesn’t acclimate to cold weather. Why do you think the cavemen were so pumped when they invented fire?

  9. It depends on the conditions. If it is truly unworkable to practice outside, then they are better off practicing inside. You still have to run through your iterations to get things right.

    On the other hand, if all this is about is the team not liking the cold weather, then that’s bad news for the Vikings. But there’s no reason to be outside in -10 weather unless the forecast for game time is going to be another Ice Bowl forecast.

    Currently the forecast for Saturday in Green Bay is a high of 29, with a low of 15. If practice conditions are comparable, then it would be wise for the Vikings to simulate them given the chance. But there is a BIG (25) difference between -10 and 15 weather wise.

  10. Total non-issue. The Packers need to be more concerned about weather conditions than the Vikings. They rely of more of a vertical passing attack than the Vikings do. I am sure 20*f isnt going to affect the Packers passing game, so I highly doubt it will effect the vikings. The coaches are humoring the media to help the hype of the game…..its marketing.

  11. I’m still so dang happy about Sunday’s game, beating the Pack and making the playoffs, that I could care less about the weather. The Vikes were picked to be in the cellar, win no more than 6 games, lose their last 6 games, get beat by the Pack at the Dome, blah, blah, blah. Who the hell cares if the Pack is favored by 7 points in 20 degree weather — what else is new?

  12. first a complete non story and non issue….smarter to get the weary rested & healthy in normal environment for 2 days instead of making injuries worse. but by friday they better b outside……if my 3 kids (all under 8) can sled when its only 5 outside for 2 hours someone needs to show some gumption on that staff and have the players do the same

  13. Saturday night will not be anything like how cold it was that morning. So it’s a smart decision to not practice outside, since it’s not that close to the actual expected conditions and you’re just exposing players to some possible injuries or ailments due to the extreme cold.

    When it’s so cold out that congressmen have their hands in their own pockets then you just don’t go outside unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  14. Personally I’m glad Mini won a bunch of games this year. It’ll make it harder for them to find the impact players in the draft that they still need to be anything more than a solid team.

  15. AP will run the ball on Saturday. No doubt. The bigger question is if Ponder can throw the ball on Saturday Night. That, I doubt.

  16. Vikings have lost EVERY game they’ve played outside. Packers haven’t lost 2 games in a row since 2010. 2009 was the last time the Vikes beat us at Lambeau. Vikes aren’t gettin any home cookin like that ball that hit the ground but was ruled a catch. Packers are gonna kick some butt.

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