Browns interview Ken Whisenhunt


Days after he was fired by the Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt has had his second interview for a new job.

Whisenhunt interviewed Wednesday with the Browns about their head coaching vacancy, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner traveled to Arizona for the interview, although it is believed that the primary reason they went there is to interview Oregon coach Chip Kelly, whose team plays in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona on Thursday night.

The Browns are also interviewing Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton and Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone. Whisenhunt has also interviewed with the Bills.

33 responses to “Browns interview Ken Whisenhunt

  1. Hahaha funny how the browns. Bengals and ravens try to. Emulate the Steelers. They all go after our old throw aways. Our old players, coaches and even part owners. Must be very sad to be the red headed stepchildren! Try as you may, but there is only 1 elite organization in all of sports. And that is the Pittsburgh Steelers. And we have 6 Lombardi’s to prove it!

  2. After last night, instead of going the ‘re-tread’ route…some of these 7 searching teams should be interviewing Louisville’s Head Coach!

  3. Cleveland hiring Pittsburgh’s old throw aways? Name one? Actually yor are the ones who have hired from us (Cowher, Arians) and unfortunately it has worked out for you.

  4. Chip Kelly…because so many college coaches succeed in the NFL. And no, he’s not Harbaugh. Kelly runs a college-style offense. Jim ran pro-style at Stanford.

    And this is Pete Carroll’s 3rd try at the NFL.

  5. Baltimore hiring Pittsburgh’s throwaways? Show me one on our roster. Do your research troll, James Harrison was plucked from the Ravens’ trash heap.

  6. Whisenhunt, Horton or Kelly in that order. I only put Kelly last b/c college coaches are a harder transition (with exceptions). I honestly hope the Browns make a smart hire and get back to being respectable. As an unbiased Steelers fan, you’re on the right track. Just need a “real” franchise QB and a good coach.

  7. And Pittsburgh’s biggest re-tread pick-up in the last 20 yrs Dick LeBeau, drafted by the Browns as a player and was a Bengals assistant coach BEFORE he was a Pitt coach. steelersownyou is just another typical toothless, unknowledgable, Steelers fan!

  8. Saban, Cowher, or Gruden are not coming to Cleveland. My guess is that Kelly goes to Philly and Whisenhunt to Buffalo. Smith is a defensive coach and the Browns are looking for offense. That leaves us with Morriscone, O ‘Brien or Arians. My guess is O’Brien.

  9. My goodness the Steelers are the only elite team? Didn’t they just go 8-8 — that’s a .500 record, for mathematically challenged people like steelersownyou — and per Sagarin’s ratings, they played the 29th toughest schedule in the league! That’s right — only 3 teams had easier schedules this year!

    The only things the Steelers own now are their couches and their potatoes.

  10. I’m always baffled by teams hiring guys that have failed, immediately! Reid is an exception. He has a great résumé. But really, why not either hire somebody new or somebody that hasn’t failed within the past week?

  11. All these re-tread coaches catching interviews and not one mention of Pat Shurmer getting a call anywhere?! S’up wit dat?

  12. I’m a Steelers fan also; however I don’t agree with all the comments above. We have a class organization and everyone is aware of that but we have some key issues to address in order to compete like we should next season. During the playoffs this year I’m torn. I’d like to see the Seahawks, Vikings or Colts do well. Whoooo Hoooo Playoffs!!!

  13. Funny first comment. Have fun sitting on the couch . We have six rings? So you played for the steelers? Living in the past will get you no were. The only ring that matters, is the one thats up for grabs this year. Stay classy lol!

  14. You Browns fans snapping at Steelers fans about castaways missed the ultimate comeback shot….Chuck Noll. A Cleveland native, played and coached for the Browns…and really was the catalyst to the success.

    But you can’t have Cowher…he is a native Pittsburgher.

    Whisenhunt knows the AFC North and knows what it will take to win and would not be a bad choice at all. Except for Ben’s drive late in SB43, Whis has a ring with the Cards…although he has one from SB 40 with the Steelers.

    Glad to see the Browns relevant but how about spreading those AFC North wins around some, huh?

  15. Whisenhunt’s only good if your team has an established elite QB. He can’t develop them. Why do the Browns want to be the Cardinals-Northeast?

    Hire Greg Roman and sign Alex Smith and you’re back to real Cleveland Paul and Jim Brown type football.

  16. And 6 Lombardis… And I have a full set of teeth and a pearly set at that! You’re jealous of both. Teeth and the lombardis

  17. I’m keeping my eye on what the Brown’s are doing because I think they’re serious about building a winning franchise.

    It occurs to me that all these interviews may not necessarily be for HC but to grab high level coordinators. There doesn’t seem to be any shame in stepping down from HC back to OC/DC.

    In fact we could argue that “failed” HCs are just demonstrating the Peter Principle: in an organizational hierarchy, every employee will rise or get promoted to his or her level of incompetence.

    Seems to me the Brown’s are doing their homework.

  18. Let me try to explain to some of you what is going on here. Cleveland ownership wants Chip Kelly. They’re team is rediculously young so who better to get the best out of a glorified senior bowl squad than one of the best offensive college coaches in the entire ncaa. Problem is there are certain rules you have to follow before hiring them. The fact that cleveland flew to arizona says they’re trying to beat all the other teams to the punch at getting their guy(and reportedly have). While waiting for their Friday interview theyve already got the Rooney rule interview out of the way (Horton) and a hand full of just in case Kelly says no interviews. That means Cleveland is free to hire their new coach asap.

    Haslam and Banner are already light years ahead of that process used by Holmgren that landed Shurmur which was ask your agent for 3 names and pick the one whos uncle worked for you.

  19. Just an FYI, Bill Bilicheck visited with Chip Kelly over the summer and now implements parts of his offense in New England. So, it shows it can work in the NFL.

    RG3, Cam Newton, and even Russell Wilson runs parts of that offense. Two of the 3 are in the playoffs this year. It can work. Kelly can also use a traditional offense to score and as a change of pace.

    After doing more research on his core philosophy, I think he will do what he has to do to win using the personnel he has.

    If Chip Kelly is the person the Browns do hire, I can see a guy like Collin Klein being the pick in the 3rd round or maybe moving back up into the 2nd to snag him. Weeden has already said he can’t run the read-option offense. Being that Klein is a better passer than a guy like Tebow. Chip Kelly was quoted as sayin if he had a 6-5 QB like Klein he would have won multiple national championships.

  20. I agree with the other poster above that it’s mystifying to watch guys fail big-time only to instantly get another shot. I think Whisenhunt is a good enough coach to someday run a team again. But the problems in Arizona were real enough it’d be absurd to IMMEDIATELY turn another team over to him.

  21. Jim and Chip are different in offense. Jim ran a pro style offense with the same gimmick plays that Chip Kelly did and if you saw the Pats offense this year it has allot of Chip’s plays and formations in them. And also to be clear Jim inherited a great defensive team he had Pat Willis, Justin Smith and allot of the others. he had frank gore, joe staley, and the other olinemen he was given vernon davis, heck the only reason singletary was fired was because of his inability to get a good enough Qb which is Jims specialty.
    He drafted aldon smith and signed a few decent DBs. Thats all.

    Chip is gonna start with a much worse team with allot less peices in place. So dont compare Chip kelly to Jim harbough. The teams lookin at chip have many holes on offense and D. In my mind if i was Chip kelly id hire with me a great defensive coach.

  22. too all my fellow browns fan
    do ya remember the 2002 season and how our offense was explosive we scored points with Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb umm guess who the offense coordinator was??
    Bruce Arians yess them 2-3 years he was with us b4 he left back too P-Town our offense was the best it ever was since 2007 id take him back if he can fix and make our offense more dynamic lets give him a try

  23. Jim Harbaugh was a NFL guy coaching on the college level so when he became a NFL Head Coach the transition was seamless. Chip Kelly hasn’t been on the NFL level before.

    College coaches who succeed in the NFL tend to have NFL backgrounds.

  24. One of Kelly’s strengths is his ability to adjust an offense depending on his players’ strengths. he doesn’t run ONE system. The coach whod eos that, and tries to force his players into their system, is setting themselves up for failure(Shurmur).

  25. What steelersownyou isn’t telling you is that it took the stillers 40 years to win their first NFL championship and the Browns won the NFL championship their first year in the league.

  26. steelersfansblow | Jan 3, 2013, 12:16 PM EST
    Typical steelers fan. No knowledge and stupid. Still waiting to see who the Browns or Ravens have on their rosters from that plague of a town.

    Typical moronic hater comment…
    Best thing we ever got from the mistake by the lake was mr chuck Noll who turned it all around for us.

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