Adrian Peterson wants to play special teams


Apparently coming nine yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record isn’t enough for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

The PFT most-valuable player award winner now wants to play special teams as well.

According to Dave Campbell of the Associated Press, Peterson has been constantly nagging special teams coordinator Mike Priefer to be involved on various special teams units.

For the past two years I’ve been trying to get in on field goal block. Come in off the edge, you know? It’s just going to take one block for them to really be like, ‘OK, you know what? Let’s take the chance and let you go out there and get it done,'” Peterson said. “Kickoff return, I wouldn’t mind getting back there. I’m in it to win.”

Peterson actually did see time as a kick returner during his rookie season. Peterson had 16 kickoff returns and averaged over 25 yards a return in 2007. Priefer isn’t going to say no when a player comes to him and says he’s available to contribute, but head coach Leslie Frazier seems to have other ideas.

“He always asks,” Priefer said. “He’s a football player. Gunner, field goal block, returner. The guy is awesome. I always say yes, and then I ask the head coach and he says no. I know what the answer is going to be. I don’t even have to ask.”

Priefer wouldn’t rule out the possibility of using Peterson as a returner in a critical situation in the postseason. For now, just add Peterson’s desire to play special teams to his long list of goals.

38 responses to “Adrian Peterson wants to play special teams

  1. I think Adria Peterson is the best running back I have seen in the last 100 year. He need to stick to what he doing so well and forget all this special team nonsense and Flim Flam. It would be like an owner who decide all of a suddah he want to be the GM as well. The idea is trrrrble.

  2. Pretty sure I remember earlier this season where he took the snap from center, picked up the blitz, chipped the DE, launched a 40 yard pass down the middle of the field and made a diving catch into the end zone for a game winning score all on the same play.

  3. peterson for mvp manning he is a qb and everyone know stats for a qb are alot more easyer than a rb if you dont beleive then just look at manning run then come back and agree with me

  4. You guys are aren’t going to let this thing alone are you? Peterson had a good season, don’t get me wrong, But first there was this Olympic dream headline, now he wants special teams. What’s next the Daytona 500?

    This is the most transparent attempt at MVP I’ve have ever seen! Eat me, pal. Whether or not you deserve the MVP Is becoming less relevant. What is relevant is are you the biggest self-promoter since…Madonna…or mark Gastineau.

    Let it happen organically or not at all.

  5. Man this guy can’t do anything else to make fans and other football players love him, you know he is getting the ball, yet you can’t stop him. All this coming from a pats fan. He sounds like one of our guys, willing to do anything to win

  6. Outside of a kick return with a few seconds left in a half or game, or maybe a field goal to lose a playoff game, it wouldn’t make much sense to risk Peterson getting injured.

  7. He had a good 50 something yard return against the Bears to put them in Ryan Longwell field goal range for the game winning kick. Adrian almost took it for 6 on that return too. I say if it comes to a desperate situation use him or Jarius Wright.

  8. I know special teams are more hazardous, but they also have a huge opportunity for a team to turn a game around. I can’t see why guys like Petersen aren’t used more often than they are on Special teams.

  9. Coming in off the edge to block a field-goal makes good sense, & would not seen to involve significant risk.

  10. I love the confidence this beast carries! The vikes team is playing with his attitude and i am loving it. Run that ball all over that green and urine yellow field.

  11. Love the attitude, but it would be a mistake to risk further exposure to injury of a player who is so much of the offense.

    This team would probably have won no more then 6 or 7 games without him this season.

  12. Peterson should ask coach Frazier about playing special teams. In the 1985 Superbowl Frazier went in as punt returner when the game was well in hand, took a hit to the knee. Ended his career.

  13. He is just flat out amazing. AD will go down as the best running back to ever play in the NFL when it’s all said and done!

  14. I mean, all pro qb Tim Tebow plays special teams why can’t Peterson? Maybe if he prayed in front of the camera more, his god would grant him the ability to play special teams, too.

  15. Regular season…no. Playoffs? Kick returner. Especially with Harvin out. It could change the game. He has great vision. He would instantly be one of the best kick returners in the NFL. give it a try to start game. If Vikings somehow don’t need him to do that later, great.

  16. He bowls…overhand. Sharks have a week dedicated to him. He once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt

  17. 34 carries a game and now special teams. Sounds good! They jeep abusing him at this pace and three years from now the only thing he’ll be doing All Day is rehabbing another blown knee.

  18. Awesome. I remember him almost scoring on a kickoff return against Chicago in his rookie season. He was very exciting to watch on kickoff returns. I’m not sure if I’d want them to risk it now, but if they do I will expect him to score. I almost feel sorry for the guys on special teams that would have to try to tackle him.

  19. I know this is a Vikings thread but Seahawks use their best players in special teams regularly and get results, Chancellor causes FF, Sherman TD, ET big tackles but every single time I’m hoping none of them get injured. Gronkowski being lost 6 games as extra kick blocker, the risk of losing NFL MVP doesn’t outweigh the reward

  20. Let’s not pretend that this isn’t kind of awesome. In an era of me-1st prima-donna-istic culuture where guys obsess over their specialty, here we have a guy who wants to play MORE, on less sexy duties and make an even bigger impact for his team.

    To the joker who thinks that these stories are an MVP play, this is merely reporters “going to the well” to find more stories about AD because he is news-worthy right now.

    I say no to kick returns outside of being down or tie game in the playoffs.

    I’d totally say yes to blocking FGs from the edge. That would be sweet & not likely for injury.

  21. Everyone calm down. Regular season – never gonna happen. Playoffs – if you need a good return to set up the game winning drive – a good coach should do whatever it takes to put his team in the best position. If that means AD takes the field as a kick returner then that’s what should happen.

    As an aside. Let’s not turn Manning’s awesome comeback into a de facto MVP vote. The Vikings won 3 games last year. Broncos were a playoff team that went to second round. That alone should be your deciding factor. Don’t even go to the stats – because you will get destroyed in AD’s favor.

  22. Just because he did well rehabbing his knee this time, doesn’t mean it’ll happen with the next injury. His position is one of the most injury prone, and shortest lived, in the NFL. Plus, he’s getting up there in years.
    It might make sense to start transitioning the guy to some other less-contact oriented roles, before too much longer. And before any of you ridiculous mid-west zealots start squawking, don’t forget that in the modern football era, two other great running backs essentially ceased to exist immediately following record seasons – i.e. LT & Shawn Alexander.

    AP isn’t a quarterback. He’s not going to be playing into his mid-late thirties.

    I like the field goal blocking idea. Much less chance for injury doing that.

  23. Let him do it. The Vikings are where no one thought they’d be. The Vikes can get it done in Lambeau even though no one gives this team any credit STILL. Play to win and hold nothing back. AD MVP.

  24. Is it just me or does anyone else think this guy is losing his marbles? All of a sudden he thinks he’s Bo Jackson. They should let him play 12 more games, both ways, then go compete in the decathlon at the Olympics; e-gad.

  25. That is a great Idea right up until he blows out his knee in a career ending injury. Stick to carrying the Ball, Adrian.

    I have never seen a guy want to get involved in more plays. Know why? The more plays you are on the field for, the higher the odds for getting injured.

  26. electionconfidential says:Jan 3, 2013 9:43 AM

    Letting him run back kickoffs would be like killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. The Vikings are already using him the way he ought to be used.

    The Vikings are over-using Peterson right now. They have to because they cant count on Ponder to get anything done at this point. Peterson carried the ball 37 times last week? That is 2 games worth of carries for the average NFL Back these days. He will only last half as long at that rate. So, they are using him in the right role, but they are counting on him way too much. That will get him injured eventually too.

  27. Adrian Peterson is a class act, so much reminds me when I watched Sweetness, with his toughness and desire to win all of the time. Would be a stupid move for him he needs to run and punish people thats it.

  28. Too much of a good thing can be very bad in the long run…I could see kick returns in a VERY close game, or, to ‘shake up’ an opponent, but keep it limited as he is the Vikings offense.

  29. It was great when Chilly would use Peterson on special teams. AD would return the kick to the 35, and then Chester Taylor would run for 0 yards on first down.

    Then Peterson would run for 6 yards on second down, and they’d take him back out for 3rd and 4.

    That said, these things happen in a do or die situation in playoffs. Charles Woodson was in for some returns in 2010 playoffs (first time in 3 years), mainly on punt returns where they needed someone that would absolutely not make a dumb play or muff the catch.

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