Bills may have some degree of interest in Jim Haslett


The Bills are trying to get in on the Chip Kelly derby, but they’re clearly putting together a Plan B.

And one of the names on the Plan B (or maybe C) list seems to be Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

There was an item in the Washington Post Monday which mentioned two teams having “preliminary interest” in Haslett as a candidate for head coaching jobs, but it seemed as much like back-scratching as a report of serious interest in someone hiring Haslett.

Then Chris Russell of ESPNRadio980  in Washington mentioned that one of those teams was the Bills.

Haslett has a clear link there, having played for the Bills for seven seasons. But it’s unclear how serious the interest is, or whether they’ll ask for permission to interview him.

Then the question will become whether Redskins coach Mike Shanhan would allow him to interview next week if they beat the Seahawks, since he’s already indicated he’d squat on his son Kyle until the season was over.

16 responses to “Bills may have some degree of interest in Jim Haslett

  1. They can have him. Despite all the progress the defense has made, I think it’s more of a credit to the players on the field and leaders like London Fletcher and Barry Cofield etc…Haslett is an awful DC and we can certainly find someone better in the offseason.

  2. Don’t league rules require teams to make their coordinators available for HC interviews? Then how can Shanahan not let Kyle interview until after the playoffs? And not let Haslett? I guess it won’t matter after the hawks crush the skins this weekend anyway.

    PS Darin: Shanahan is spelled with an A inbetween the N and the H and not Shanhan.

  3. I don’t think haslett gets enough respect, he should be on a lot of teams’ radar. He took the saints to the playoffs a couple times, and also took the team through that disaster season post- Katrina. Hope he gets another shot at being a HC.

  4. This isn’t back scratching, it’s head scratching. Haslett has had zero success as a head coach and should not be put in charge of trying to right a listing ship. This would be a step down even from where they were with Gailey and Wannstedt.

    This isn’t Plan B, it’s Plan F.

  5. A dream come true!. Haslett would be a great hire. He did a good job while in New Orleans and I think he got jobbed when he was let go.

  6. Less than 2 months ago, both the ‘Skins’ coordinators were coaching a 3-6 team that had just come off of two losing seasons. Winning 7 straight has been a great deodorant, but I can’t see either Kyle or Haslett getting serious play as a head coaching candidate until they have at least one more successful season with the burgundy and gold.

  7. Leave it to the bills to hire another retread coach. Chain gailey 2.0. See you in 3 years when the bills are hiring yet another head coach!

  8. With the way the Skins D have been playing in the last 6 games, it’s hard to tell whether Haslett is bad or it just took a while to recover from the plague of injuries at the beginning of the season. You know Kyle isn’t going to leave his Golden Goose though. Any good OC would jump at the chance to coach a team with RGIII and Morris.

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