Cardinals ask permission to interview Todd Haley

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Ben Roethlisberger just went to the driveway to warm up his car for a trip to the airport, and he has no idea why.

According to Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 Radio in Phoenix, the Cardinals have asked permission to interview Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley for their vacant head coaching position.

Haley had a good run in Arizona as offensive coordinator in 2007 and 2008, before leaving for the Chiefs head-coaching job.

He hasn’t had a great time in Pittsburgh, as the team has struggled and his relationship with his quarterback has taken time to develop (which is putting it nicely).

33 responses to “Cardinals ask permission to interview Todd Haley

  1. Of all the great candidates out there, the Cardinals are going to hire Todd Haley? Are you kidding me? The guy crashed and burned in KC, and couldn’t get on the same page with his QB in Pittsburgh. He’s a fraud, but because Cardinal ownership is having warm fuzzy flashbacks to their Super Bowl run, they want to hire a link back to it. Good luck with that.

  2. WHY? He had Kurt Warner in AZ when he did so well, and what has he done since then? He was a terrible head coach in KC and ruined the Stealers offense. Why anyone would hire this guy as a head coach is just a mystery. But we are talking about the Cards so maybe it does make sense.

  3. Dear Arizona,

    You have our permission and we will fly Todd out to AZ on our dime.

    Steeler Nation

  4. If Haley is good at one thing it is that he commands discipline from his players. He limits stupid penalties on the field. Hopefully he has grown from his experiences and can start fresh again with a new outlook.

  5. The Steeler offense obviously didn’t click this season with Haley as the OC. Stubborn playcalling, lack of a true offensive identity, and often odd, confusing use of personnel were the hallmarks of this offense. Not to mention, of course, the apparently strained relationship between BR and Haley, which was a topic of discussion from the time Haley was hired. Generally speaking, when there’s that much smoke, there’s usually at least a little fire…
    I think that many of the populace of Steeler Naton would like to bid Haley good riddance, and see the Steelers quickly bring in Norv Turner as the new OC. That’s likely too much to ask for, though…

  6. Todd Haley was not what was wrong with the Cheifs. It was the GM and his poor drafting and free agent signings that did the team in. Haley just got the axe to save the GM. And look at the cheifs now, 10x worse off since Haley was fired.

  7. Not that it’d ever happen, but I’d be pretty happy with Ray Horton as the HC and Todd Haley back here as OC.

  8. Haley wasn’t a bad OC when he was here, but again, this is leverage. If he’s working for Horton, it might not be terrible – Roethlisberger was just as much at fault for the Steeler’s offensive woes for refusing to get on the same page, so throwing the flaming bag at Haley’s feet is ridiculous.

  9. As a Cardinals fan, I assume that not only will we hire this guy, but we’ll give the Steelers a 2nd round pick and Patrick Peterson as compensation.

  10. If my memory serves me correctly didn’t the Chiefs go 10-6 when Haley had a healthy roster. I know Steeler fans can’t like Haley because they have their lips firmly attached to Ben’s buttocks but I think Haley has gotten a pretty raw deal. The only players that have had a problem with Haley over the years are the knuckle heads that have shown to be problems for other coaches. Pretty sure Larry Fitz and Kurt Warner speak pretty highly of him. Before Ben and Colon got hurt the Steelers offense was looking pretty solid. Hope he stays.

  11. So it will be down to Todd Haley and Andy Reid? Can’t we get Cam Cameron or Norv Turner an interview too?

  12. Cutting Bruce Arians who has won 9 straight games with a rookie QB and going to the playoffs. Is Bruce available for interviews ?

  13. Check how many points Arians’ offense scored last year. Check how many Haley’s offense scored this year. Then tell me that Haley is the problem with the offense. No, both those guys have coordinated good offenses elsewhere. The problems with Pitt’s offense are NOT coordinators. Personnel wise they need another versatile TE and a reliable RB, for one.

  14. That would be to good to be true for Cardinal fans! Haley was the not the problem in KC, nor is he the problem with the Steeler offense. The fact is BR is an over-rated prima donna who is using to throwing his considerable weight around while most of the team is getting long in the tooth. When you have players refusing to show up for camp because they want to be courted and then have a new coordinator come in who demands 100% and is focused on the TEAM above individual players, there is going to be resistance. Haley had a great relationship with the offense in Arizona, worked well with the HC and his players responded to his demand for self-discipline and hard work. With Haley and Horton the good things begun by Coach Whisenhunt would be preserved and built upon…just need a good GM, O-line Coach, QB Coach and then get a few players. Please let this happen!

  15. When people point out that Haley made Cassel better in 2010, I have to laugh out loud.

    Charlie Weis made Cassel barely serviceable that season. It literally had NOTHING to do with Haley, who is a horrible OC, and an even worse head coach.

  16. Last season, with Arians as the OC, the Steelers offense finished 22nd in scoring. This season, with Haley as the OC, the Steelers offense finished 22nd in scoring…
    Perhaps Arians’ success this season is due to the fact that he’s coaching a more studious and coachable quarterback.
    C’mon, people. Try to think out of the box just once in a while…

  17. Ya bobzilla makes sense. Andrew luck is more serviceable than a 2 time super bowl winning Qb. Quit bashing Ben because you hate him as a person. And try to understand when you make all these dumb comments about Ben that you’re talking about a hof Qb.

  18. Uh dmravens, Haley was good enough to beat you in your building with a 37 year old backup QB. Sometimes it’s better to just be quiet unless you have something of significance to bring to the table.

  19. steelersown:
    Your “two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback” argument is old, tiresome, lame and lazy.
    Roethlisberger has been carried by a No. 1-ranked defense five of his nine years in the league. NO quarterback in the history of the NFL has been so well supported by defenses than your beloved Ben…
    And please. I don’t hate Roethlisberger as a person. I know Roethlisberger as well personally as much as I know you.
    And like Ben better!!!!

  20. On behalf of all Raven fans, please don’t go Haley! You have so much more damage to do in Pittsburgh. Hahaha, this team is going nowhere being 20 million over the cap. Who’s that guy everyone was claiming was a capologist? Hah, what a joke.

  21. 20 million over the cap? You need to learn math awfully fast. Ben was on his way to a career season before he was hurt. How can that mean the offense was that bad? Neither Ben or Haley are the issue in Pitt.

  22. footballfan:
    Try to keep in mind that a “career season” for Roethlisberger would be a “down season” for Brees, Brady, Rodgers and Peyton Manning.

    Omar Khan.
    He’s the best salary-cap guru in the business. He’s been restructuring Steelers contracts for years.

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