Ahmad Bradshaw: You never know who will be back


Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw battled through a slew of injuries this season to post 1,015 rushing yards in 14 games, the second time that he’s topped the 1,000-yard mark in his career.

As he was cleaning out his locker and saying goodbye to his teammates this week, Bradshaw acknowledged that might not be enough to guarantee him a spot with the Giants again next season. Bradshaw hopes to return to the Giants, but knows that missing the playoffs will lead to changes on the roster so he made sure to say a lot of goodbyes as the Giants cleaned out their lockers.

“You just never know who won’t be back next year, including me,” Bradshaw said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “So it’s a great opportunity to see these faces.”

Bradshaw is due to make $3.75 million next season and $4 million in 2014. Bradshaw said he hasn’t been asked to restructure his contract by the team, something that several Giant beat writers have suggested is a possibility as the Giants try to address their weaknesses this offseason.

Those salary numbers that aren’t enormous but are likely more than what the Giants would have to pay a combination of restricted free agent Andre Brown and 2011 first-round pick David Wilson. That duo combined to score 13 offensive touchdowns in 2012 and Wilson added one more on kickoff returns, which provides some cover should the Giants decide to move in a different direction in the backfield.

9 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw: You never know who will be back

  1. If they jettison him, they’ll tear out the heart of the team.

    I don’t see how you can blame that cat for anything this year in Mara Land.

    If anything, it was karma for the terd sandwich they served their NFC East opponents in the off season cap mess.

    Funny how teams that face you twice get all amped up when you steal their moneys.

  2. @logical

    hahaha. first playoff game in what….12, 13 years? Giants have more SB rings than ya got playoff appearances since then.

    I hope for your sake that the skins can select well with there 40-50th overall plus picks in the draft because you sold the farm for a guy whos going to miss at least a couple games a year for his entire career.

    1 and DONE

  3. dikshuttle – 1st of all please gain a grasp of the English language prior to posting again….

    2nd – Stop being a tool, so you blame John Mara for asking the league office to keep the loser Cowboys, and perennially awful Skins in check?

    It’s easy to say Mara monkeyed with their caps, but they were cheating to begin with, the Giants have won 4 titles (2 in the last 4 years) w/o having to cheat, and have abided by the rules of the cap, sorry everyone else is so jealous at the genius we have in our front office.

    Remember this – Boys will never win with Romo, Skins will enjoy their first division title in 14 years, but remember this as well, division titles are meaningless w/o a SB win which will not happen, Seattle is going to clobber them Sunday by no less than 14 points, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then!!!!!!

  4. The Giants will need to make some changes. That team failed it’s coach and it failed it’s fans this year because of a lack of player leadership and passion to win. I think Bradshaw is one of the few players left on that team that has that passion. They need to shake things up a bit and find some hot sauce.

  5. Doesn’t matter, Giants are done for a bit. Umenyora gone, Tuck a shell of what he used to be, Webber has turned to crap. If it wasn’t for JPP, Rolle, and Brown they’d have NO hope on defense. Eli can’t play perfect all the time to cover up their faults like he did in their SB years.

  6. The Giants have more than 20 free agents on their current roster and Eli turned 32 years old today.

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