Vontaze Burfict fired up by Ray Rice “cheap shot”

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Bengals rookie linebacker Vontaze Burfict had a whopping 18 tackles on Sunday against the Ravens, his highest total in a season in which he was the Bengals’ tackling leader. Burfict says Ravens running back Ray Rice deserves the credit.

Early in that game, Burfict and Rice were pushing and shoving after a play, Rice got a personal foul penalty, and Burfict said Rice made him angry — and Rice should know not to make Burfict angry, because you wouldn’t like Burfict when he’s angry.

After he did that little cheap shot, I felt like, ‘OK, let’s go,’” Burfict said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It kind of had me on fire for the rest of the game. Just channeling my emotions in the right way.”

Burfict said he’s going to channel that same energy in Saturday’s postseason game against the Texans.

“It’s the playoffs. I should already be there,” Burfict said. “I should be ready to go, fired up. I’m excited. I’ve got another chance to try to get to the Super Bowl in my rookie year. I know some guys with 10 years in the league who haven’t made it to the playoffs. I’m blessed with a great team, great teammates, and great coaches. Go into the playoffs and hopefully get this win this week.”

If Burfict flies around the field against the Texans the way he did against the Ravens, he’ll give his team a good chance.

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  1. Character flawed guy on the Bengals??? Give him time and he will implode. BTW there was no cheap shot… watch the play, Rice’s back was to the play and Rice, all 5-7 of him, was just finishing his block on Burfict. You will never hear anyone but Burfict say that Rice gives cheap shots.

  2. Ive got another chance to go to the superbowl in my rookie year…. Sounds like a real Rhodes scolar

  3. The only reason he went after Burfict was because Burfict stomped on Torrey Smith earlier in the game, after Smith caught a pass.

    Yeah, now who’s throwing our the “cheap shots”

  4. This dude is still crying? Rice took out Burfict’s legs and Rice finished blocking to the whistle. If a guy were shorter than me did that to me is be salty too, unless it was Ray Rice

  5. C’mon Bengals! I am not a fan of either team, but I would love to see the Texans get knocked out in the first round. They are over-rated and benefited from a weak schedule

  6. It wasn’t a cheap shot, it was playing hard until the whistle. The fact that a flag was even thrown is yet another exhibit of how the NFL is being watered down and ruined by political correctness. The fact that “Vontaze” was offended doesn’t surprise me. Most people with attention grabbing and made up names are soft these days anyway. I can’t wait until we have a president named Tristan.

  7. Congratulations to Burfict for getting through his rookie year without any trouble after taking a nose dive in the draft. Nice job by Zimmer and Lewis too.

  8. Burfict calls finishing the play a “cheap shot”. That shot was a split second after Flacco threw the ball and there was no whistle. Rice’s job on that play was to take Burfict out of the play. Burfict’s job was to get to Joe Flacco. Burfict is just mad that he lost that battle and instead of taking responsibility he wants act like Rice did something wrong. Just like he said Mayock was being “hurtful” for saying he was undraftable. No, Burfict, you earned that tag by tanking your last year at Arizona State and showing up to every workout out of shape.

    This guy is perfect for the Bengals. A flash of potential, but we all know it’s just a matter of time before he gets arrested or just stops trying again once he gets his big contract from the Bengals.

  9. I guess its becoz of his size but Rice does do a poor job in blocking..Earlier against the Texans he hit JJWatt from behind after the play was over..hahaha..Oh gosh! The Ravens are pretenders..They didn’t deserve to win the division..it would be the same to give it to Cleveland..Its embarrassing to a so called Tough Division..1 and done..Go Colts!

  10. Time will tell whether we got outsmarted by Marvin Lewis in going after this kid THE SECOND the draft was over.

    Right now though, 18 tackles and critcal injuries to Ray and Jameel McClain later, it looks like Ozzie royally screwed the pooch.

    Ofcourse, Burfict’s first offseason away from the football environment will tell whether he can be a reliable asset for years to come.

  11. Ive got another chance to go to the superbowl in my rookie year…. Sounds like a real Rhodes scolar

    Yeah bash others when you can’t even spell? Bet he knows how to spell “scholar”.

  12. Rice played to the whistle, and finished the play. He is far from a dirty player. End of story. 18 tackles against our second and third string – whoop dee do. I don’t dislike Burfict, in fact, I wish him all the best because he went from being drafted in the first round to falling completely out of the draft. He drew two fouls, and he was a tackling machine (no matter who was on the field). He didn’t have to say anything.

  13. I have to give Burfict credit,going into the draft his stock dropping to the point where he wasn’t even drafted he has played well for the Bengals this year

  14. People on here blasting this kid’s character issues from this statement? Makes no sense. At least he didn’t go back and give cheap shots after he received one. He just played harder. Sounds to me like he channeled his emotions in the correct way if you ask me. Oh and to attack his education. lol That’s funny. You guys couldn’t attack anything else about this kid but his grammar. I bet 90% of the players you talk to in this league, yes including those on the Ravens, don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground as far as grammar is concerned. At least Vontaze wasn’t an accomplice to murder…Ohh but he was never found guilty. That’s right. Neither was OJ and we all know how that is.

  15. Ray rice is a lil queen if the starters played all game they would have got crushed. Joe waccos feet are too slow he would have got sacked up and the ravens are gonna be 1 and done against pagano and the luck led colts- Baltimore Lamens

  16. Shame that other NFL head Coaches can’t find ways to mold talented young men like Vontaze into hard working quality professional athletes…. Coach Marvin Lewis can. His career was saved at a good young age. He works very very hard and is focused on getting better. He’s still young. Credit should be given to The Cincinnati Bengals for this kind of work, too.

  17. I think what throws the red flag for me is that he needed this to play better? Why aren’t your playing your hardest anyway?

  18. I’ve watched every Bengals game this year. People are constantly hitting Burfict late, and trying to get him to react…. including former Bengal Bobbie Williams in this last game. Vontaze has kept his cool all year, and is playing at a high level. Also, by saying he has another chance to get to the super bowl in his rookie year, he means that he has the chance to play another game… dolts.

  19. Vontaze was giving cheap shots to players all game. The fact that Rice gave him a taste of his own medicine and he’s complaining about it, please!

  20. I’m just amazed by some of the reactions. Even if you think it wasn’t a cheap shot, the kid did the right thing by “paying them back” with the level of his play. He didn’t go make his own cheap shots. He just used it as motivation to play harder. That’s how it should be. Not to mention the fact that this is a completely different Vontaze Burfict than we saw before the draft. This kid has grown leaps and bounds already. The Bengals staff caught a diamond in the rough here and it’s paying off for us so far. Let’s just hope the kid keeps his head on straight in the off season. But so far, I have no issue with what he said at all.

  21. For all the people who are whining and moaning about Vontaze Burficit: Don’t you wish that your team had him? Sometimes,we believe in what the “draft gurus” say until we see how a player performs under pressure. So far,Burficit made the Bengals defense better. Let us not forget that this defense was struggling until he became a starter midway through the season and he led the team in tackles. For an undrafted free agent,that is very impressive.

  22. LOVE all the Bengal fans puffing out their chest…. Marvin takes your team to the playoffs 2 years in a row and you still have to blackout home games on TV….fair weather fan base at best….dont worry Mike Brown will screw it up for you again soon and back to the AFC North basement you go!

  23. Love the see Steeler and Ravens fans coming with all the hate on the Bengals. Seems like fear of losing the grip on the AFCN. Keep crying a defeated dog kicked out of the pack by the new alpha male whose come to take over the pride.

  24. I really do enjoy all the Bengals fans on here acting like they are head and shoulders above a Ravens team that DESTROYED them in week one and almost beat with their backups last week against the Bengals entire starting team minus Dalton for one half. Seriously look at the game minus the 1st 2 drives. Ravens benched Lewis, Pollard, Suggs, Ngata, Williams, Reed, Kruger on D and Yanda, Flacco, Rice, Leach, Torrey, Boldin, Pitta, Dickson, Birk, KO on O. Thats 75% of the starters folks. So before you get all high and mighty after the Ravens gave you the game last week, remember this: 5 consecutive playoff appearances. 5 consecutive seasons with playoff wins. 2 straight AFCN division champs. And we did it this year with Suggs gone for 6, Ray and Webb gone for 10, and Pollard gone for 4. And you still couldn’t beat us out for the division.

    So what were you saying again about the better team?

  25. The Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since 1991,including last year when they got beatdown by the same Texans team they play on Sunday. Actually, that Texans team was worse, because TJ Yates was the QB, and the Bengals STILL took an L. I hope they win,but the Bengals fans’ blustering is comical at best.

  26. Boy these Ravens fans sure do get defensive don’t they? I’m not at all saying the Bengals are better than you guys but maybe some day soon you guys can admit your team’s best days are behind them. A team rebuild is closer in the future for you than a Super Bowl Win. I wouldn’t necessarily say the same for the Bengals. Flacco is not elite as much as you guys would like to think so. Ray Lewis is as good as done so there goes 80% of the defense. Ray Rice would be smart to bail out when he’s a FA. Pretty soon he will be the only good thing they have left.

    As for the Bengals, man Dalton needs to pick it up bad! I know he’s only a 2nd year QB but he’s making some stupid mistakes. The O-line needs help bad too. Other than that, some secondary help would be nice but I’d say the D is pretty solid. I’d say the Bengals are on the incline and Baltimore is on the decline.

  27. Maybe you should look at the tape very first play they were going after Burfict, they were poking the bear because of his reputation. The hit on Torrey Smith was clean he wasn’t down yet. Torrey didn’t have to act like a baby it’s almost like all the Ravens were told to poke at him to get a penalty. Sorry didn’t work. Ravens choke 2013.

  28. I respect the Bengals players and give them a lot of props for taking care of business to get a seat at the dance. That said, Bengals fans are amusing. Your offense didn’t even score on the Ravens 2nd string defense until the final minute of the half. The only reason they even managed to pull off the win was a pick six (props to Dunlap on the nice play though) from a backup quarterback playing his first significant snaps (i.e. more than 5 garbage snaps at the end of a game) in a real game, ever.

    I wish Cincy luck and I do think they have the ability to p ull it off in Houston unlike last year. That said, the fans basing their bravado over a 6 pt win in which your opponent had pulled EVERY integral player they could before the first quarter was over, are laughable.

  29. Anyone else catch Inside The NFL last week?
    Ray tried that same stuff on JJ Watt.

    JJ Watt: “Really, man, you gotta do that?”
    Ray Rice : “Yeah…” *other ridiculous mumbling and chest pounding.
    JJ Watt: “I’ve eaten burritos bigger than you.”

    I’m not saying Ray is a dirty player, but I think he definitely plays with short man syndrome and takes his shots where he can get them. As many other players in this league do.

  30. Won’t make much difference as both teams won’t make the Super Bowl….again. Rice is a player, but can be a little too chippy…still respect him a lot for a raven..just saying.

  31. A couple of things for the Ravens and any other hating fans…

    1.99% of our team is built on positive character with men who want to help the community. This isn’t 05/06…

    2.If you read about Vontaze he has never been arrested and lives with his fiance and 2 dogs and rarely goes out to the clubs and bars and doesn’t keep 1,000 hanger ons…..

    3.Yea the Ravens rested many starters so what were they supposed to do lose the game????? If your starters are ready then handle your business when the Colts come to your house.

    4.Bottomline with Zimmer here (I hope he is future HC) my team is gonna fight you all in every game…Respect that or not but you dont play the Bungles anymore….

  32. So it takes making this guy angry to play well?
    Why doesn’t he play like that all the time?

    It amazes me the “regular” effort vs. the “extra effort” some players put out and the motivation it takes to get them there.

  33. Some people here want to bash Burfict and say Rice was just “finishing” the play. You must be forgetting that he was flagged for the hit, so the refs deemed it cheap as well.

  34. rayguyreturns says:
    Jan 2, 2013 10:49 AM
    So it takes making this guy angry to play well?
    Why doesn’t he play like that all the time?

    It amazes me the “regular” effort vs. the “extra effort” some players put out and the motivation it takes to get them there.


    that’s natural to have. if you’ve ever played competitive sports you’d know that. You should always put your best foot forward or put out 100% when you play. However, when you play a rival or someone you don’t necessarily care for, there’s always that added fury you take into the game that maybe brings another little bit of “swagger” out in you. he’s not saying he puts out 90% in the game until someone pisses him off and then he puts 100% in. he’s just saying when that happened to him, it fired him up even more than normal.

  35. I have to admit I was completely wrong about Burfict. I watched many of his games when he was at ASU and thought that he would never make it in the league and would be in prison already. For society’s sake and as a football fan, I’m glad he’s turned his life around and learned to channel his rage into just playing ball.

    Time will tell if he can resist bieng a personal foul machine or the temptations of being a young rich player in society. So far, I’m rooting for him.

  36. Yes this is true the Bengals BEAT the Ravens 2nd stringers, however it was also the Bengals 2nd stringers that BEAT the Ravens 2nd stringers, so your arguement is not a very good one. Enough said, 1 and done, against a rookie QB will be how the season ends for the Ravens. that is all…


  37. Torrey Smith started the chippiness and it continued thru the early part of the game. Burfict hit Smith as Smith was going down and he took offense. The Ravens backed into the playoffs while Cincy won games at the end of the year to qualify. Just think if the refs had made the correct mark of the ball at the end of the SD game? And after botching the mark botching the review? And Ravens fans
    say the refs and the league are out to get them?

  38. I am glad to see that this kid has kept his nose clean since entering the league. Everyone thought that Burfict was going to fail, cause a big problem. I think that having the leaders of the Bengal D around him has done him some good. Now that he is not the biggest fish in the sea anymore, he is starting to learn what respect is.

  39. Weird Bengals and Ravens finished with the same Record…

    I can’t believe Ravens fans are talking about the Bengals flapping their gums and chippiness. You do remember you have Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs on your team. I am not sure if they get much talkier or chippier than those two.

  40. In fact I am glad Burict has a chip on his shoulder and a mouth. The AFC North has some pay backs coming for the past decade.

  41. Bengals and their fans talking tough. What a joke.

    You can start woofing when you’re won ONE Super Bowl. Until then, you’re the Lions, only farther down I-75.

  42. Keep clinging to the past… Haha this “Lions” team has the same Record as the Ravens and just Beat them. So not sure what you’re saying about that organization.

  43. Also all Time Regular Season Stats for Ravens vs. Bengals is 19-15-0. You’re up by 4 games, yay for you, but hardly a dominating statistic.

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