Bills line up interview with Lovie Smith


There’s no word on whether Lovie Smith’s flying to Phoenix this weekend, but the Bills are interviewing him somewhere.

According to WGR Radio host Howard Simon, the Bills have scheduled an interview this weekend with the former Bears head coach.

The Bills are also talking to Oregon’s Chip Kelly, who is at the de facto NFL job fair site in advance of tonight’s Fiesta Bowl.

Smith went 81-63 in nine years in Chicago, but had missed the playoffs five of the last six seasons. He had three losing seasons, two of them 7-9 campaigns. But has Tim Graham of the Buffalo News points out, the Bills haven’t made it to 7-9 in any of their last eight seasons, so that doesn’t sound so bad by comparison.

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  1. He’d actually be a good fit for the Bills. Solid professional coach. Probably assemble a decent staff. Very experienced. Hmmm, come to think of it that’s why the Bills will never do it.

  2. “the Bills haven’t made it to 7-9 in any of their last eight seasons, so that doesn’t sound so bad by comparison”

    Not that this is great or anything, but the team went 7-9 for 3 consecutive years under Dick Jauron…so that’s not correct.

    I think you meant to say that they haven’t been better than 7-9 since 2004…

  3. He would be a good fit in Buffalo, just don’t let him pick his own offensive coordinators, and don’t let him try to convert any 3rd string corners into wide receivers

  4. he will not take them to the next level since he does not believe offense is part of the game. but he will make that defense live up to what they are paying them and they should be a steady .500 team or a little above it under him but do not expect them to unseat the patriots any time soon. and no matter what you say he is responsible for the lack of offense as much as the incompetent morons he hired to run it with the bears.

  5. I’d be surprised if the Bills can attract a quality coach. they’re essentially waiting for the owner to die, which puts anybody hired in a precarious position when the family sells the team because the new owner will probably fire everybody in the building.

  6. Another long term coach that really never should have been on the market. Chicago made a mistake letting this guy go. He is the best coach available this year, hands down.

  7. As a lifelong Bills fan, I’d love to see Lovie Smith land in Buffalo. I like his approach to the game. I think he could be a definite plus in Buffalo.

    Also be interesting to see how much power the new President and CEO in Buffalo really has. Hopefully they can turn things around in Buffalo. The Bills are pretty frustrating to be a fan of when it doesn’t even look like they trying to put a team together. Maybe that can change a little. All us fans are looking for is something or somebody to root for. All we have going for us so far is Spiller and a good offensive line.

  8. Smith would be an excellent choice, as long as he can find other staff members to help develop a franchise QB. He would help that defense reach its potential and I’m sure he’d help the Bills fix thier problems at linebacker.

  9. If Lovie goes there with his defensive staff and ST coach Toub, the Bills will be instantly relevent again.
    Wouldn’t hurt that Jarius Byrd’s dad would come with him. Nice to keep a star happy. The Bills D is already set up for Lovie’s system. If he got a proven OC and the bills cold be in good shape fast.

  10. Hm. Seems the Bills have dug through the Bears trash for a head coach before. Dick Jauron, anyone?

    Having said that, Bills would see their D & Special Teams excel under Lovie as coach. But, as many have said, get a real good OC to go along with him…

  11. Being a Bills fan, I am mixed with some of the names being thrown around for the HC position. I am surely not on the Chip Kelly wagon. I think the Bills need to go with a successful coach with extensive NFL experience, and just in my opinion I think they need a defensive guy like Smith or Horton from AZ.

    I think their best bet would be to go that route, and then try to bring in a high profile guy for OC like a Norv Turner, Ken Whisenhunt, etc.

    With the exception of QB and one a stud ILB, the Bills have a good mix of youth and talent in positions to put a competitive team on the field for 16 games., they need direction.

  12. Perfect matches for the Bills: Lovie Smith HC, Norv OC, Alex Smith QB…..add a stud LB and a true deep threat and that team could turn some heads…tell you this much, Spiller could set records in an offense like that…

  13. Lovie’s problem is he CANT get a decent offensive coordinator to work for him. Before he hired Mike
    Martz in Chicago he asked every offensive coach in arms reach and all of them said NO!! they didnt make NO excuses. they just flat out
    said NO.

  14. I like Lovie at HC and Hue Jackson at OC. Hue’s schemes with the talent of Jackson and Spiller in the backfield would generate some serious offense.

  15. I am just holding out hope that the organization does make a good solid hire at HC, and at the OC & DC positions. I think solid hires at all three positions will be key getting players excited moving forward, and drumming up free agent interest as well.

    As a realist, aside from connections or financial gain, Buffalo has not been the destination of choice for quite a while. An attractive coaching staff will go a long way towards turning around a team that has so many good pieces in place.

  16. Hope Brandon, Nix, and company are emphasising to all interviewees that whomever revives the Bills will literally own WNY (and S. Ont.) forever…

  17. I would Love Lovie 🙂 and yes, bringing in Norv turner as OC would be perfect. Norv has always been better at The OC position as opposed to HC. Horton at DC would just be incredible. We can always dream… almost a destiny… any ture Bills fan needs to watch that DVD and get pumped again!

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