Chiefs now look more likely than Cardinals to hire Andy Reid


Two days ago, there were breathless reports out of Arizona that Andy Reid was very close to becoming the head coach of the Cardinals. Now it doesn’t even appear that the Cardinals are the leading candidates for Reid’s services.

Reid interviewed with the Chiefs on Wednesday and ended up delaying a scheduled meeting with the Cardinals in order to extend his meeting with the Chiefs. And ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said on Mike and Mike in the Morning that the events of the last 24 hours suggest that Reid is getting close to a deal in Kansas City.

“The Chiefs were trying to close a deal with Andy Reid,” Mortensen said. “At this point I’m going to be surprised if Andy Reid is not the Chiefs’ coach. Now, I’ve been surprised before, but there’s a lot of activity there. Some would say, ‘Why Kansas City over Arizona?’ One thing is, in Kansas City, Clark Hunt, the owner of the Chiefs, he’ll let Andy Reid build this thing the way he wants to build it. And if you know Andy, he wants to be able to basically pick the entire organization, set up his personnel. . . . The Chiefs are willing, and Clark Hunt is willing to do that.”

If the Chiefs are going to give total control to Reid, that would appear to be bad news for Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli, but Mortensen said it still remains to be seen whether Scott Pioli would stay in Kansas City if Reid got the job.

All of this could change quickly — after all, on New Year’s Day there were multiple reports that the Cardinals were getting close to a deal with Reid. But at the moment, Reid going to Kansas City appears to be a strong possibility.

61 responses to “Chiefs now look more likely than Cardinals to hire Andy Reid

  1. Before everyone starts dumping on the Chiefs/Cardinals for thier interest in Reid after the Eagles went 4-12 this year, remember that John Fox was scooped up by Denver immediately after a 2-14 season with the Panthers, and he’s cleaned up in Denver over the past two seasons. And I would say that Reid has a much stronger record in Philly than Fox had in Carolina. Sometimes, a coach just needs a new situation to reignite him.

  2. What the heck happened to the Rich Kotite rumors….I thought he was the Chiefs leading candidate?

  3. As a Chiefs fan I hope if he is to be a Chiefs HC he elevates them out of their current funk. I have a good feeling about Hunt taking personal charge of the team so who ever gets the job it could be a turning point in Chiefs history.

  4. Reid figures any organization stupid enough to trade for Kolb isn’t a good one to work for.

  5. I think this would be great fit. Andy could bring a lot of experience and credibility to that organization.
    I still think he should take a year off to get his head together, but I guess he thinks otherwise.

  6. The kind of record Reid built in Philly would be very welcome in KC. KC has extremely loyal fans, but that could change if they stay in the cellar year after year. I think Reid can make major improvements there. Maybe not a Super Bowl, but winning seasons at least…

  7. Why bother? So he can ignore Jamal Charles like he did shady McCoy?

    Reid would be better served going somewhere that has passing options in place… Not somewhere that has a running back for their entire offense.

  8. Media knows nothing… Two years ago Harbaugh supposedly fell out of the running in San Francisco… then it was said he was going to Denver before it became a 100% certainty he would sign with Miami before sunrise the next day. Well the sun came up and he decided he was going to San Francisco. You guys will know where Reid is going only when Glazer tweets a deal is done lol

  9. it’s a smart move

    better organization and owner with #1 pick in the draft

    they have some good players

    this team will rise up the power rankings quickly with Andy Reid

    i would not count Pioli out, he worked amicably with BB and there is no reason to think he cant develop the same synergy with Reid

  10. Wherever Reid goes he would be better served making sure to have someone else as GM. That way he can focus on coaching, at least for a while.

    Also, why would KC be better than Arizona? How about Reid isn’t a good fit with Kolb. After how he treated Kolb in Philly, why would he want to work with him again, if the last interview with Vick is any indication, Kolb probably feels more negatively than that.

  11. Remember the scene in Anchorman where someone says that Ron Burgundy will read anything that comes across the teleprompter? ANYTHING?

    That’s the media during the annual NFL coaching carousel. They will literally report anything and everything they hear as soon as they hear due to their mortal fear of being scooped.

    Like the goldrush said, I’ll just wait to hear from Glazer.

  12. Andy just needs to stay in a situation where during winter games on the sidelines, his moustache is sparkling from post-nasal drip. It’s how we know him, and why we love him.

  13. I guess 4-12 will be an improvement.

    Wow he’ll be forgotten there out in the dead AFC West. There is no QB in place there and the draft is weak as with free agency. Guess he just wants total control over talent than winning right away w/ vacant teams that have a QB.

  14. Mission accomplished, Bob Lamonte. The media lackeys predictably bit the story, drummed up a market for your client, and now he’s got a job where there was seemingly no interest before.

    I think since this guy started those rumors for Gruden his last year in Oakland, nobody does it better, and it still is working for him. He earns his pay and uses the media like a bargaining tool.

  15. Looks like KC is good with just getting close to a title. This guy is Schottenheimer Part II.

  16. Ask Reid why he thought it was a good idea to move his OL coach to DC and watch his good defense and fair OL completely collapse. And it took him a year and a half to realize what an idiotic idea it was.

    And how about sticking with Vick so long?

    I have the utmost respect for Andy Reid, but he needs a break from coaching.

  17. Reid may have been out of the job market for a while, but he sure played KC by floating the Arizona rumors.

  18. he would be stupid not to take the chiefs over the cardinals. first of he won’t have to deal with kolb,secondly and most importantly he has a much better shot at winning in that division than he would in the nfc west. think about it for a min. aside from denver the teams all suck and the broncos will come down to earth in a couple of years when manning retires. when that happens he will have had a couple of years to get his program started and be ready to make the jump to the big time. he would have zero chance with the cardinals.

  19. The Bidwell’s have been historically cheap owners, so unless Andy wants to work on his golf game in Arizona in the winter, Kansas City is a better place to be.

  20. Why do teams still give head coaches ultimate power. The Chiefs should hire Andy but put him in a similar position as John Fox in Denver. Andy hasn’t been all that great in the personnel department and a head coach has enough to worry about as is.

  21. Pioli will look good again as a GM as he wouldn’t have to make any decision….Andy Reid would. As in New England he didn’t make decision but with a winning record looked good as GM. He may have skills to look at talent but a bust on making the tough decisions. Andy will have Cassel at QB and maybe get him to be a winner again. KC has somewhat of a good defense but no offense…Andy will change that.

  22. Andy would also do better over in KC.

    they are losing Bowe and wont have any WRs.. Andy will love that.

    They already have drafted size on the DL so Reid can go ahead and draft undersized DE’s and LBs.. Andy will love that.

    they have a fan base that has been de-sensitized to losing so Andy can be a .550 head coach and look like another godsend.

    and their division is trash,, so Andy can have a bolstered record playing all the talentless teams in the division like he did here for 10 years.

    KC has everything Reid could ask for.

  23. Still say this is fat andy’s agent floating rumors. if KC can observe fat andy’s last 3 years of stupidity and still want to hire him…..more power to them.

    wherever he goes, he will be fired in 3 years or less.

  24. This is why I hate the Rooney Rule… if the Chiefs only want Reid, they don’t have interest in a minority candidate… so why trot one out? Why don’t they just say Andy Reid is Slovakian or something to satisfy the “requirement”. The Rooney Rule has to be the worst single rule in sports history; like, think about, I don’t know, getting married. If I want a marble cake, and I know I want a marble cake, why on Earth would I have to try anything else when I know what I want? Now I want cake!

    Oh, and to continue the theme of most of these comments, Andy Reid and Scott Piolo are bad at their respective jobs #AdHom

  25. Hiring Reid as COACH would be a good move, but giving him complete control over personnel would be a huge mistake. He has proven over the past five years that his judgement is flawed, he’s not the talent evaluator hes made out to be. Just take a look at his past few drafts. They’ve been absolutely terrible, with the exception of 2012- which has been attributed to GM Bowie Roseman gaining final say. Although that news came from the Birds owner right after Reid was fired. But the bottom line is it was Reids decision to draft Brandon Graham instead of Earl Thomas or JPP, then Nate Allen after. Daniel Teo-Neisham Neisham, Danny Watkins, Jaiqwan Jarrett, Curtis Marsh… the missed picks go on and on. Reid can whip up a good gameplan but he’s proven to be an average, at best, personnel man. But I’d much rather see Reid in the AFC West in KC then have him in the NFC.

  26. Oh come now I hate when coaches are handed a pretty decent team and they win and all of sudden they’re great ala the mention of John Fox in Denver and what Andy Reid did in Philly…please they both are you’re new versions of Marty Schotteheimer they’ll get you some wins but what do they show as far as the big prize??? Sad thing is these same old coaches keep surfacing and being recylcled over and over even those who’ve failed miserably see Norv Turner…I will say this KC has the talent now if they can just decide on a QB one not already there they’d be a much better team…same goes for AZ.

  27. “Before everyone starts dumping on the Chiefs/Cardinals for thier interest in Reid after the Eagles went 4-12 this year, remember that John Fox was scooped up by Denver immediately after a 2-14 season with the Panthers, and he’s cleaned up in Denver over the past two seasons.”

    John Fox has Peyton Manning Andy Reid will have Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn.

    Huge Difference.

  28. metalhead65,

    I think you’re exactly right. Phillip Rivers is in decline (even though Charger fans are in denial about this), and the Raiders gutted any progress they made when they fired Hue jackson and replaced him with a brain dead coach last off-season so they’re out for the forseeable future. Manning, even if he sticks around more than a couple of years, will start to show signs of slowing down at some point.

    Not only will that division be easier to win in with two other lowly franchises taking up space at the bottom, the whole AFC is about to be in flux. Brady is near the end, the Steelers are about to continue sliding with their older defensive players, and the Texans are a joke as a serious contender as long as Schaub is the QB.

    With a number one pick QB that he can mold from the start like he did with McNabb, the Cheifs can go from 0-60 in a second as long as he hires the right DC.

  29. If I’m a GM, Charlie Strong is the first guy I called this morning. The guy just seems to have everything you’d want in an NFL head coach. (With the exception that he’s never coached in the pro game..ha) I’d at least give him a look for my Rooney interview (if I weren’t interested in Horton or Lovie) and see where things go.

    Plus, his wife isn’t too bad looking. mmm

  30. The best news out of this rumor for Chiefs fans is that Reid would only consider KC if he was assured Pioli would be gone. (Because as in-demand as Reid is, he’s not going to agree to be just another beta to Pioli’s overbearing alpha.) Pioli is a much bigger problem for the Chiefs than who their coach is.

  31. Andy Reid’s agent is doing a great job playing the fools that think getting a story on Twitter 5 seconds before everyone else is the most important thing in the world.

  32. In my crystal ball I see Andy Reid as coach, Holmgren as GM, Gruden as a coordinator, along with Marriucci, Favre coming in to take the starting job from the unretired, Majik man Don Majkowski, and a future first round pick that ends up being a bust (Tony Mandrich) instead of a top tier talent like Barry Sanders.

  33. “Brady is near the end, the Steelers are about to continue sliding with their older defensive players, and the Texans are a joke as a serious contender as long as Schaub is the QB.”

    Brady has said he wants to play until he’s 40….

  34. “Before everyone starts dumping on the Chiefs/Cardinals for thier interest in Reid after the Eagles went 4-12 this year, remember that John Fox was scooped up by Denver immediately after a 2-14 season with the Panthers, and he’s cleaned up in Denver over the past two seasons.”

    Reid hasn’t been too successful since 2004 (66-61-1) particularly in the postseason other than the blip in 2008. He is also 26-50 vs teams that made the playoffs. 10-9 in the playoffs and 1-4 in NFC title games, where he was favored in 3 of those games!

  35. Andy will have one of the best RB’s in the game at his disposal in KC with Jamal charles. That being said KC will throw 50-60 time per game and run 12-15 times a game. This guy is a fraud. He is goingto fail big time unless he has great coordinators like he did in the beginning of his career in Philly.

  36. I’m always wary of coaching retreads. For every John Fox and Mike Shanahan, there’s a Norv Turner, Chan Gailey or Wade Phillips. And Andy Reid won’t have Payton Manning or RGIII, Shanahan didn’t look so good with McNabb.

  37. And the NFL Hot Stove League officially begins.

    If Andy goes to the Chiefs, he must see a great quarterback out there for the first pick in the draft.

  38. Sounds to me like Reid and his agent are simply pinning the only two teams that are actually interested against each other so he can pull some extra leverage in power over personnel decisions. I would be shocked if he goes anywhere but AZ or KC. My money says AZ and this is him playing hard ball. I think he’s best off in the NFC. Then again AZ has a great coach they are potentially over looking in their defensive coordinator

  39. torturedraiderfan,

    Did you seriously compare Andy Reid to Wade Phillips and Norv Turner?

    It’s strange to me why a guy like Jeff Fisher who was largely mediocre in TN got so much heat a year ago with no backlash, but people are questioning Reid. He went to the playoffs 9 times in 14 years, went to the conference Championship game half of those playoff appearances, and a Super Bowl during one of those championship appearances. It’s not like he was coaching the 80’s 49ers or something that was so much superior to the rest of the conference.

    For anyone attributing that all to Jim Johnson, who was definitely a great DC, is out of of their mind. By that logic, what happened to the Ravens last decade? he’s a great coach who just stayed in one place too long.

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